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    Collection of JAV with white actresses (and a few black ones too)

    Possible to torrent this?
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    Hey China, Thanks For The Smog...

    To learn from mistakes made in the past you have to first acknowledge them. It's kinda hypocritical to bash any one country so viciously when your own country has done some atrocious things in the past and continue to do so in the present. It's certainly not helping to make a better future for...
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    Hey China, Thanks For The Smog...

    IE Commercial Whaling
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    Hey China, Thanks For The Smog...

    Karma was the Tokyo earthquake lmao. You wanna talk about europe? At least GERMANY owns up to their war crimes. Japan has no honor.
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    [AN-142] Ran Asakawa: Angel

    It only extracts half the movie, a 748mb file?
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    crc errors. servers also horribly slow =\
  7. [DF] Ran Asakawa School Teacher (GLD-095) no...
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    please help ID

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    Ran Asakawa - Slut Wife [KSID003]

    thanks dude. its rare to find this old stuff.
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    My JAV

    video doesn't play :surprised2: