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    Filejoker is back to being filejoke

    Not sure if website links are allowed, but you could try privacy dot com. They turn your actual card to a anonymous virtual card so the merchant never gets your actual card details. You can set a spend limit, and lock it to a specific merchant also. So you could do something like $20 spend...
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    Is Scanlover 2 Working?

    Hasn't been working for me for about 3-4 days.
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    Does anyone know who the actress is in FTN-014?

    Thanks for any info.
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    IPZ-669 ヴァーチャルツンデレ彼女 希美まゆ 全編主観!アナタとまゆのSEXの日々! This link has the correct movie, but is a FileJoker download, not a torrent.
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    Question about Ryushare Premium

    I'm thinking about a Ryushare Premium account, but had a few questions the FAQ on their website didn't answer clearly. Is there a limit on how much you can download? They say on their advertisement, "Get unlimited downloads with a Premium Account." But in their FAQ it has a section that says...
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    Friend's Girlfriend 9 - Azusa Yamaguchi (MAN099)

    i'm having problems playing this file after it is joined using ffsj, i noticed file 003 is different size than the rest, is it corrupt? i have tried vlc player, media player classic, windows media player and all have the same problem. after join, vlc says the file is broken. problem occurs...
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    Rei Mizuna みづなれい Collection

    i think the links are to a different movie, it plays a tutor/student movie with various different girls :exhausted: