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  1. akibafan4eva

    [KIDM-557]Monroe Walk 夏輝(4GBiso+1GBm4v)

    thank you so much :D:metabelo:
  2. akibafan4eva

    [KIDM-543B]Cawaii 星野美優(18GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    :cheers::cinta::panas: thank you so much
  3. akibafan4eva

    [KIDM-538]エロイカ 夏輝(4GBiso+1GBm4v)

    Thank you so much :D
  4. akibafan4eva

    ムモウチタイ 星野美憂(KIDM 505)

    :panas::metabelo::malu2:thank youuuuuuuu soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:muntah1:
  5. akibafan4eva

    [MBR-097] 秋本翼 [Tsubasa Akimoto] 秋本翼 鼓動~翼のMなセカイ

    :p:D thanks so muchie for posting Tsubasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 new vid
  6. akibafan4eva

    Hello Princess, Ive been mia for some time, am back hope all going well :D

    Hello Princess, Ive been mia for some time, am back hope all going well :D
  7. akibafan4eva

    Natsuki (夏輝) - SEXY細胞 (KIDM-452) [AVI]

    :D Thanks so muchie
  8. akibafan4eva

    [IV] Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼 "Tsubasa's Sketch Love" つばさのスケッチ■ラブ (JMRD-0045)[VIDEO_TS]

    Thanks So Much :adore::ohgosh: Happy New Year alll:horn::cheery::confetti::grinyes:
  9. akibafan4eva

    Happy New Year Princess :th_059_: Best wishes

    Happy New Year Princess :th_059_: Best wishes
  10. akibafan4eva

    Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼

    :toohot: omg :cry5::rudolph::kiddy::nosebleed: to max Preview of Tsubasa up coming DVD It worked for me so hopefully u guys can see it also:bigeyes: lolz like xmass spoiler, i just cant wait to see the whole DVD:nonono:
  11. akibafan4eva

    [IV] Natsuki (夏輝) - ナツキ成熟 (KIDM-399) [AVI]

    :bigthumbs::confetti: Thanks Bro, omg, the screen is a knock out:dizzy:
  12. akibafan4eva

    Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼

    same here Christmas is hot, but i love Tsubasa, she is my desktop:ohgosh:, this xmas time gonna be extra hot:cheery::cheery::confetti:
  13. akibafan4eva

    Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼

    :confetti::hihi::angel: latest DVD sounds awesome !! translated by google DVD of past maximum exposure where you can watch the scene seems to be that there is no exposure of more! ! :ohgosh:
  14. akibafan4eva

    [IV] Natsuki (夏輝) - 祝18才! (KIDM-379) [AVI]

    :confetti::confetti::confetti: OMG cover is out :dizzy::dizzy:
  15. akibafan4eva

    [IV] Miyuu Hoshino (星野美憂) - 十七のキセキ (KIDM-388) [AVI]

    :hugethumb: thanks bro for the upload, she is so much like Natsukiiiiiiiiiii <3
  16. akibafan4eva

    What's ur greatest fear?

    :nobelieve::wryyy: climate warning up so there is NO more SNOW T_T
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    What are you listening to right now?

    :jump::whistle::confetti: Hammer Head - James Reyne Be my ritual Be my one desire Be my light be my pure delight Be my purifier You'll never know what you do to me Five times a day My self destruction you'll over see Don't go don't go...
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    Yo Alex thx 4 dropping by:tea:

    Yo Alex thx 4 dropping by:tea:
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    thx General for stopping by :wahey:

    thx General for stopping by :wahey:
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    :th_059_::hihi: Kof orochi thx for the welcome

    :th_059_::hihi: Kof orochi thx for the welcome
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    :hihi::hihi: thx for the welcome

    :hihi::hihi: thx for the welcome
  22. akibafan4eva

    :hihi::tea: thx for the welcome

    :hihi::tea: thx for the welcome
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    Great that you are back online

    :th_059_::hihi: welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to Akibaaaaaa
  24. akibafan4eva

    I Heart U

    :adore: AKiba online alsol and welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Pygggggggggggggggggg :jump:
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    Sup, yo

    :horn: yo there welcome to AKibaaaaa
  26. akibafan4eva


    您好Crywolf 我澳大利亚元,从梦幻岛 我讲英语。只有极少数的中国人的话。 Hello Crywolf I am Australien, from Neverland I speak English. Only a handful of Chinese people say. ( i meant only know a few Chinese words lolz google translate is a bit Sha, Dien, Kureijī, loco, Crazy:huh:)
  27. akibafan4eva

    the story behind your username...

    :beautifu2: fan of anime and akiba idols:beautifu2:
  28. akibafan4eva


    :huh: dont think so
  29. akibafan4eva

    what are you watching? (tv shows)

    :whistle: breaking bad, supernatural:whip:
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    Hello from Aussieland

    :wahey::bigeyes: Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
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    What are you listening to right now? T'pau - China in your hand :adore:
  32. akibafan4eva

    Which country are you from?

    :beautifu2: i'm from Australia
  33. akibafan4eva

    Things that piss you off.

    :rant: 1. liars 2. fake friends T_T :tear:
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    Nice to meet u :huh: dont understand what u said but i will google tranlate later, :adore:
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    Evening All

    :horn: hello welcome to akiba nice to meet u
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    New here

    :confetti: Welcome to Akibaaaaaaaaaa nice to meet u
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    Hello everyone!

    :adore: welcome to Akibaaaaaaaa, nice ot meet u lucky u in Japan:hugethumb:
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    Hi nice to meet and welcome to :adore: Akibaaaaaaa
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    Hello from Aussieland

    :hihi: I am new here. Ive been :bird: (flying around here, lost my other pw to other account). Its time I be more active :hide: lolz. :ohgosh::confetti: I love it here. :byebye:
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    :hugethumb: welcome to Akiba online nice ot meet u