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  1. Bigbadham

    [Young Champion 2022 No.20] Ai Shinozaki 篠崎愛 Tsunko つんこ

    Ai-chan wakes me up from a long sleep in the forum
  2. Bigbadham

    [Photobook] Momo Taiga 大河もも - Vibrant. (2021-12-28)

    have been following her twitter for a while
  3. Bigbadham

    [Photobook] Saki Yanase 柳瀬さき - Breast God 乳神 (2021-07-29)

    i love the title!!! the goddess of boobies!!!
  4. Bigbadham

    [Photobook] Hina Higuchi 樋口日奈 1st Photobook - Like a lover 恋人のように (2022-04-12)

    even i am not into the idol stuff, but always support girl w/ good figure!
  5. Bigbadham

    [Young Champion 2022 No.02] Ai Shinozaki 篠崎愛 Ayuna Nitta 新田あゆな

    Ai isn't active like before. better to support her pictures before she goes
  6. Bigbadham

    [YK Photo Album] Umi Shinonome 東雲うみ - I'm in love with Umi's eyes うみの瞳に恋してる (2022-01-24)

    i saw a girl w/ this surname on youtube channel as a model this really her?
  7. Bigbadham

    [Photobook] Kazusa Okuyama 奥山かずさ - Clear (2021-11-15)

    don't know her. so, let's get her a shot
  8. Bigbadham

    [Big Comic Spirits] 2022 No.04-05 Enako えなこ

    the hottest now, can't miss her
  9. Bigbadham

    [Weekly Shonen Champion 2022 No.07] Enako えなこ

    enako is the hottest chic now in cosplay world, can't miss her
  10. Bigbadham

    [FLASH Photobook] Hiroko Sato 佐藤寛子 - 1262 (2017-02-20)

    i thought she was a swimsuit idol, and never go naked. guess like i'm wrong...
  11. Bigbadham

    [FRIDAY Digital Photobook] Mio Kudo 工藤美桜 - Sentimental soft skin センチメンタルな柔肌 (2021-08-22)

    haven't shown my support for jp girls for a long while!!! so, here i come!!!
  12. Bigbadham

    [FRIDAY] Ai Shinozaki 篠崎愛 - Monthly Girl 004 (2021-09-23)

    wow! haven't seen her for a long while. guess like i have to show my support to her
  13. Bigbadham

    [] Sayaka Isoyama 磯山さやか - Shining Venus [51P13MB]

    she is one of my old goodies. i guess she can bring me back some good old memory
  14. Bigbadham

    FileJoker Exclusive [Cosplay] Uy Uy - Aphrodite

    i like her being this thick
  15. Bigbadham

    FileJoker Exclusive [Cosplay] Uy Uy - Chun Li 2

    thick thick chun-li. that's what she supposes to be
  16. Bigbadham

    [BUBKA Digital Photobook] Nana Owada 大和田南那 - Unveil (2021-08-04)

    haven't got a real Japanese bikini idol for a while
  17. Bigbadham

    FileJoker Exclusive [Cosplay] Uy Uy - Samsung Assistant

    if she really can pop-up from the samsung android phone...then i will dump my iphone
  18. Bigbadham

    FileJoker Exclusive [Cosplay] Uy Uy - Mashu Dancer

    i think she is thick enough to cosplay Super Pochaco
  19. Bigbadham

    [Cosplay][DJAWA] Bambi 밤비 - Sonico w/ Micro-top (Super Sonico)

    i like super sonico a, let's check it out
  20. Bigbadham

    [FLASH] 2021.06.29-07.06 No.1608 Mako Tamura, Noriko Sakai, Sakurako Konishi, Ouji Fay, Yuki Fujiki, Yua Mikami, etc.

    damn, noriko!!! my childhood goddess...guess like i have no choice, but to see
  21. Bigbadham

    [Photobook] Anri Sugihara 杉原杏璃 - Vanilla 写真集

    i will be there wherever Anri is
  22. Bigbadham

    FileJoker Exclusive [cosplay] Ely - Tifa Qipao

    qipao always works on me!!!
  23. Bigbadham

    FileJoker Exclusive [cosplay] Hidori Rose - Yumi Ros

    something very attractive here!!!
  24. Bigbadham

    [Cosplay] Uy Uy - Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

    Chun-li supposes to be muscular, not this chubby busty cutie....... yea... i am going to shut up and enjoy the pictures. :mimisan:
  25. Bigbadham

    [Graphis] 2020-08-28 AUTUMN SPECIAL 2020 - Hikari Aozora 青空ひかり 『 Blue Sky 』

    rack size seems like not my type, but she is cute thou
  26. Bigbadham

    [Graphis] Gals - Marin Hinata ひなたまりん MARIN

    another eye-catching chic!