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    re-upload please?
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    Nishino Koharu

    Sorry about my user name lol. I had forgotten that. A joke many years ago.
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    Nishino Koharu

    I've been meaning to ask this for a couple of years but keep forgetting untill I'm watching one of her videos. Sorry if this is not allowed as I rarely post. I think this is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. From early to later videos. Long to short hair.. Must be the reason she's...
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    So the limit for paid subscriptions is now 30GB? Over 5 days? Nice money grab.
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    Paid for FJ premium but I'm only getting free user download speeds.
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    [BUNO-031] つかさファイナル! 神前つかさ (22.6GBBDiso + 720/1080m4v)

    Seeding this incredibly hot beauty now with fast upload speeds. Thanks OP.
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    [JSSJ-112] 神前つかさ - 僕の推しメン (1080p-DL)

    Dude, I'm showing over 40 seeds. That not enough?
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    [JSSJ-112] 神前つかさ - 僕の推しメン (1080p-DL)

    Any chance for seed on this? -edit- Thanks for seed, this girl is special.
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    Is content from this site allowed here? I did a search and came up with nothing.
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    Is filejoker as un-reliable as I hear?

    I sent them an email through their "contact us" button and I received a reply a day later I think. They reset me to zero but said they would only do that once. Here's their reply. Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting File Joker. We have reset your account download limit so you can start...
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    Is filejoker as un-reliable as I hear?

    Told me I'd hit premium download limit today of 40GB. No mention of how much limit is or for how long. 40GB a day, a week, a month?
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    She's an old internet model. Site was first named she's graduated school now and...

    She's an old internet model. Site was first named she's graduated school now and retired. You can find her pics though. She's 15 in my profile pic.
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    [JSSJ-108] 君嶋あこ きみあこヒップ

    Possible to get a seed? Appreciated the seed!:)
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    [BKOH-002]あなたに首ったけ 西野小春(mp4)

    Anyone know where I can buy this Blu-Ray and others featuring her?
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    [BKOH-004]18の想い出 西野小春(mp4)

    This girl is really beautiful. I'm seeding the IMOM-180 now. Really appreciate you posting this.
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    [WNID-007] Misaki Aihara 相原美咲 - JKG89 returns

    Possible to get a seed?
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    [JSSJ-141]またがりたがり。 小川万凛

    This one of Marin is also very very good. Not at the high quality video that the one above is but she's a very special girl. Seeding now.
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    Thanks. She had a bunch of sets out but she retired after graduating high school.

    Thanks. She had a bunch of sets out but she retired after graduating high school.
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    [JSSJ-141]またがりたがり。 小川万凛

    This girl is very special. Thanks.
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    EC-102 - Tsubomi - Shaved Pussy Devil Ecstasy

    Can some please reup this, all links are dead.
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    SHIB-679 VISUAL ART Mercury volume.29 斉藤明日香

    Pretty much my idea of PERFECT breasts. Wish she didn't act like they were making her do this at gunpoint though.
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    SHIB-699 VISUAL ART Mercury volume.49 麻生怜奈

    So is this a real torrent? doesn't seem to be seeding. First post says deleted. She's really cute and I was looking forward to getting this. EDIT. I found it on another torrent.
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    [MMR-AL008] Natsu Inaba いなばなつ なっちゃんの夏

    ^^ Couldn't agree more. Very nice body on this one.
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    [MWKD-5077] Miyase Ayaka 宮瀬あやか ~触れたいですか。~

    This girl is hot as hell. Pity about the poor video quality.
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    [ENCO-039] Reika Shinjo - Innocence [ISO/4.22GB]

    Many thanks for the post. Technically not an ISO though as you already converted it.
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    [TSDV-41415]ピュア・スマイル 岡安麗奈[1GBmkv]

    Probably because you post too many comments in a short period of time. You hit five threads I think, that I was subscribed to.
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    大月あくあ Akua Otsuki キミポジ - SNNY004 (MP4/1.13gb)

    This girl is a perfect example of why I love Asian girls. Excellent.
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    [TSDV-41415]ピュア・スマイル 岡安麗奈[1GBmkv]

    Stunning girl. Voice is like music.
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    [MBR-083]恋の聖域 本田真琴

    Very sexy girl.
  30. teenytinydik

    [TRST-0055] Mana - Babyface [mkv]

    ISO please if possible
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    Please ID this Idol DVD

    Sorry, I only have a webm snippet that is in the attachment..
  32. teenytinydik

    Please ID this Idol DVD

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
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    Please ID this Idol DVD

    I'd be very grateful for the name of the DVD. Need this girl. Sorry for the zip. File is webm and Akiba wont let me upload that.
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    なえなんZ はだかんぼ(JBMD-0182)[1.18GBmp4]

    This is an excellent babe. Another best.
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    Idol ID

    Hope this is the right forum and if not I apologize.. Can anyone ID this girl? TIA.
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    [ TSDV 41474 ] Anri Sugihara 杉原杏璃 - アンリの日記 [MP4/1.27GB]

    Thank you for coming back to post to this forum. I have truly missed your many ISO posts. :hi:
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    [FEIR-0046][DVDISO] 真奈 - Kiss Me (rar+3%rr)

    All links are dead. :please:
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    Kim Dotcom Refuses to Give Up Passwords

    I'd cry too if my private jets and yachts and Mclaren cars were being taken away from me. Not to mention my huge mansions and boatloads of willing teenage girls..and mountains of cash.. :scared:
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    Idol ID in Japanese Please

    Thanks so much Happosai. :cheer:
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    Idol ID in Japanese Please

    I know I downloaded this video from AOL and I burnt a DVD last year which I titled Himari Tasaki, but I can't find it anywhere on my hard drives or on AOL by searching using this name. I'm thinking the torrent just used the Japanese name or I mis-titled it. It's a really good DVD BTW. Any help...