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    Most erotic/seductive Lesbian JAV titles

    Yes exactly that era :) Checked out your suggestion. It was "okay" is the best way I can put it. Not really a fan of the gonzo stuff because it's rare the girls aren't awkward about it, as they were here. And then sometimes it can go too much the other way where they try too hard with stuff...
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    Is Scanlover 2 Working?

    Thanks for this, it did work, however now we have a new problem: the verification email doesn't show up in my email. I checked junk folder and I resent multiple times but no luck :(
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    I couldn't find any free links. If you could upload to pretty much any free host I would really appreciate it!
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    Thanks very much for the reply! Yes it does seem like the titles and the acts are kind of random. I will eventually make my way through all of them because I do love this series even without that particular type of position/BJ. As for your suggestions, ASW-212 doesn't really work for me...
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    Most erotic/seductive Lesbian JAV titles

    Re the oil scenes: just to clarify, I don't think the scenes or sex are any good but like, at the end of the day they are oiled up hot girls in lingerie so at least it's something. As for western porn, I disagree: there's A LOT of good, genuine lesbian porn, just not recently. If you go back...
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    Can someone please upload ASW-129? The only links that aren't dead are a couple premium FJ links on javlibrary. Anyone be so kind to take that an upload to free version?
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    Most erotic/seductive Lesbian JAV titles

    So like... are there any actual good lesbian scenes in JAV? Like I mean actually. The major problem I find with lesbian JAV scenes is that all the actresses seem to only know how to act in two ways: 1. "omg this is so wrong but I'm so turned on... I have to hide it but it's so hard" but it...
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    looking for JAV where woman get r***ing but "the guy stick his tongue deep down in her mouth & lick her neck & chin aggressively "

    Here's a different ugly old men that does similar great work, this is from NSPS-140:
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    Is this the best shota jav of all time?

    So much potential for good scenes but so often they do something dumb to ruin it: - male actor is obviously an older dude - blurred face - silly/goofy wardrobe, settings, acting GVG-470 for example has face blurring too but some good portions where they just keep it simple and it's hot.
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    looking for JAV where woman get r***ing but "the guy stick his tongue deep down in her mouth & lick her neck & chin aggressively "

    This guy is one of my favorites too, love his aggression and the contrast between his ugliness and weirdness to the girl's hotness. That scene with him taking newlywed bride was hot as hell. Can you list the scenes you have of him? I'm missing some of those. I'll see what else I have. Thanks!
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    Jap Pornstars Before and After

    I don't think many girls look with as much plastic surgery as Maria has had but she is still pretty hot lol. Definitely prefer her natural though. Oda Mako looks better after the weight gain, IMO.
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    Favorite bukkake scenes (please post screens)

    Has Julia taken a lot of real cum in any of her scenes? Everything I've seen from her is obviously fake under this genre.
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    Interracial JAV Discussion

    Anyone have any recommendations for their favorite kiss scenes? I mean hot girl and nice kissing without really hesitating. Jinguuji Nao in DASD-504 is a great example. She slips him her tongue several times and doesn't seem to mind when he swirls his tongue inside her mouth with decent...
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    What is the cost of 1 month premium access? And do you have unlimited downloads from it? Also is there enough content with popular stars and/or beautiful girls that makes it worth it? Thanks!
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    looking for JAV where woman get r***ing but "desperately try to act tough"

    My favorite are these annoyed looks to the side/distance. Like "fuck you you're not getting to me" even though it's clearly happening :P Some good acting!
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    God fucking damn... this is like all my fetishes/likes rolled into one: - Hot as fuck girl with ugly guy contrast - Perfect side angle - Hard but normal sized cock with enthusiastic blowjob and snake tongue action - Finish in mouth Also does anyone have an HD download link for this? Can't find...
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    This is some good shit, I don't care for POV. This angle lets you see all everything clear, including the girl(s) working the balls. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Stop resisting just let it happen

    Looking for this as well, but not the mannequin or time stop stuff. She knows what's happening but is just letting it happen.
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    Is Scanlover 2 Working?

    Appreciate the response but didn't work for me. Frustrating 'cause it just gives you an error, doesn't tell you why the log-in doesn't work (wrong user, wrong email, email already used, wrong password, nothing).
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    Is Scanlover 2 Working?

    I'm having the same issue. Found some new threads there that I really wanna join in on but can't sign up. Anybody know the solution?
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    Post your JAV subtitle files here - JAV Subtitle Repository (JSP)★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

    Okay... are there any subs that actually make sense / are accurate interpretations?
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    Best JAV cuckold/netorade series & movies...

