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    It is straight MeGUI and the script is simply a frame doubler. It inserts a frame in between...

    It is straight MeGUI and the script is simply a frame doubler. It inserts a frame in between intermediate frames. It works really well but has some quirks that could be worked out. It is neither QTGMC or TGMC. The audio has to be muxed after the encoding is completed as well.
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    A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey

    I will admit I have downloaded many albums illegally but once I realize I like the music, I usually go out and purchase the actual album + others. I downloaded one of the Girls Generation album and listened to the whole thing and I realized I loved it. A month later, I deleted the album and...
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    Windows 8

    Where I work, all the systems run on Linux Tiny-Core but man they boot up fast and some systems have been on since the company opened up 6 years ago ... I wouldn't dare reboot those, lol.
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    Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install

    I'm staying with Windows 7. I purchased Windows 8 installed it and got rid of it quick and went back to the 7. Windows 8 is still lying and from the time I used it about 1 month, I realized that this operating is only good for mobile devices with touch screens ... it is not good for gaming and...
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    Good premium anime streaming sites?

    NetFlix, lol!
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    So I May Have Been Scammed...

    When you run a business always put in a disclaimer to protect yourself. Make sure the buyer understands the refund policy "if any" with out a disclaimer, your screwed. Running a business is tough, you'll always have b@$%# ass customers like these coming your way and the more you ascend up the...
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    Life-sized Dolls

    AHAHAHAH!!!!! Dude, I need to download this, is this available at Akiba some where? LOL!!!!
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    [UPBH-20057] New Beginning of Girls' Generation Music Video DVD and Two Others

    I have these girls as my desktop wallpaper, never knew that this is what they were. I found them on desktopnexus, wow small world this is.
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    Akiba-Online: What attracted you and what made you stay?

    What attracted me was the kind people here in Akiba. Here, we don't have admins who try to delete our accounts if we become inactive for a while or try to delete our accounts because we don't contribute. When I download a torrent, I contribute by helping seed as much as I can. Some other...
  10. X is finally shut down, probably has been for some time now!!

    This was a Russian site that featured very beautiful models but due to their notorious WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE ever, finally it consumed them and they had to shut down. I remember ordering from these people and at one point, they even kept my money, they never completed any customs and...
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    Life-sized Dolls

    Wow that is cheap compared to the tremendous detail put into the doll. I would have expected $3k to $10k. The only way I would buy would be if I lived alone in an apartment and I would have it ship overnight during the night, lol.
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    Life-sized Dolls

    HOw much is that in dollars? lol
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    Life-sized Dolls

    I would buy one but if someone found it...I don't think I could handle an event like that.
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    What games are you playing?

    Alien Vs. Predator 2010
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    No more children, please!

    The answer is they aren't children, completely different scenario.
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    翔子ちゃんだから似合っちゃうセクシーチャイナ。脇からのギリ接写、初めてのパンスト破り体験、ネバネバゼリー舐めなど、見所満載です。<--- it looks cool, not sure what it says but i've always wanted to learn um what is it called? Kanji? Japanese? I hear you need to memory thousands of symbols to learn this language....that could take years! OH i took that out of...
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    A Touchy Subject For Some

    If I was the google GEO, I would apologize and say, "We are sorry mam'am for your troubles. The image has been deleted. However, we cannot grant your request of $7000 and we recommend you take your medication before you make any more stupid requests and victimize yourself for something which...
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    Hello everyone ^^

    Welcome aboard!
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    What's ur greatest fear?

    I was curious to know what is it that you were scared off :) You quoting my text and adding your reply answers my question. You haven't seen nothing yet if you have not experienced a penis swab test. I know the procedure, its never been done to me but if they ever mentioned in a hospital that...
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    Freshmeat, Senior

    Ah so its chompy, nice to meet ya, thank you so much for this great community. You have 1 million thanks from me. :)
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    Freshmeat, Senior

    I know this may sound dumb but who is the MASTER MOD? I know it has to be the creator of AO in its entirety. Id sure like to give a big thanks to that person if they ever come across this post.
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    What's ur greatest fear?

    You don't have a fear for the IV, what you actually fear is the pain associated with it. My best guess is you've never had an IV put on...I've had them put on and they are nasty, they are quite thick feel a strong pinch then pressure but after a while you don't feel it. The...
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    Any other forums like akiba-online? is not known for its name and resources, its known for the people that contribute and share the stuff they have. If you have a network of people who are willing to share all they have openly with everyone in the community, you've got a good foundation there but if everyone wants...
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    Freshmeat, Senior

    How many levels are a there in the forum? I also see the part were it says Thanked X times in X posts and then some kind of colorful bar next to it. I've been here for a while and just now I decided that I want to find out what all this is, it's probably already been talked about some where...
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    New Moderators

    I used to be a Moderator in the MSN Gaming Zone a few years back. In our case, we were called sysops and the program was known as the Member Plus Program, users were recognized when they entered a chat room and a + was tagged behind their name....for example, if your log on name was whoompa and...
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    No more children, please!

    That was quite gory. :death:
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    No more adults, please!

