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  1. fwcngyuiof

    How do I delete a post?

    Ok thanks.
  2. fwcngyuiof

    How do I delete a post?

    If I can't delete it, to whom do I report it?
  3. fwcngyuiof

    How do I delete a post?

    I just posted a message on a forum, but I don't see how to delete it. Is this even possible?
  4. fwcngyuiof

    FileJoker Sponsorship

    filejoker free vs. filejoker premium I'm considering trying Filejoker Premium for a month, but I've not read anywhere on this website or other websites about how to use a premium account to download files from this website. Would somebody please explain this? Thanks.
  5. fwcngyuiof

    [EICKB-039] 恋するラピスラズリ見上瑠那 Mikami Runa (4GBDVDiso+1.33GBm4v)

    Thanks to whoever is seeding this again.
  6. fwcngyuiof

    [TRST-0055] Mana - Babyface [mkv]

    Here's another vote for the ISO. Thanks in advance.
  7. fwcngyuiof

    Loli is no longer allowed on Akiba-Online

    Overall, I'm satisfied with the switch that made from the old host to this current one. This site looks better and responds much quicker (in my opinion). But I'm a little confused as to why the current host is only now raising objections to the website. Was the current host...
  8. fwcngyuiof

    New Board Software, New Server

    I'm in the United States (Texas to be exact) and browsing is now many times faster. The website design is much better too.
  9. fwcngyuiof

    keeping thread entries that no longer have attachments

    I was just wondering, why should you keep the majority of the thread posts that no longer have attachments? This seems to me to be somewhat useless web space. Thanks.
  10. fwcngyuiof

    Login Problem

    I'm using Windows 7 64 bit Internet Explorer 10 and am running into similar issues such as having to repeatedly login, pages in a thread being stuck at the first page, etc..