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  1. Rie Kumiko

    Black Rock Shooter and Doctor

    Sakura Sena
  2. Rie Kumiko

    Need help ID these two actresses please.

    2nd is Kanako Iioka
  3. Rie Kumiko

    who is this av idol and the title of the av?

    Rui Saotome - FSET-249
  4. Rie Kumiko

    [Lesbian JAV's] Your favorite actress

    Finally Tsubomi is back in MIDE-276. I just downloaded and haven't made a GIF yet. In this title, Tsubomi makeup made her look older, but no problem, its still a good news. Anyone here likes Ruka Kanae? Her first rezu is with Yui Hatano, and after that she and Yui have many pictures together...
  5. Rie Kumiko

    [Lesbian JAV's] What JAV's have been missing

    I watched many Western lesbian AV, and I love Elle Alexandra so much. I love the way she kisses other girls, especialy Malena Morgan, I found it real and desire. And I think what lesbian JAVs need is real. I know they are not really an actor but The way Kotone smile while watching Yui's video...
  6. Rie Kumiko

    POV, Uncensored, creampie vid ID

    Megumi Shino - HEYZO-020
  7. Rie Kumiko

    Help me. who is this girl?

    ANND-095 - Fuuka Nanasaki
  8. Rie Kumiko

    Looking for Source of this GIF

    Miku Ohashi i think but cannot find the movie.
  9. Rie Kumiko

    looking for title

    Saya Tachibana - CAGJ-007
  10. Rie Kumiko

    Thanks. You made my day.

    Thanks. You made my day.
  11. Rie Kumiko

    Does anyone know who this hottie is?

    Ai Haneda - STAR-273
  12. Rie Kumiko

    Help me ID this actress

    Here is the link. If you can also ID the movie, it could be nice :)
  13. Rie Kumiko

    Help me ID this MILF!

    Remi Sasaki / Ren Mukai
  14. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed] 葉子楣 Amy Yip

    The wife is Leni Lan Yan / 蓝燕 The girl in blue is Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan / 雷凱欣 The tattoo girl is Yukiko Suo / 周防ゆきこ
  15. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]桐山瑠衣 Rui Kiriyama

    Rui Kiriyama. Google translate
  16. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed] 2 Girls

    Nozomi Hazuki & Kokomi Naruse
  17. Rie Kumiko

    [ID] Can any experts identify these ladies?

    #2 is Harumi Tachibana. I used google search and you can check it yourself
  18. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]野口まりあ Maria Noguchi

    Maria Noguchi - NGD-071 i think
  19. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed] 2 Girls

    1. Marie Konishi in Caribbean 101214-710 2. Ren Azumi (Yuki Fujimori) in G-Queen-394
  20. Rie Kumiko

    [Lesbian JAV's] Your favorite actress

    My favorite actress change as time goes by, for now i like Kotomi Asakura and Yurina Ayashiro But Tsubomi and Hibiki Otsuki are 2 actresses I got the most rezu movie. It seems like Tsubomi doesnt make rezu movie anymore, her last rezu title is long time ago. About Hibiki, I like 2 titles...
  21. Rie Kumiko

    Title or Actress

    Saki Hatsumi
  22. Rie Kumiko

    Who is she? RIX-007

    Karen Uehara
  23. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]佐倉絆 Sakura Kizuna

    Thanks. I got her movie but cannot realize her :(
  24. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]佐倉絆 Sakura Kizuna

    Maya Kawamura i think
  25. Rie Kumiko

    help me identify 2 jav girls !!!

    1. Ai Wakana i think 2. Chika Arimura
  26. Rie Kumiko

    7 lesbians licking and kissing one girl !!! what's the movie?

    i think i found that clip. hope someone can help you.
  27. Rie Kumiko

    Need help id these girls

    #2 is Honoka. As I remember she got best actress award in 2007. Check links below. JAVLibrary R18
  28. Rie Kumiko

    Usui Aimi / 臼井あいみ private film

    Yui Kawagoe i think. You can use that name for searching.
  29. Rie Kumiko

    anyone knows what is the name or the movie title

    the salesperson is Kaede Niiyama i think.
  30. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]初美沙希 Saki Hatsumi

    Shizuku and Saki is one person :)
  31. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]北川えりか Erika Kitagawa

    Hair style and color. That is Erika, and the cover is edited.
  32. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]仙谷江利菜 Erina Sengoku

    the text is Erina Sengoku. i don't know.
  33. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]成瀬あおい Aoi Naruse

    Anna Hashimoto on javlibrary Aoi Naruse on poster
  34. Rie Kumiko

    #7 Her Movie ID

    Yuu Shinoda. I'm looking for the movie code.
  35. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]鶴田かな Kana Tsuruta

    Kana Tsuruta - SDDE-322
  36. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed][DVDES-395]教師と生徒の逆転関係!禁断レズ学園 6

    DVDES-395 - Mio Kuraki - Emiri Mizusawa
  37. Rie Kumiko

    [IDed]管野しずか Shizuka Kanno

    DDT-319 - Shizuka Kanno