    I believe the next one will be No more adults & children.
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    No more children, please!

    If you found this forum, it shouldn't be too hard finding the Jr Idol section...besides, your already getting a taste of it 'note my avatar' picture. I'm surprised people bash the Jr Idol section, Loli Land probably ranks #1 in most questionable material. Altho its not real stuff, your in for...
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    No more children, please!

    I just noticed the the one who started this thread is in fact his first post. I rarely see this kind of activity at akiba-online, when we get people making these type of remarks, we've got a breach in our network. Stay away from the Jr Idol section if it offends you, simple as that, this is...
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    Life-sized Dolls

    Sure thing man, we believe you. You just made my day, lol!
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    Show your desktop here !

    I used to Windows 7 RC but had to put Windows XP back on .... so my desktop is just Windows XP some icons and Selena Gomez as my wallpaper.
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    Welcome! Here you will find the deepest secrets of life :)
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    To those who can't talk to girls...

    Let me tell you something about girls. Men who are after girls have only one thing on their minds, nope its not what your thinking ... they just love having a girl but you simply have no idea how boring your life is when you have a girlfriend. Relationships are super HARD work. When I got into a...
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    What do you use to edit video?

    I don't edit any of the videos I get from here but if I had too, I have Sony Vegas Pro 9. At first I had a pirate copy but when I started filming birthday parties, weddings, etc and making money I bought the legit version to keep myself out of trouble .... paid almost $600 for that piece of...
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    The Suicide Shift

    Using the word "trying" in a public announcement is a recipe for disaster. He could have said, we "are" improving our product...trying just sounds like they have no idea what is going on with their cars.
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    Firefox or Internet explorer?

    I have tried Chrome, Opera, Safari and other strange internet browsers .... Internet Explorer works ok but it takes up too many system up a load of tabs and the browser quickly comes to a crawl eating up system resources. Firefox on the other hand, I could have over 100 tabs or...
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    damn snow! tire spinning, transmission popping, car messed up!

    They just sort of cleaned up the mess over here but I just came back from the mechanic. AS I suspected both my O2 sensor and transmission input speed sensor became over heated for some reason. The exhaust also has a leak at the bottom. You guys ready, here is the worst part. Both drive axles on...
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    damn snow! tire spinning, transmission popping, car messed up!

    So over here in Pennsylvania we had a massive snow storm or actually, snow falling on top of snow that was already there! I spent 3 hours cleaning my car and then as I went about my things through out the day, I actually wasted a whole tank of fuel just spinning my tires! I mean, my god, I...
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    Is the lottery a fraud?! What are you working for?

    I don't think I would sit down and re-touch that mess.
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    Has anger ever made you do anything stupid?

    You left 3 dots....can you finish it? I'm curious, lol. Another question redrooster....seeing as your a mod, doesn't swearing bother you guys here? I mean, there are two types of swearing, just saying like "fuck" and then actually saying it to someone...most forums prohibit swearing to keep...
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    Is the lottery a fraud?! What are you working for?

    Lol guys, lots to read eh? The brave ones will finish through.
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    Is the lottery a fraud?! What are you working for?

    Today I spoke to a senior woman who participated in a live TV lottery drawing, she commented to me the following facts. The lottery numbers are spit out by a computer, the person participating in the live drawing has ONLY the job of picking that ball and showing it to the screen. However, you...
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    Has anger ever made you do anything stupid?

    I forgot about my ex......I know the baby she was carrying was mine but she insists that I am not the father and that when she was with me, she was using birth control pills. So here comes the stupid part.... I remember I gave her a pregnancy test and said, lets go, I want to see you do this...
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    Too Much Info, Girl!

    You know what the worst thing is? You like her so much you check out her facebook profile and come to rant about her stuff here. You say its too much info, well, you sort of gave us too much info in the world do you know her poop color and odor? I think you have just dug your...
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    2001 Hyundai Elantra problem

    I found the problem this morning. Got a scanner and hooked it up to my car, got code P0715 which is a transmission code for the turbine sensor.....indicated a circuit mafunction. I located the sensor and had a look, turns out the connector was loose, it got loose because my car has a bad...
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    2001 Hyundai Elantra problem

    Hey guys, I know most of you aren't into cars or anything like that but here is a funny one. Today I got up at 3 AM and drove to Walmart, yes they are open 24 hours. On my way home, the check engine light magically came on......about 2 miles from my house I noticed something strange with the...
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    Download Torrent Files Hassle-Free with BTaccel

    I actually use it all the time now, I downloaded 3 big 4+gb torrents today and had a lucky catch with a miho kaneko one, no waiting time, already in the cache, all I had to do was click and download, sweet.
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    I hate rapidshare!

    How about ? I'm downloading 5 files in parallel, no waiting time and no annoying you are already downloading another file, wait till other is finished..... I know the speed sucks but it beats waiting time #1 ..... the waiting time on deposit files is an awful 35 minutes.
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    I hate rapidshare!

    There is a quick solution to this problem, "just register for a membership. you'll get your moneys worth."