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  1. Stefanius

    Your first orgasm

    I think I was around 9 years old and had rubbed my dick in bed before i went to sleep. Did that already for a few weeks prior. It always felt like an orgasm but I didn’t cum. On this particular day, I ejaculated and was totally surprised. Unfortunately I forgot the details and what exactly I...
  2. Stefanius

    Favorite bukkake scenes (please post screens)

    Thanks for the recommendation, amazing scenes!
  3. Stefanius

    New guy saying hello

    Hello, welcome to the forum. Just beginning to get more involved into jav myself, hope for more chats aswell.
  4. Stefanius

    Which Japanese girl you want to marry?

    Ai Mukai would be my top choice from AV stars. Love Riku Minato aswell.
  5. Stefanius

    Cum on food

    This one really got me into Asada Yuuri. Her perfect round body and cute facial expressions are just amazing. She seems to treat cum as if it was water.
  6. Stefanius

    Did you have a childhood fetish?

    I always imagined myself in 3rd person being naked outside when I was around 8 years old. After taking a shower I also sometimes asked my mum to take strings and tie me on the table or chair naked haha. Sooo crazy when I think about it now. But yh, always was an exhibitionist.
  7. Stefanius

    What do you do after you ejaculate?

    I usually put it into my mouth, play with it and swallow. And that’s all recorded and live streamed.
  8. Stefanius

    Face vs Body

    Face actually. Of course the body has to be decent aswell but if I don’t like the face I‘ll look further.
  9. Stefanius

    Does anyone have a subscription to handjobjapan or similar sites?

    I'm thinking about buying a membership at handjobjapan, fellatiojapan, spermmania or another site like them. Can anyone tell me if these sites are worth the money and if there're alternatives.
  10. Stefanius

    Asian Women in American Porn

    Alina Li Yuki Mori London Keyes Lucy Thai
  11. Stefanius

    Other porn discussion sites?

    Does anyone know other popular porn discussion websites?