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  1. Manaphy2007

    Cuffs]Wanko to Lily|ワンコとリリー

    can you reupload or add a torrent? please and thanks
  2. Manaphy2007

    it would be nice to just clump every episode of each title/category to one thread. an example...

    it would be nice to just clump every episode of each title/category to one thread. an example would be 'Night.Shift.Nurses.Karte1-7' for one post instead of posting one episode per post, that way its less of a clutter and makes a thread more nicer to navigate.
  3. Manaphy2007

    Ban new members from posting images and links?

    first i heard of this, must be because i havent been on this site the day my last laptop died which was early this year, i say between jan and feb. well its good someone is trying to keep this site from getting banned
  4. Manaphy2007

    Loli is allowed again

    the mods will sort something out for that so in the meantime enjoy all the loli we share.
  5. Manaphy2007

    Loli is allowed again

    that was fast and its good to hear that its back, now i cry manly tears of joy and embrace my love for lolicon. and those that upload constant loli content, thanks to you guys we enjoyed your support and thanks to the mods on getting back loli, even without it i still enjoy this forum. i...
  6. Manaphy2007

    requesting this h-game

    Seikan Megami Senki Metal Doll im requesting this game should anyone have it. i do not have more info other than its an old and rare game (it is on ebay but i wont pay $12+ for shipping, i will if its $5.) here is a link to this auction and should have some pics of the...
  7. Manaphy2007

    Loli is no longer allowed on Akiba-Online

    im already a member of since 08 i believe? its been a long time since i have logged in so i may have to go back and see what new and stuff. hopefully akiba gets loli back should that move to a server that see loli ans not pedo.
  8. Manaphy2007

    Loli is no longer allowed on Akiba-Online

    that sucks, hope you guy have a new host in the future so until then i will make the most of this site minus loli which is my main reason for visiting. oh, well, there are always different forums i can go to until they are told loli is banned, will still visit them and this. i wonder what new...
  9. Manaphy2007

    April 2014 Doujins Batch 3

    exactly, part 1 is incomplete, its only 412 mb, its supposed to be 501 mb so can you reup to all, i would like bitshare the most
  10. Manaphy2007

    [MULTI] Freezing Vibration [BD | 720p | UNCENSORED]

    bitshare please and thanks
  11. Manaphy2007

    [HQR] Princess Lover! OVA 1&2 [DVDRip 1272x720 h264 ac3]

    thanks but there arent many seeders
  12. Manaphy2007

    We're back

    i guess it does keep things in order and more easier to find. and this sote wont be like the old one, instead it would be the new, improved and will be even better than the old, not that i dont like the old one. and happy new years and it would be the year of wii u cuz the big hitters will be...
  13. Manaphy2007

    We're back

    i probably missed that somehow and thanks for the answer. i guess they and a reason, maybe not a good reason but that still wont stop you guys from starting over
  14. Manaphy2007

    We're back

    whether or not i lost all of my thanks is of no concern to me, what matters is that we start fresh and hope this site will be even better than is former self as in new and improved. i just hope that this site wont be offline for some time due to who knows what and that we all contribute and also...
  15. Manaphy2007

    Google Warning

    all i got was "chrome cannot access the page" that day
  16. Manaphy2007

    We're back

    i was really worried about this forum, i thought it will never come back, but in due time it will be like before so take ur time. what happened to this site anyways? anons? ddos attack? hdd crash? aliens?
  17. Manaphy2007

    What games are you playing?

    Shin Megami Tensei IV and Project X Zone (would be sad if Atlus was gone, hope nintendo buys them because i wanna see Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem come out for the wii u), SMT IV i have about 15 hrs, which is me doing quests and level grinding and the other im at ch 9. another game i almost...
  18. Manaphy2007

    Things that piss you off.

    clicking the close button once to close one of however many tabs i opened closes 2 or more tabs :donotwant::coldsweat::yell: and also applies to microwaves, pressing one number once registers as 2 presses (WTF? i only pressed once)
  19. Manaphy2007

    'Hentai' Anime Episodes Banned in Russia as Child Pornography

    what anime is it that is shown in the preview thumbnail?:puzzled: must know and also what hentai/anime did they banned
  20. Manaphy2007

    Things that piss you off.

    websites that keep having Database error :notagain::ohnoes::yell:
  21. Manaphy2007

    What games are you playing?

    thinking of getting ME3 for wii u while i wait for the other games like bayonetta 2 (wii u exclusive, why? cuz sony and micro gave the double bird to platinum and sega, said no to the support for bayonetta 2 to put it simply and went to nintendo since sega and nintendo are really close...
  22. Manaphy2007

    Things that piss you off.

    waiting for the bus to arrive (really late) only to find out about the schedule changes:ohnoes:
  23. Manaphy2007

    What games are you playing?

