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    Ran Asakawa video to download
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    how to download videos from javhub?

    Most movies in their catalog by big studios, specially 2004-2010 movies, are gone due to DMCA.
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    JAV Gossips

    He doesn't. He just thinks he's funny and witty.
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    What features/services would you like to have on

    Thanks for the quick response.
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    What features/services would you like to have on

    When trying to purchase a 2-day trial or monthly subscription for any channel, I get this. Anyone else having the same issue?
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    JAV actor?

    Not having the mind of a child would be helpful.
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    AV OPEN Series Returns?

    Did you even bother looking at the covers?
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    [IPTD-436] Rui Miyagi's First Impression

    Another victim of the nuking of Javhub. If anyone has a file they can upload or provide a working link that I may have missed (and believe me, it won't be for lack of trying), I would very much appreciate it.
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    [SOE-131] Azusa Nagasawa's Debut Feature

    With the recent nuking of javhub, most movies from major hokuto corp. studios (S1, Moodyz, Idea Pocket...) are gone for good. If someone has a link, or could upload this one, I would greatly appreciate it. [SOE-131] 了解×ギリモザ 新人ギリモザ
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    Looking for a Sora Aoi cover

    Just in case. And by the way, JAVLibrary is a good source to find covers erased from official channels.
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    JAV Star of the Year: KUREA HASUMI

    She is enthusiastic, passionate, and has a phenomenal body. I know there's plenty of people who dislike her face, but I find her really pretty, albeit the years have not been terribly kind to her. Other performers have aged better in my opinion, but she is still attractive.
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    JAV Gossips

    The stupidity in this forum has reached a point where it is painful to keep subjecting oneself to it.
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    JAV Gossips

    ¿Says who?
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    All movies of an actress

    I tend to find the most comprehensive list to be Just add the kanji/hiragana name of the actress at the end. For instance, Ruru Anoa's (あのあるる) site shows a title that has been deleted from any other database I've regularly searched...
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    JAV Gossips

    Hana Torigoe is back, missing her surname (agency change?) and doing nakadashi. Fine by me.
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    The History of Faleno Part Two: Can They Topple the King?

    Faleno is not a top studio, and most likely never will be. How many DVD's do they have in the top 20 sales (dmm) this month? Just one, and it's a debut feature, which always do great regardless of the studio as long as the performer is cute. Innocence sells. On the other hand, S1 has 9 out of...
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    [TEK-030] 清純聖女 原田明絵 (Akie Harada's debut feature)

    For those who might be interested as well:
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    JAV Gossips

    I'm sure the whole "I'm way smarter than you" approach is going to get your point across. Get off your high horse. If someone's looking for role models in celebrities or porn actresses, they are already a lost cause. Porn is entertainment, escapism, fantasy. Both of these can be equally hot...
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    [TEK-030] 清純聖女 原田明絵 (Akie Harada's debut feature)

    This one is impossible to find. All torrents are dead, no downloads or streaming sites that I've been able to find. If someone has it in their collection, sharing it will be much appreciated!
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    Top 10 "What were they thinking!?" JAV Blunders

    You're not even going to mention Cocomi Sakura's fake interracial flick? That's the dumbest, most outrageous thing I've ever seen in JAV.
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    The Swimming Pool for JAV is no longer available

    Might as well share it, since it's short and right at the beginning, in case you guys want to check it out for yourselves:
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    The Swimming Pool for JAV is no longer available

    Although neither a memorable title or actress, ONED-135 starts in THE pool with the most beautiful visual metaphor I've probably ever seen in a JAV. The debut movie starts with the star (Ayumu Kase?) dipping her toes in the pool and looking nervous. She then stands up, takes a deep breath, and...
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    what happen to

    This is a royal pain in the ass. I can't get the old coding method out of my system.
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    AV idols with husbands and children?

    What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
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    JAV girl won't get pregnant?

    Don't dignify this with an answer.
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    Top 5 Most Overrated JAV Stars

    Yua has the face of a fashion model, and a body every man (and woman) would kill for. Yet, as hard as it is to say, it's undeniable nonetheless: she was a terrible performer. She just went through the motions in every single scene, and even after years in the industry, she still could't manage...
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    Top 5 Most Overrated JAV Stars

    I don't think Kaho Shibuya is overrated at all. She brings a lot of things to the table that are not quite common in JAV: explosive body, charming persona and an inextinguishable passion in her scenes. Plus, I find her quirky faces adorable and sexy. Maria Ozawa, on the other hand, absolutely...
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    Who is the greatest JAV actress ever?

    A highly subjective question, that can't be answered factually without taking personal criteria/preference into account. That being said, and taking into consideration the quality/quantity of their body of work, popularity and impact both inside and outside the industry, is hard to argue that...
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    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    It's a good thing you don't have any say in this matter then.
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    Kissing in JAVs

    Maria Ozawa and Naomi Serizawa have the hottest kiss I've ever seen in this movie. It's worth watching for that alone.
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    I think I know the most important requirement for a JAV (porn) actor/actress

    Lots of them do. They just have the make up guys cover it with foundation. That being said, Sakura Momoka or Sarah for instance had quite noticeable bumps on their face. But I would say that just adds to the charm and uniqueness of an actress.
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    JAV Gossips

    The glory days of JAV are behind us. If you're lucky, you get a single exciting debut a year. If that.
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    Paper or plastic? (she needs cosmetic surgery!)

    I much prefer her natural girl-next-door look to be quite frank. She looks really good on that IP cover, but it's that generic and artificial sort of good. She had beautiful perky breasts too... Not a good decision if you ask me.
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    How to create your own AV studio and become the director/actor in Japan?

    Japan is one of the most xenophobic countries in the world.
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    How to create your own AV studio and become the director/actor in Japan?

    No. And the kind of people who have the entrepeneurship vision to make something like this happen, don't post about it online. They just go ahead and do it, often putting what little they might have on the line. I don't want to be rude, but it seems like what you really want is to hire the...
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    JAV Gossips

    They are both as gorgeous and cute as ever.
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    JAV Gossips

    Team Zero started with the same premise: brand new studio with high quality productions and top of the line performers (they got Aimi Yoshikawa at the height of her popularity). They managed to stay in business for all of two years. Unless they are under the umbrella of the Hokuto Corp., I...
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    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    Okay. So following your logic, a soldier with 6 years of active service is not a veteran because he was "just" a sniper the entire time. He should have been a fighter jet pilot, tank engineer, field medic, navy seal and sapper as well. You know what, my head is starting to hurt, so let's just...
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    Covid-19 impact on JAV

    SoD is giving away 200 digital titles for free due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It's a nice touch to keep people's minds off the tough times, and focus them on Marina Shiraishi's big boobs instead.
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    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    Since "real porn actress" seems like an ambiguous and deeply subjective description at best, we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    Tsubomi is not a veteran. She's an anomaly. Being an A-lister for 14 years probably puts you in a 0.1 percentile as far as JAV goes. I'm sorry, but you're comparing apples and lampposts here. Yuma Asami's career lasted "just" 8 years. She wasn't a veteran either?
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    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    6 years in the JAV industry pretty much equals an ice age. If that's not a veteran in your eyes...
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    How to become an AV actor in Japan?

    Shimiken is married... what a legend of a guy. And her wife is so positive and open-minded. I'm genuinely glad they have found comfort and happines in one another.
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    What Happened to...

    I guess that's a "no" to my question then. Well, good for her.
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    What Happened to...

    That's kinda hot. I hope she goes all the way, and gets into anal and DP.
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    JAV Actresses You're Most Excited To See New Vids From

    Next Shion Yumi release looks right up my alley: cute schoolgirl and a sweet love story.
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    Muteki and the case of the missing covers.

    I use the DMM standard DVD cover size (until around 2017-2018 when they made it slightly bigger), which is 800x536. With the 1x1 black border, the final size for all my covers is 802x538. Sometimes this requires getting creative to have a decent cover: SOE-578 (SALE): Fat sleeve and uneven...
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    Muteki and the case of the missing covers.

    Tweaked the cover a bit to fit the format of my collection. I'll leave it here in case anyone has some use for it:
  49. M1N0RA, my favourite site, has error

    As you point out, it does work on Firefox. Thanks for the heads up.
  50. M1N0RA, my favourite site, has error

    I don't want to create another thread just for this, so I'll ask here instead since it's kind of related: Is highporn loading videos for you guys, or is it just me having issues?