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    id these two old guys

    I've asked in another thread but probably here is much more visibile. One is the guy of the Urkk series: and the other one is this old guy with grey hair, seen in a lot of titles with hot girls but I don't know his name:
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    cutest young girls?

    I'm looking for girls that look (and are) both young and also super cute. Not necessarily those of today, since I know so few performers I'd like to discover more. I'm talking of girls who do boy/girl scenes (I'm not particularly interested in solo or girl/girl stuff right now) like Ruru Arisu...
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    I'm looking for movies with Shoji Yamada

    He's a old man who, like Shigeo Tokuda, is often paired with young women. I've found his name in a old thread, but I don't know how his name is written in japanese, so it's hard to find anything. Any help is welcome: single movies, lists, or as I've said, even his japanese name. Thank you in...
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    Old man with more two or more young girls together?

    I'm thinking about something like kaz-038
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    who are the youngest guys in straight japanese porn?

    I remember a discussion about this, but I'd like to make a specific thread, since it's hard to find informations about japanese performers. Who are the Jordi el nino polla of Japan? I'm mentioning Jordi since he's exactly what I'm looking for: a real young guy used in a lot of cougar scenes.
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    why certain movies are uncensored?

    Like (I guess) the vast majority of users here, I think that the most annoying aspect of japanese porn is the censorship that makes a lot of it unwatchable. For what I know it's a matter of the japanese law, so why there are Jav videos that are uncensored?
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    Do you know of any real mother daughter or real sisters in japanese porn?

    I was reading this article: and wondering if there are other examples.Besides the titles in the article where are mentioned Setsuko Harukawa and her daughter Ayano, Maya Fujimoto and her...