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  1. granatnik

    [Weekly Shonen Champion] 週刊少年チャンピオン 2018 No.51 Yuka Ogura 小倉優香 2018-11-15

    Actual release date: 2018-11-15
  2. granatnik

    [] 2014-03-20 Hiyori Izumi 和泉ひより - Special Gallery MOVIE 4.2

    Is that watermark visible on preview? Couldn't spot it.
  3. granatnik

    [][2014-2-6] Misaki Watabe Limited Gallery Movie 1.4

    Err the OP was right: ignore the article, just check the romanization.
  4. granatnik

    [B.L.T. Photobook] Runa Toyoda 豊田ルナ - Your warmth きみのぬくもり。 (2022-02-03)

    Something nuked the preview image... this might be the release, if anyone is looking for an idea of what is there東京ニュース通信社-ebook/dp/B09R8SS28G
  5. granatnik

    [WBGC No. 121] 2014-07-01 Mitsuki Hoshina 星名美津紀 1st_week [45p]

    This entire series should be updated to actual romanization ("Mizuki Hoshina"), as otherwise it's not searchable.
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    Please post all forum bugs here

    Am I really so old that even my cookies expire?
  7. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    What is going on? First I was logged out what did not happen in months or even years, then site has started losing settings?
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    Mao Imaizumi 今泉まお (2006-03-01)

    And the final post for something not as visually attractive, but still potentially invaluable for fans - a questionnaire taken from the competition page. Edit: dunno how my brain irreverently skipped over such a grave detail, but that should have been Seifuku everywhere (while the word is not...
  9. granatnik

    Mao Imaizumi 今泉まお (2006-03-01)

    And the announcement - she is participating in Seifuku Collection'22, a gravure competition for highschoolers by Young Jump (Sawamura Risa is taking part in another such competition by this magazine, only concerning older girls). Magazine issue with all participants...
  10. granatnik

    Mao Imaizumi 今泉まお (2006-03-01)

    Stubbing thread for a notice... Imaizumi Mao (今泉まお) DOB: 2006-03-01 U-15 profile page: Her old blog thread, got cut when she turned 13 (but why!?)
  11. granatnik

    [Young Magazine 2022 No.19] Marupi まるぴ Himeka Yamamoto 山本姫香

    I guess that this might be 2022-04-11, as No.18 was already released on that day.
  12. granatnik

    [YK Photo Album] Umi Shinonome 東雲うみ - I'm in love with Umi's eyes うみの瞳に恋してる (2022-01-24)

    Links? How are we supposed to opinion on this without knowing WHAT are you talking about? And for that matter this thread would have been better:
  13. granatnik

    [] 2022-02-10 Eyu Hirayama 平山えゆ Regular Gallery 03 [38P24.3 Mb]

    That's... nice for a beginner. Just checking.
  14. granatnik

    [Big Comic Spirits 2022 No.01] Yuno Ohara 大原優乃

    Links with Ohara make me chuckle. Nice catch, emojis.
  15. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Good question! I recall something about this section being problematic for randomness of images or external exposure and thus everything is deleted anyway, but confirmation is warranted.
  16. granatnik

    Who is she?thanks!

    I'm quite confident that's Yuzu Shirasaki, but I can't point to the actual video for confirmation.
  17. granatnik

    {Friday Digital Photobook] Nene Shida 志田音々 - First bikini vol.1 of active female college student FRIDAY 現役女子大生の初ビキニvol.1

    Title is incomplete as well: 『ZIP!静岡』お天気キャスター・志田音々「現役女子大生の初ビキニvol.1」 FRIDAYデジタル写真集 "現役女子大生の初ビキニvol.1" is missing.
  18. granatnik

    [Digi-Gra] 2015-04-21 Tsubasa Akimoto 秋本翼 Photoset 02 [20.5MB]

    ...there is like a decade of difference between them. :yellowcad:
  19. granatnik

    (Cosplay) [Himarom] Mimiko Hinaki 姫綺みみこ - After School Mimiko (School girl) [170P136MB]

    That's still a very weird release "date". Replacing with 2019-08.
  20. granatnik

    (Cosplay) [Himarom] Mimiko Hinaki 姫綺みみこ - After School Mimiko (School girl) [170P136MB]

    What calendar is this "C96"? "Christ 96", Roman times?
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    Please post all forum bugs here

    Maybe calling the guy directly might help... @tliu223, hey! (I see "Ignore" button on the hover popup.)
  22. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Disabling notification might be good, but could require code changes beyond the abilities of parties involved (how frequently you can see users being annoying with LIKES?), so that could be either disabling the user or... well... living with it, as we already had. I was getting a fair share of...
  23. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    @reversevil, I guess that's the price of having the likes fixed... He was active the whole time by the way, it's not like he ever took a break. It's only easier to see him (and anyone else as well), when the likes work properly.
  24. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    BTW on new posts likes are counted correctly.
  25. granatnik

    [Big Comic Spirits] 2021 No.49 TOOMI, Mea Shimotsuki, Hikaru Aoyama, Miyu Kishi, Rea Hanasaki

    Dunno if guy photosessions would have found a warm welcome here - Ootani Shohei. I did notice the miss as well, but even as a completist I admit that this issue might have a hard time finding its place around here. Edit: an announcement for the next issue The model promo
  26. granatnik

    [Photobook] Yui Asakura 浅倉唯 - Cute but in a traffic jam!! かわいいが渋滞中!! MOVIE

    A side note, it's funny and telling to get a sub-DVD quality for DIGITAL content. An ebook. In 2021. Not to mention quite lowish filesize even for that resolution.
  27. granatnik

    [LOVEPOP] Gravure No 45 - Ayana Nishinaga 西永彩奈 Photosets 01 - 14

    @Conny if you have a specific link, try reporting it to @MaxFJ , there were problems with files going 404 intermittently.
  28. granatnik

    [Girlz-High] 2018-08-29 Asami Kondou - bfaa_006_002 MOVIE [178.6 Mb]

    And I guess that it will stay as such - we have: [Girlz-High] 2018-08-22 Karen Nishino - bfaa_006_002.mp4 (105MB) [Girlz-High] 2018-08-29 Asami Kondou - bfaa_006_002.mp4 (178MB) so far in case of such collisions if one of the files won, the other was disappearing. No reuploads, ever. At least...
  29. granatnik

    Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ

    @Immergeil @trion20001 the problem is, numbering should be reset to have former #722 as #707 after removals, so if board engine has indeed failed to do so, it's a case for @C00Lzero ... Such hiccups can break database in the long run.
  30. granatnik

    Tsukasa Kanzaki 神前つかさ

    Is the thread broken? It goes from #706 to #722...
  31. granatnik

    [Big Comic Spirits] 2021 No.44 Miyu Kishi, Mio Minato, Akane Yoshizawa, Rui Takanashi, Meruda Ikeda, Saeko Kondo, Usa

    Filling in gaps, the last girl is Usa Hiiragi (柊宇咲) and the group is #babababambi (♯ババババンビ).
  32. granatnik

    [Weekly Shonen Magazine] 2021 No.06 Nanase Nishino 西野七瀬

    I have this and Shonen Magazine 2021 No.07 missing, can someone please give a hand?
  33. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [@crepe No.0809] Megu Hazuki

    That's rather U-15 time.
  34. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [JTDK-027] Beghe.B - TOKYODOLL White Beauty Gravure 白人美女のグラビア Beghe.B III

    Cover in parts...
  35. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [VPBF-15476] Yua Shinkawa 新川優愛 - Miss Magazine 2010 ミスマガジン2010

    Still on sale! And a better (front) cover:
  36. granatnik

    [] 2021-09-23 Asami Kondou 近藤あさみ Special Gallery 8.3 [31P15.0 Mb]

    That was just a technical report about a defective server, not link.
  37. granatnik

    404 File Not Found

    Several reports available here FYI @MaxFJ
  38. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    First image in a post is sometimes saved as htm, so its name looks like fre_suzu-h_01_022-jpg.2721115.htm instead of correct fre_suzu-h_01_022.jpg; while this can be manually corrected, should be rather not happening.
  39. granatnik

    torrent section post images

    If only it exposed a bigger part of the image - frequently it can't even reach the face on a "standing upright" photo...
  40. granatnik

    Please post all forum bugs here

    Just pop a post here when you will have this planned.
  41. granatnik

    Tomoe Yamanaka 山中知恵

    Or nobody is willing to buy it and is just waiting for others to upload...
  42. granatnik

    [Girlz-High] 2018-08-09 Karen Nishino - bfaa_006_002 [25.3 Mb]

    I see that I still don't have the file... After three years. Anyone willing to give a hand?
  43. granatnik

    FileJoker Exclusive [UFXW-2003] Miki Nonaka 野中美希 – Greeting〜野中美希〜 Blu-ray

    Correct release date: 2015/06/12 Official trailer for those undecided: