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  1. Aurite

    [LPFD-315] - ことのは - Nene Ito (伊藤寧々) (ISO & MP4)

    Aloha, Beam. As always from myself, much gratitude and many thanks for your shares, brother~ You're golden. I truly have no clue what the member's gripe or complaint is, but I sincerely appreciate what you do and provide. Please do take good care and be well. Much aloha and mahalo to you, Beam!
  2. Aurite

    [NMNS-014-B] Manami Sakura 櫻まなみ - SM淫想娘

    No, he's simply stating "help me to help you." If you've been a member of this forum as long as I have, you've seen people whine incessantly about download speeds on a new torrent with one initial seeder and 400 peers. Nikolai Tesla would not be proud of you right now, "hytre." Just chill and...
  3. Aurite

    [SBMO-01072]いちごヌード ボクの妹 内田珠子 (4.5GBiso+730MBm4v)

    I've turned my seed for this back on. I'll look for your other request. Just checked and I do not have omgz 084. My apologies for that. Your initial request is being seeded though.
  4. Aurite


    I show a new high of 50 seeds. I'm guessing that downloaders stopped the "hit and run." Please let me know if you'd like me to continue to seed this, as I have other needs for my bandwidth ;-)
  5. Aurite


    Please be patient. You'll get the full file.
  6. Aurite


    170924 걸크러쉬(girl crush) (태리) - 따르릉 [파주 금촌통일시장]【직캠 oops, sorry Try rebooting your pc and restarting your torrent client. I'm seeding.
  7. Aurite


    DHT shows 13, and peer exchange shows 16. What torrent client are you using, what trackers, and when did you last check?
  8. Aurite

    [NMNS-13-B]Nozomi Takada 高田のぞみ ZEF Style Vol.5 Image Content B

    Des, I'll fund it, solo if need be, but help would be nice. Thanks again for all that you do and provide :-)
  9. Aurite

    [MBR-AA056] Gemma - シースルーエンジェル~See-through Angel~ ジェマ

    I'd love to fund this as a share. Please send a link to Des, and I'll buy it for all y'all.
  10. Aurite

    [MBR-AA063] Gemma Nude - ジェマ Gemma

    Simple, Brah. i provided the funds, and my procurer produced the goods. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  11. Aurite

    [MBR-AA056]Gemma シースルーエンジェル~See-through Angel~ ジェマ

    Too late, Brah. I funded her "nude" vid with the assistance of an awesome member to procure it. If you want to collaborate for the rest of her vids, I'm open to it.
  12. Aurite

    [MBR-AA063] Gemma Nude - ジェマ Gemma

    If you can share more specific details (title, production studio, previews, etc), it would most likely be funded if it looks promising, Brah ;-)
  13. Aurite

    [MMR-AA065] Gemma ジェマ 天使降臨! – Angel Advent!

    Thanks again, thoraxe6668. You came through in a flash :-)
  14. Aurite

    [MMR-AA065] Gemma ジェマ 天使降臨! – Angel Advent!

    Please count me in for funding. She's very yummy :-)
  15. Aurite


    Would you be willing to share it, please? I'd appreciate it.
  16. Aurite

    Seriously, Brah? there are always 2 sides to every story. Funders vs ingrates.

    Hi. Don't know where to post this, so I'll do it here. This year, I've funded close to $1000.oo USD in shares. Not looking for recognition or thanks in the least. I don't concern myself with that. That was my old funding partner's lament, and he's long gone. Sad, as he was very well liked and...
  17. Aurite

    [KIDM-555B] Otsuka Mayumi 大塚真弓

    Please remain curious then, brother. That comment was truly unnecessary. If you're neither interested or have any gratitude, then kindly move along to another share. Thanks in advance for your kindness in that respect.
  18. Aurite


    In that case, then you're "Brery welcome!"
  19. Aurite


    Bluray Disk, brother.
  20. Aurite


    This one looks very promising, brother! Thanks :-)
  21. Aurite

    [BMAY-009] そこはダメ 山中真由美 (22.1GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    Many thanks, my friend :-)
  22. Aurite

    [NGT-032-B]HONEY SPEC No.05(後編) 高田のぞみ / 大友優奈 (23GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    Wow, 2 outstanding shares in the same day! It definitely is feeling like Christmas :-) Thanks, gentlemen ;-)
  23. Aurite

    A hot local wahine shopping at the market by my home.

