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  1. thelolibear

    Idol Media Gallerys / Albums

    Just a a few questions about the Idol media gallery's ( that are on my mind for a while. There are 2 sub-category's U-15 Idol and Jr Idol, but what exactly is the difference? I see in both U-15 idols. Maybe someone can merge them? First i...
  2. thelolibear 29days account for sale

    Hi, is anyone interested in a premium account? Bought yesterday 30 days, so its still 29days left. Bought it from a reseller for 18eur because the official website only allows bitcoin. I dont need the account, got the file I wanted already, there is a Idol site out there focusing on...
  3. thelolibear

    [R] RYCO-001 (Monthly Ryuco Legs Queen)

    Looking for RYCO-001 from the Legs Queen series, would be great if someone could upload this. Thanks 有田ことみ / Ryuco Tushin 刊 隆行通信X Ryuco Tushin X No.1
  4. thelolibear

    Filehost that pays out with PayPal

    Does anyone know if there is a Filehoster that pays out with PayPal? I dont really upload that much, so im not using a lot of filehosts, but Subyshare was really helpful, but now they stopped using PayPal (they offer Bitcoin, but thats even more confusing to me). Any other one maybe?
  5. thelolibear

    [R] [H-MANGA]幼艶ヴィーナス (陣掛吾雄) / Youen Venus (Jinke Wagao)

    Im looking for this H-Manga, would be great if someone can upload it. Titel: 幼艶ヴィーナス / Youen Venus Author: 陣掛吾雄 / Jinke Wagao Thanks!
  6. thelolibear

    Problem with Album Photos

    Hello, i found that problem already a few times, now I'm sure its a bug. When i comment on a Picture inside a "group" like here for example: Then it say the picture is "Member List -> manzakura -> Albums...
  7. thelolibear

    Profile Page: Activity Log

    Hello, would it be possible to make the "user" activity the default view if you go to someones profile? Right now its the "All" activity that i see when i go to someones profile. That makes me see the activity of the "friends" of the person i visit the profile page of. But what i would...
  8. thelolibear

    writing down japanese letters from a "cover" for identification

    Hello, can someone help me with this please? I found this image and im not sure what it is about. On google i can't find any more information just from the picture alone. If someone can "write" Japanese, can you please write me down the letters from this picture? I'm still not sure if its...
  9. thelolibear

    Giveaway Random Stuff!

    Hi, instead of destroying all those doubles and stuff i dont need, i figured why not give it away to someone in Europe who has use for it. If you have use for those let me know, i give it to you for free you only pay for shipping costs. Will wait till 26. September then i will shredder...
  10. thelolibear

    Help me identify / write down japanese manga titles

    Hello, maybe someone here can read japanese and write japanese with his keyboard? Need someone to write me down those titles of this mangas, so i can identify them and look them up on the web. Would be very great, thanks a lot! Part1
  11. thelolibear

    Albums / 403 Forbidden

    Hello, i uploadet 3 albums and everything seems fine, but now i got a "private message" where a member of our community wrote to me that he cant get to see my albums. I checked, they are on "public" setting, so can someone tell me why its not working? I mean i can see them and i expected...
  12. thelolibear

    How to get RSS Feed of a specific board?

    Hello, is there a way to gett RSS feed on one of the boards? I looked FAQ on he site it only says if RSS is enabled it works, but i cant find how. If i want to see RSS from this can you help me? thanks
  13. thelolibear

    [1985] Hentai Anime: Tenshi tachi no kyouen 堕天使たちの狂宴

    Title: Tenshi tachi no kyouen Title: 堕天使たちの狂宴 Year: 1985 Anywone can re-seed a torrent or upload as DDL? would be grat, thanks thanks
  14. thelolibear

    Doujin Software / HCG 2010-11

    Hello, maybe somone can fill some of this requests? All Files released in November. Its just the ones i nowhere found. 01| RJ069358 [101103] [ピンクパール] 淫奴調教M5 02| RJ069388 [101104] [おとひめ] 魅惑の女子高生 03| RJ069094 [101105] [暁勝家のサークル] そりゃ、やる事は一つだけ...
  15. thelolibear

    Doujinshi`s - how to be up-to-date?

    Hello, sorry to bother a second time, its just galge and doujinshi give me at the moment really trouble... with eorge i can at least update on shoppages... Doujinshis... ok there is 2 times a year comiket, but they are selled for sure on other conventios to right? How can someone be uptodate...
  16. thelolibear

    Eroge / Galge - Hentai Games, the best?

    Hello, can someone tell me the best Blockbusters of Eroge? Like School Days or Shuffle? What are the greatest Games? Heard Fate Stay Night has also Eroge. And second Question, is there a good blog or Website (japanese or english) that updates on Eroge? I googl`t a bit, and found some sites...
  17. thelolibear

    New Release only Digital? 7/2010

    Hello, i follow this Magazine since Vol.1 and have all of them as Hardcover, but after 05/2010 there was no new Volume released, normally 07/2010 would be next because its released all 2 Month. Now i found on the Website of the Publisher this Link: And...
  18. thelolibear

    Shoujo Tengoku - Loli Hentai Magazine

    Anywone knows if the new "Shoujo Tengoku"is relatet to the old ones from 2005? Seems like its a new Magazine, but there are also some with the same name from 2005, also based on loli.... Was there a break or something for releses? Offical Website says "first" release 11/2007...