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    [IDed]Lexi Belle

    The one with the curly hair is Lexi Belle.
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    Attention Please !!!
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    Did you have fucked other guy's girl or wife?How about it?

    I's grammar are goodest. Anyway, yeah, but they weren't married and she didn't really like him much anyway.
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    61-year-old woman gives birth in Japan

    Someone care to give some insight as to why these procedures seem to be so frowned upon?
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    The secret of hot asian girls revealed?

    Well, the obscene amount of exposure on the last pictures might have something to do with it as well.
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    What sex do you wanna be?

    That says more about you than the male sex.
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    new lesbian JAV with lolis (from LADY X LADY)

    Well, if the title is the big letters in the grey box, then it's "3 shimai monogatari", meaning "3 sisters story".
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    new lesbian JAV with lolis (from LADY X LADY)

    Moral panic aside, could somebody upload this already... please?
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    Picking up girls ;)

    In Tokyo people are a bit more accustomed to foreigners, so you wouldn't be as much of a novelty as in other places but you'd still be a lot more popular than you are in your own country. Getting laid in Japan, as a foreigner, isn't that hard... as long as you don't look fucking hideous.
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    new lesbian JAV with lolis (from LADY X LADY)

    Any torrents yet?
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    Photos from Japan

    Hehe, I only got that once, that was in Osaka. I think yakuza might have been involved in that one so I decided to keep my nose out of that place. That's some really beautiful pics btw. The only time I got to see some nature, besides concrete jungle, was in Hakkone.
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    News: Cops see through porn watchdog's fuzzy stance on private patchwork

    I suppose Japanese law enforcement has a lot of time on their hands.
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    learning Japanese?

    From what I've heard you need to know around 3000 kanji to be able to read a newspaper or whatever. I know something like 60 or 70 kanji at the moment, so only 2900+ to go. Fuck yeah! The total number of kanji goes as far as around 50000. lulz! Don't think he says anything, actually. Just...