    RE Revelations 3DS (digital version)
  24. Manaphy2007

    What games are you playing?

    games i bought, physical and digital Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge (Wii U) (p) Assassin's Creed 3 (Wii U) (p) Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS) (d) Code of Princess (3DS) (p) Dead or Alive Dimensions (3DS) (p) Links Awakening DX (3DS) (d) NintendoLand (Wii U) (p) games i "have" roms and isos...
  25. Manaphy2007

    Things that piss you off.

    buying stuff from online like amazon (reliable source to buy great quality stuff from them) and see the early to late expected delivery estimate date and get it like one week past the estimate date. i.e. "jan 10, 2013-jan 15, 2013" :rainyday: :damnit:
  26. Manaphy2007

    Things that piss you off.

    people who make promises that they cant keep and/or act like they never even made the pronises:yell:
  27. Manaphy2007

    [UL] [アンソロジー] 少年嗜好 女装ワールド (H-manga)

    plz upload to depositfile or mediafire:please:
  28. Manaphy2007

    [Sorimura Youji] Shoujo Ensemble

    please reupload to depositfile as the link has been deleted, cant do cuz im in the u.s.
  29. Manaphy2007

    just a thought

    not sure if its in the correct thread but if it isn't them please move it to its appropriate place. i was wondering if i wanted to upload, lets say hentai manga and hentai video, in different formats, not just any format, for DS flash card users like r4 for instance, image format is ipk and...
  30. Manaphy2007

    request hentai game torrent

    i realized that about a week later after i posted this:pandalaugh:
  31. Manaphy2007

    request Anthology Little Pierce collection torrent

    as what it say from the first volume to the current in a collection torrent:please: as i dont wanna dl them one by one
  32. Manaphy2007

    F-Zero GP Legend complete

    does anyone have this anime either eng dub or dual audio complete series?:puzzled::please: and no dead torrents plz. thank you for your time
  33. Manaphy2007

    What games are you playing?

    :tea:megaman and bass (gba) megaman zero, and final fantasy crystal chronicles crystal bearers
  34. Manaphy2007

    Things that piss you off.

    :yell:people telling to admit something you did when you didnt
  35. Manaphy2007

    request hentai game torrent

    :please: my request is [Studio Gaudi] - Lolicon Yarou ga Shouwa he Go! here is what it looks like the site i went do download denied me, meaning i cant download for some reason so please help me out with this request as a torrent
  36. Manaphy2007


    worth a shot to ask:pandalaugh:, guess i'll save up for it:tea:
  37. Manaphy2007


    by the way, any way i can find a site where i can get a free 8gb micro sd card?:puzzled:
  38. Manaphy2007


    not sure if this topic goes here, if not please move it to the proper forum section now for what im gonna say, i finally got an R4 ds for $0.01+$35.00 shipping/handling :cheer:(technically its it should be the other way around or at least free shipping, but it came from another country if i...
  39. Manaphy2007

    Things that piss you off.

    when people are mean to you for no apparent reason, even if you greet them in a normal or happy tone and they have a malicious look in their eyes.:exhausted::scared:
  40. Manaphy2007

    What games are you playing?

    Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, Arc Rise Fantasia, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World, Disgaea DS, Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings, Prince of Persia Warrior Within (GCN), Tales of Phantasia (GBA), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Fire Emblem...
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  42. Manaphy2007

    [HF]Bishoujo Comic Lolikon Angel: Mitsu no Aji

    never mind i found one not deleted, here is the link (downloaded and reuploaded to my file host, thank the original uploader)"][/URL]:harp:
  43. Manaphy2007

    [HF]Fruits Version

    never mind, i found one and uploaded it into one big file"][/URL]:harp:
  44. Manaphy2007

    [HF]Pero Pero Candy

    here is my link thats not deleted"][/URL]:tea:
  45. Manaphy2007

    [HF]Sukeban Shokai Cutie Lemon

    here is a link to download all in one if you don't wanna download it one by one"][/URL]:tea:
  46. Manaphy2007

    [HF]Bishoujo Comic Lolikon Angel: Mitsu no Aji

    can u reup but rename it?:please:
  47. Manaphy2007

    [HF]Fruits Version

    :please:can u reupload but re name it like backwards or scrambled so no one finds out?:perfectplan:
  48. Manaphy2007


    for now just forget about using "hjsplice" and just do the following: if u want to unrar the game just right click "part1" and select either "Extract files..." "Extract Here" or "Extract to vearchive.com_Milk Parfait\" if u already installed Winrar, if not, click and download this->...
  49. Manaphy2007

    princess waltz help

    it's cuz i think i downloaded an incomplete game but this problem was solved long ago but thanks for the info.