    A hot local wahine shopping at the market by my home.
  24. Aurite

    [MMR-AK034]Love Triangle 峰岸ちひろ, 有馬奈那, 三田羽衣 (4.5GBiso+1.75GBm4v)

    Thanks, Thoraxe! love the kind members too :-)
  25. Aurite

    [TSDS-42191] りなフェチ 橋本梨菜 (4.5GBiso+1.25GBm4v)

    Whoa, me likey! Thanks :-)
  26. Aurite

    [NMNS-005B]ZEF Style Image Vol.3 高田のぞみ (23GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    Sweetness! Thanks to you both :-)
  27. Aurite

    [TSBS-81057]オトナるい 桐山瑠衣(21GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    Yeah, I know. Just figured I'd make a pitch for funding recruitement ;-)
  28. Aurite

    [FORM-046] Marina Nagasawa 長澤茉里奈 - まりな~ず伝説 (MP4 & ISO)

    I truly enjoyed this, Beam. Thanks!
  29. Aurite

    [TSBS-81057]オトナるい 桐山瑠衣(21GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    As long as AO has good contributing members like thoraxe6668, and reliable funders, I'd think not. AO can always use the help of more funders, though ;-)
  30. Aurite

    [SCDV-24007] Erika Fujimiya 藤宮えりか - Cuteな彼女。

    Sweetness! Make that 2 down and 2 more to go! thanks again, brother :-)
  31. Aurite

    I have to agree, she's hot :-) Who is she, please?

    I have to agree, she's hot :-) Who is she, please?
  32. Aurite

    [OGY-007] Rin Sasayama 笹山りん - Sublimation 昇華

    Thank you, Ishi :) And thanks to you also, anon ;-)
  33. Aurite

    Anyone interested in collaborating on the "Asian Teen" dvd series?

    While chatting with a very highly esteemed member of akiba-online, the "Asian Teen" video series came up. Since I'm a fan of the series (and judging from the thanks for the few vids of this series that have been shared, several of you fellow members are as well), I was very interested. Here's...
  34. Aurite

    Requesting Donations.

    Just donated 10% of what you requested. Hopefully you'll reach your goal in time, but if you're a little short, hit me up. Thanks again for your service :cheer::cheer::cheer:
  35. Aurite

    [HOT-60005] 前田優希 [Yuki Maeda] Hot Shot

    Thanks, winodano! Would you be willing to mirror this share on rapigator as well? Take good care, Brah :)
  36. Aurite

    [RG] [DynamiteChannel] 2012-07-12 MOVIE 宮下楓 Kaede Miyashita Profile-2005 [ASF]

    Thanks a ton, Mate! That being said, any chance you'd be kind enough to upload both the Dynamite Channel and TPImage shares on squillion or another reliable service as well? Rapidgator seems to not work too well (broken downloads, incomplete rars, etc), so I'm not going to renew my premium...
  37. Aurite

    [RG][HBOY-0003] Miyafuji Maimi(宮藤まいみ) - まいみの吐息[WMV][1.15GB]

    Hi, and thanks for the share. I've tried "orchid" a few times with no success. Please advise. Again, much gratitude for the share, nebelim :)
  38. Aurite

    [JD-06118] Minami Reiko (南麗子) - 無毛宣言 Marche#1-4 [WMV]

    :hi: Thank you very much for the sweet vid :) :cheer::cheer::cheer:
  39. Aurite


    Links are dead and poster suspended; serious bummer :(
  40. Aurite

    [WA00103] パイパンスジっ娘中出し 3人の美少女 かご&れな&さやか パイパン#

    Thanks very much for the share, kenhawk. Part "B" is censored jav, so you might want to request a moderator to move it with a hotlink reference. Again, thank you.
  41. Aurite

    [TPimage] 2011-10-11 HD 0097 Baby.F

    Just wanted to say :hi: and let you know that you really :cheer::cheer::cheer: me up with this share! More just like this is a :perfectplan: Thanks again, and have an excellent day!
  42. Aurite

    (Mondo Tv) Misa Ando - 桃のふくらみ [WU][FSN][US](531 MB/MPG)

    Dead links The FS and WU links are dead. Thanks again for the excellent shares, though :grassdance:
  43. Aurite

    [IDOL-072]ねここ necoco life

    :cheer::cheer::cheer: I agree with Sir CoolKevin. WoW!!! :grassdance:
  44. Aurite

    [WU] [DynamiteChannel] 2011-09-27 MOVIE 長瀬莉花 Rika Nagase Profile-1917 [ASF]

    Yep! What he said, Brah. You are the MAN :cheer:
  45. Aurite

    Yu Akiyama - 愛しのメロンパン [WU][FSN][US](347 MB/MPG)

    She has an asiatic resemblance to MaryAnne from the original Gilligan's Isle (Dawn Wells). Thanks again, Fermina:cheer:
  46. Aurite

    (Mondo Tv) Hara Saori - 桃のふくらみ [WU][FSN][US](734 MB/MPG)

    Well said! I'll second that notion. Thanks, Fermina :)
  47. Aurite

    [KIDM-253] NADIA (ナディア) - ファイナルファンタジー (AVI / 857 MB)

    Thanks! Especially for giving IL3 the due acknowledgement. Very correct and proper of you, ocho:cheer: