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    What's this actresses name?
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    What's this actresses name?

    Found her whilst searching on Xhamster. She's gorgeous.
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    Looking for STAR-158 & STAR-193

    Both Saori Hara titles... I've tried on multiple websites including here but hardly any seeds. Thanks in advance!
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    It's been a while since I've been on's everybody doing?

    I actually just turned 17 not too long ago. Whoops. Looks like I won't be on here much anymore.
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    It's been a while since I've been on's everybody doing?

    I've been busy with trying to complete high school! Other than that, I recently decided to join a church (Christian) out of curiosity...only to find out a few weeks later that the people there are absolutely brain-washedddd. At least it was an experience I guess. You tuning into to the Rio...
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    It's been a while since I've been on's everybody doing?

    Move this to chatterbox thread
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    Black Women in JAV?

    I've got SDMU-174. Any of ya'll recommend me a few more? :)
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    External Seagate 2TB Slim Hard-Drive faint clicking/grinding noise when working/reading.

    So, I've had this HDD for around about 3 months. Whenever I am using this particular drive (say watching a particular JAV from it.) I can hear a very faint clicking/grinding noise coming from inside of it. (When I put my ear up close to the HDD) Is this just the drive reading? None of my other...
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    Favorite Gaming Console?

    If you have a SNES, I highly recommend Zombies Ate My Neighbors. The co-op option is sooo fun.
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    Would you happen to know of any good/reliable VGA to HDMI Converters?

    I've tried a few that I bought off of Ebay from China/Hong Kong. In particular...ones branded "Mini." None of them have worked so far. I'm just curious if any of you may know of some that you've used and work 100%? I mainly want to use one for my PS2...
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    Favorite Gaming Console?

    I wish I owned an N64. Agreed. I actually found 2 of my Gameboy colors the other day. Only 1 game...Super Mario Land. Still haven't completed it. It's fucking hard, (for me at least) and with no save option...urgh.
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    Favorite Gaming Console?

    For me, it'd have to be the PS2. Just such a great library of games.
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    Disc or Digital?

    Correction..DS games. I think the only downfall with buying digital from the Eshop on the 3DS is that none of the games are physically linked to your account. Once your console dies, the games are gone.
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    Disc or Digital?

    I still have a bunch of PS2 games up on my shelf. I still collect original Nintendo 3DS games too. :)
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    You Are Currently Not Using A Display Attached To An NVIDIA GPU

    Although the flagged action center message still does appear regarding a problem with the Nvidia graphics card...
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    You Are Currently Not Using A Display Attached To An NVIDIA GPU

    Problem solved! Just found the HDMI port that connects to the graphics card itself. Must of put the chord through the motherboard port when I plugged it back in again after cleaning it out. Thanks for your help. :)
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    You Are Currently Not Using A Display Attached To An NVIDIA GPU

    I uninstalled the Intel HD Graphics driver before...(Which I'm pretty sure I'm currently using.) The screen went black. If I go through the device manager to uninstall the Nvidia driver will it affect the display at all?
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    Disc or Digital?

    Totally agree. I think the biggest issue with digital gaming is that people are worried once these companies decide to shut the PSN servers down...(Like they did with the PSP last year) They'll loose all their downloadable content, including games, movies, etc. This isn't the case though. Even...
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    You Are Currently Not Using A Display Attached To An NVIDIA GPU

    T The thing is, whenever I go to click on the Nvidia Control Panel...that message appears. :/
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    You Are Currently Not Using A Display Attached To An NVIDIA GPU

    So to start, I'm a complete noob when it comes to computers. I don't class myself as a tech head at all, so try and go easy on me. Basically, after a few days of my PC being off as I stayed with friends for the weekend. After the weekend I decided to clean/dust out my tower...(I didn't remove...
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    Am I the only one who thought Attack On Titan was overrated?

    Totally agree with you in terms of what you said about "lasting impact" I think I was sort of craving for that overall. :/
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    Your most devastating moment related to gaming?

    Similar to my experience with attaining the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts. The grind was crazy. A week later my younger sister completely wiped my save data/play time.
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    Am I the only one who thought Attack On Titan was overrated?

    If you're into the older type of stuff, check out Perfect Blue or Akira. Fantastic films.
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    Am I the only one who thought Attack On Titan was overrated?

    For a newbie, watch it for sure. Also check out Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, as well as Sword Art Online. I'll suggest more later on. :)
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    Ed Bassmaster will forever be my favorite prankster.
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    What is your occupation/Job ?

    Student. Enjoying school while I still can...
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    Website for high resolution, high quality japaneese adult pictures.

    More in relation to Idols, but here you go:
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    How much space does your JP folder take up?

    50% at the moment.
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    10 Reasons Why I Like Japanese Girls

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    Favorite porn tubes?

    XHamster without a doubt. Has a wide variety of JAV. :)
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    Do you like hairy pussy or shaved?

    A bit of both is always the way to go! ;)
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    Name your top 5 most annoying enemies for...

    I can only name one.... KURT! From Tales Of Graces/F. OP...AS FUCK.
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    Your First Introduction to Anime/The First Anime You Downloaded/Purchased?

    I remember back when I was around 7-8 years old and my cousin introduced me to Spirited Away for the first time. Fast track 10 years later and the memory is as clear as today's breakfast. Popping in the VHS tape, and bracing myself for a variety of films that I still love to this day. I...
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    Recommend Fighting Anime (Like Baki the Grappler)

    Sekirei could be classed as a fighting Anime. (With a lot of fan-service might I add.)
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    Am I the only one who thought Attack On Titan was overrated?

    It could of been due to the fact that me and a friend decided to marathon the entire series in one sitting. Some aspects of it were cool, but nothing compared or ground breaking as something like SAO. Your thoughts?
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    Recommend Some Good DS/3DS Anime JRPG Based Games?

    :D After you...
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    Do you want to visit Japan?

    I don't think I'd be a user on this site if I didn't!
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    What size monitor do you use?

    27.5" LG. Some people may find it a little too big. But it's used for multiple purposes. I would like to upgrade to a 4K monitor at some point though. It's just finding the money...and space. ;)
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    Disc or Digital?

    I prefer digital. Only because I find that sooner or later, it'll be the way of the future. It's convenient to some degree also. I'm not fussed on investing money into collector's editions and all of that jazz..only because if I have the game itself, than I'm pleased enough as it is.
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    Best Video Game You've Played?

    Totally agree with you in terms of Zelda Wii U coming out. Especially when the Nintendo NX has been announced. I can't stand how these publishers like to leave the GOOD games until the last minute. I love Nintendo and the majority of their products but the only issue I have is that they keep...
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    Do you think HunterXHunter will ever reach a conclusion?

    Yoshihiro Togashi has been on hiatus for god knows how long. I went ahead and bought physical copies of the Manga's English release as it came out. Volume 32 has been sitting at the top of the pile for a while now. I know that bookstores in Japan have considered the series "complete" and begun...
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    Countries you'd like to visit other than Japan?

    Enjoy. :D
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    Halloween In Japan

    Thanks Ceewan! Awesome content. :)
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    What's Your Favorite Anime?

    For the most part I am really fond of the Key/Visual Arts based Anime titles. Although their most recent Visual Novel/Anime "Charlotte" wasn't absolutely spectacular. It was still watchable to some degree. I really enjoyed Rozen Maiden. The music was fantastic. As for shounen oriented...
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    What's ur greatest fear?

    Spiders! Can't stand the fuckers.
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    Hey, where do you guys store your videos ?

    A 2TB external hard drive at the moment. My JAV collection isn't huge. Mainly storing a bunch of the SIRO titles. Just enough to keep me happy. :D
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    Recommendations For Any Good Japanese Slice of Life/Drama/Romance/Physiological films?

    I've seen a few on various J-Drama based sites. I've even gone ahead and imported a few films that I really enjoyed onto DVD. Slice of Life/Romance/Drama: The Witch Of The West Is Dead (Highly recommend.) Rainy Days (Is it Korean..? Not sure.) Futari: The Two Of Us Physiological: Confessions...
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    Quitting Akiba

    Not quitting! Moderator feel free to close this thread.