    In JAV they are, for sure. The mosaic sucks in general but what's even worse is that it allows producers the leeway to do fake stuff. I mean sometimes you can tell the dude is wearing a condom and they still pretend as if he creampied her lol; there will be a cut right before the "finish", the...
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    I hope you're not like this in person. It's not hard to be nice. Also his list is just as subjective as yours would be.
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    [AMWF]Asian Male White Female Reference List

    Any trick to knowing which scenes are available uncensored? So many scenes seem to be put together for a JAV "BEST" compilation with censorship but a lot of the time it seems the original scene was uncensored? Thanks.
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    Hello, Any chance you could re-up this...

    Hello, Any chance you could re-up this?***ing-by-old-workers-and-turned-into-a-sex.1833549/ Thanks!
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    Hi friend Any chance you have this still...

    Hi friend Any chance you have this still?
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    [R] GVG-152

    Delete! A kind soul on another forum got it for me.
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    Any good kiss gangbang/fan appreciation type videos?

    Looking for something to the KV or ASW series videos where the girls work with random/normal/average joe (or even uglier) guys but with kissing. Most of these are either blowjob fetish or creampie fetish scenes, but I'm looking for something that's more focused on good kissing (or at least...
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    Father in Law / Old man / Grandpa JAV's?

    JavLibrary actually did it! Recently added a category called "Elder Male". :) Now they just need one for "Ugly/Fat Guy"! lol
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    Newbie's Guide to JAV Series?

    "But I've never been able to find anything that explains what to expect from one of those films, or what sets them apart from any other JAV movie." The thing with these series is that they are pretty much all the same, just that the actress is different in each instalment. A lot of the time...
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    [AMWF]Asian Male White Female Reference List

    Censoring the dude's face is like one of the dumbest things in AMWF porn. First of all, censoring the face in porn in general is annoying because it's distracting when you're trying to watch the scene. But when you take away the guy's face you pretty much eliminate the point of the genre...
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    Interracial JAV Discussion

    Opposite for me :P Love when they use that fat guy! lol
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    Best JAV cuckold/netorade series & movies...

    I like the theme when the guy is an old guy and/or ugly guy that eventually makes the hotwife fall for him. She's unsatisfied by her perfectly average husband and at first when the dude forces her she resists but eventually gives in to the pleasure. MEYD-572 might be my favorite...
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    JAV Actresses with Breast Implants

    Some really bad fake tits in JAV porn, and I feel like they're becoming more common. Girls who are completely flat-chested can't be getting implants or they look hideous unfortunately.
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    Looking for face slap videos

    Best/biggest/prettiest star that's taken a slap? Need some good suggestions :)
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    Can we talk about Knights Visual?

    Imagine a Rinne Touka or Julia scene :)
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    That is surely Jay Crew, an American male porn actor. Any other JAV movies he's been in?
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    [AMWF]Asian Male White Female Reference List

    Wholeheartedly agree, one of my favorite porno scenes of all time. Her ass is just out of this world and seeing it being grabbed and squeezed was so erotic. So disappointed they haven't done this type of scene with any other white girl since... only the HIKR and ANCI scenes with most being lame...
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    Hi, is there any chance you could reupload the UIAS series? I would really appreciate it, they...

    Hi, is there any chance you could reupload the UIAS series? I would really appreciate it, they are so hard to find anywhere else. Thank you!
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    Can we talk about Knights Visual?

    Absolutely love this series, so amazing. It's awesome seeing these regular average guys getting to nut all over and inside the hot actress! Are there any other series that are similar (besides MIRD)?
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    Big Booty JAV

    I'm looking for movies with a particular position that is very rare, but seems to be a bit more prevalent in "big booty" themed scenes. If anybody comes across one please let me know, I would very much appreciate it! Examples below from MMKZ-050:
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    Father in Law / Old man / Grandpa JAV's?

    I suggested to JavLibrary that they add this genre as a searchable category. They said they might think about it if I give them a large list of applicable titles, so I'm working on that now. Hopefully when I submit the list, they keep their word. Absolutely love this genre, and I love how many...
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    cowgirl leads to premature creampie or cum ?

    What's the code for these movies? Is it just KV? Can someone give me an example of one. Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind! Figured it out myself. This series is so amazingly hot. So many ugly/fat guys get to bust inside these hot girls.
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    Collection of JAV with white actresses (and a few black ones too)

    Please someone: SMMY 002 003 005 006 Please!
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    JAV with Impregnation/Insemination Theme

    The APNS series is amazing.
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    Who is this male dwarf jav actor?

    As far as I know, he's only been in movies that he's been the director of as "Nikunin" (see list here: The last release was Dec 2017. Don't know if he's been in any others, and I don't know of any other very short guy movies. Hopefully...
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    Hi, could you please re-up AVOP-130? Please...

    Hi, could you please re-up AVOP-130? Please!
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    Hi, Could you please re-up SSNI-024...

    Hi, Could you please re-up SSNI-024?
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    Movies with extremely fat guys

    Love this genre. The two NITR movies you've listed are excellent. I still have to look into the AVOP movie, just wish they didn't have those pig masks on in every scene.