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    guys,Are there any other good forums about jav

    and it's so easy...
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Matthew 7:7
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    Does JAV makes you horny?

    i don't watch jav either.
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    From the Past VHS JAV

    a thank-you isn't good enough. how about a 21-gun salute for a jaw-dropping, boner-rising, monumental achievement. this is the flight of jav before it fell into its own ashes and rose again.
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    FileJoker Exclusive [HP-112] Kanazawa Bunko - Bunko Kanazawa Truveo

    thanks for this rarely uploaded video of the great bunko kanazawa… my favorite of the generation that changed jav. thanks for all your good work.
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    Favorite bukkake scenes (please post screens)
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    Screen shots of favorite moments in a particular JAV

    i was cleaning the carburetor on my old dvd player when i found this rusting in the drive: in case you can’t tell, it’s a video from 2013 devoted to girls masturbating on the bald heads of old men. a unique moment (and a real highlight) occurs when tsuna kimura decides to take male...
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    i got a chicken at the grocer

    i speak no japanese. when watching jav, from time to time actresses will say, moan, or scream out something that sounds like english. i’m not talking about real english or even “ok, bye bye” stuff… no, just serendipitous sounds that form a semblance to some random dirty phrase. these are great...
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    something i found on youtube

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    Interracial JAV Discussion

    listen mister we could use a man like yamamoto again do you REALLY want to know how the japanese view foreign men, black and white? consider this offering (moodyz mdjd-018) from 2003, back when (in the world of jav) girls were girls, and men were japanese. i too doubt that back then, among...
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    Latex, leather, jav -Thread

    when you put latex and jav in the same sentence, it's hard not to think about one classic: dmc-17 "the human condom" i'm not saying it's the best jav ever made. but for some it provides an answer to the age-old question "what do you want to be when you grow up?". prolific akiba-citizen...
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    Public Cum Walk in JAV

    you might find this thread informative:
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    the continuing mystery of uncensored minami ogura and dwc-15

    if you like minami ogura and hoops, you can get a second helping in pms-071: this is censored jav from later in 2005, in which minami simultaneously humps a big one and twirls one, then two, and finally three multi-colored hoops. she can’t keep three going very long. but truth be told, i don’t...
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    the continuing mystery of uncensored minami ogura and dwc-15

    so i’m oiling my vcr and rummaging through some dusty old jav tapes when up pops good old minami ogura, a sweet loli whose most active years were 2005-2010. she did some classic bukkakes for mirukiipurin (pms-071,pgb-009,psb-006,pmp-023,pcm-042) as well as other genres typical of those times...
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    Does JAV makes you horny?

    yeah. i don't like porn either.
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    Looking for JAV with Actress acting Like a Dog Theme - Please Help - Thanks in Advance

    check out the 'human farm animal' series from soft on demand.
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    that's because her name isn't "Kudo". "Kudo" is in column c.
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    choose one from column a, and one from column b: column a: rara lara rala lala column b: kudu kudou koudu koudou some say the last name first and the first name last. so you might have to turn it all around.
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    they censored the jav? you're kidding! when did they start doing that?
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    Looking for JAV with Actress acting Like a Dog Theme - Please Help - Thanks in Advance

    at the risk of over-explanation… my post had two links about snis-706, a dog-girl jav of possible interest. clicking on the first link took you to a thread called “videos with very stupid and gentle women”, and more specifically, to my june 1st, 2020 post containing cover art, photos, and...
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    Looking for JAV with Actress acting Like a Dog Theme - Please Help - Thanks in Advance

    snis-706 disregard the javpop link that is now history. instead, search at the post below. while there are several non-working links there, look for the post by akiba-citizen mickey_kenny. he has...
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    Retro JAV with Ran Masaki

    akiba-citizen ‘rasio2244’ posted ran masaki’s “milk fuck” (tfc-1009) just two months ago. you can find the working links right here: who knows? he might have more. you could inquire. i suggest an approach along the...
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    Samoari: The Worst Modern JAV Director?

    gosh, i thought it was me. i thought i was born with dead nipples. i was watching all these javs with hours spent licking, tickling, and otherwise stimulating male tits, and i wondered "do these guys really get off on that?". not me. 5 seconds is ok. 10 seconds is annoying. more than that...
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    Crawling blowjob

    :rolleyes: my kind of guy. o_O
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    have you tried rara's weight loss program? [... or, who do da kudou?]

    for those of you who do da kudou, you might be interested in this english-japanese interview with rara [lala, lara, rala] posted on youtube. she actually musters up a few sentences of intelligible english. and while we don’t hear “shakespeare for a thousand, ken”, it’s more than your average jav...
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    have you tried rara's weight loss program? [... or, who do da kudou?]

