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    Good premium anime streaming sites?

    Streams have gotten pretty good these days, actually. Compare Funimation's 1080p streaming episodes of Psycho Pass to Commie's releases. The picture quality is better from Funimation's episodes across the board. I also have no qualms with any of Crunchyroll's 1080p releases (though I have not...
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    Good premium anime streaming sites?

    I don't know about the UK, but there's also The Anime Network. That has mostly Sentai stuff. Then there's Hulu, which has a lot of Funimation and Viz anime.
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    Hime-chan no Ribon

    I watched this years ago, but I recently found a better quality torrent of this series. IMO, it's really good for an old-school magical girl series. I guess by now the OP is probably done watching it... but hey, it's a good show.
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    Most Loli-faced JAV idols

    There is a JAV of Chiwa Ohsaki on Empornium.
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    Minori Aoi (1,297 pictures)

    You're awesome, techie. Minori Aoi is one of my favorite models. These are much better pics than in the big photo torrent, and the javmedia's rapidshare DDLs are really nice/quick.
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    favorite anime

    Irresponsible Captain Tylor is really good.
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    So I really want an anime with a great story...

    Have you seen Mind Game? The movie is awesome, and the art is really unique, too.
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    Dragon Ball-Z HD Remastered Coming April

    The point of the anime is to give it decent pacing, hence the cut from 300 to 100 episodes. I hope it turns out well.