    if you too do da kudou, then you know what separates it from all those other new year’s resolution diets that are being flogged on tv right now: namely, that rara’s works. it appears that toward the end of her career as haru itou, she began reducing and ultimately shed an estimated 4-5 kilos...
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    don't forget the trucks. i had a hard time with the pictures of the trucks. i didn't complain about it here because ... well, in my experience, complaints and complainers at akiba are not always welcomed. so instead, i made an oblique reference to the problem elsewhere with the following...
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    How should a JAV movie be seen?

    heck, i usually watch two or three scenes at the same time. the more the merrier side by side. sometimes the same scene from different angles. sometimes different scenes from one video. sometimes different scenes from different videos. order? i just loop the big finish over and over. splat...
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    FileJoker Exclusive [VS-685] Kanazawa Bunko - 金沢文子 - The Woman From The Secret Club - 秘密クラブの女

    another wonderful and difficult-to-find video of the incomparable bunko kanazawa. a real holiday gift from mx70. me guthta muy fithnamente.
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    Bukkake Chat Group

    lowell and cabot?
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    jvrporn - is it possible to convert videos to standard 2D

    before anyone takes this advice, make sure your other equipment can handle VR jav... specifically your computer and more specifically, your graphics card. depending on what you buy, you may need to upgrade or your purchase becomes an expensive doorstop. i suppose you could try to sell it on...
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    Blowjobs!!! even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then
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    jvrporn - is it possible to convert videos to standard 2D

    you mean, you don’t have hundreds, or maybe even thousands of dollars to spend on a machine to help you jack off? get a night job, buddy. but if that’s not possible, you can do what i do: use a full screen magnifier (comes free in windows) to zoom your video so that only one image fills the...
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    Massive Schoolgirl Gokkun Torrent (255GB, 113 Movies)

    at the moment, i see 11 seeders and 32 peers. constant activity. maybe your torrent client needs a jump.
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    who have a smallest dick in this business

    guy: doctor, you gotta help me. something's wrong with my dick. doc: ok, pull down your pants. let's have a look. guy: no, you'll laugh doc: please, i'm a professional. i wouldn't do that. guy: you promise? doc: i promise .....the guy pulls down his pants and has this teeny-weeny tiny...
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    What happen to First Star?

    just because i write it, doesn't mean it's true. i never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
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    What happen to First Star?

    this is a vestige of outdated governmental policy regarding olympic preparations that resulted from the concerns of certain nations, which might best be summed up in the phrase “you know, some of your pornography is, how you say, hubba hubba hubba hubba”. japan wasn’t about to have foreigners...
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    Sites like JAVlibrary but for uncensored?

    yeah, the back room at the tokyo police station.
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    [QP-001] 地獄遊園地 VOL.1 りなちゃん

    this is what i like about akiba-online. you request a re-up... and you get one. muchas gracias, caballero.
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    has this been done in a jav?

    the cuckold sign. the sign of the horns. yes, that’s a good one. not sure if it’s used in japan generally, thus in part explaining its rarity in jav. i do recall that when yui saotome dyed her hair blonde and started playing a street girl with an attitude [or, as people with attitudes say, “a...
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    Teddy Bear Prop

    are you saying that you can’t see the link to the video in my post above? or that it’s not working? works for me. here it is again: if that doesn’t work, try this: or just go to the main page of those sites drop tma-017...
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    Teddy Bear Prop

    i suppose that teddy-bear-fucking is as good as any other reason to bring up the obscenely overlooked yumiko takeuchi, one of the cutest and most erotic lolitas ever to empty the scrotums of jav enthusiasts. in tma-017 above, when not getting her own brains fucked out, yumiko knocks the...
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    Pink Leotard, Yoga Ball, Uncensored?

    six years. i'm impressed. i hope you never lose your car keys or anything like that.
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    The thank you thread

    even good persons masturbate to jav. i've been trying to tell this to my mother for years. but does she listen to me? no.
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    Why do Japanese women squeak so much during sex ?

    oil. no oil in japan. they have to import it. everything squeaks there.
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    JAV titles with mouth spreading and tongue out pose?

    i was rummaging through my files of arisa satou, aiyo sayaka, aishiro sayaka, ai mashiro, ai mairoi, and name-combinations thereof, and ran across the small scene above, which i believe is what the original poster was looking for. (it may be a bit late for him, but i think the fetish captures...
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    truck or not truck

    oh yeah, i forgot... is a truck that doesn't look like a truck a truck?