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  1. kharo88

    Maybe someone can help me clear this up.

    I came upon Mai Yuzuki's/Mai Takizawa's twitter where she mentioned that she created a new instagram because her old one was "misused" - according to the tranlsator program that I used. This was yesterday (October 31). Also yesterday on her instagram she posted a picture that looks like a...
  2. kharo88

    3 non-JAV if I may!

    The first two: 1. 2. Both are from this video: The first clip is 12:00 - 13:00. The second clip is 15:27 - 16:16. And this last one I should probably tweet at Tom Cruise because this is Mission Impossible! No face, no...
  3. kharo88

    White actress in HUSR-195?

    Does anyone know who she is?
  4. kharo88

    Stuck on ddos protection when trying to access JavLibrary

    It started happening a couple of days ago. Checking your browser before accessing This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Please allow up to 5 seconds… table...
  5. kharo88

    Getting camgirls' feed directly from source?

    The title might be a bit confusing so let me explain. You go on and you click on any stream (just do it). You'll see a DMCA notice on the screen over the feed that sometimes blocks out the wonderful view depending on its position. However, when you go to and search...
  6. kharo88

    CCVR-015 [VR] (White actress)

    Does anyone know who she is? It says Tiffany on there but I couldn't find her based on that. (Also, that's quite a bold statement on the bottom of the cover! :D )
  7. kharo88

    JAV actresses and the Coolidge effect

    I don't know about you, but I often come across a new actress and get all excited about her only for the novelty to wear off a couple films in to the point where I abandon her after her fifth release and never look back. It's not that she was disappointing or didn't do a genre that I like, I...
  8. kharo88

    Emily Okazaki interview

    It's worth checking out!
  9. kharo88

    Same stream lagging at a different time of day

    Okay, so this probably can't be helped, but it's driving me crazy, so here goes nothing. I have recently started to watch a girl on bongacams. During mornings/early afternoons it's totally fine, but late afternoons/evenings her stream just starts lagging. Is it because it's prime time and the...
  10. kharo88

    Penultimate girl in ARM-337?

    Like the title says, who is the second to last girl in ARM-337? JAVLibrary lists five actresses out of six, sougouwiki only lists four, but neither site names her. Here's a screenshot: And you can watch her in action here, just choose "Scene 2" and go to 22:02 for her part. Thanks in...
  11. kharo88

    Weather forecast in Mexico: hot days ahead!

  12. kharo88

    Well, shit...

    A convertible car that was hit by a flush of liquid manure in Altomuenster near Munich, southern Germany. A farmer who didn't close the top lid of his manure barrel took a curve and a flush of liquid manure spilled out in the very moment when a man and his daughter approached. (Police Dachau via...
  13. kharo88

    Where to find wallpapers of JAV actresses?

    The title says it all. I've been trying to get a couple of wallpapers of JAV actresses recently, but had trouble finding some. I tried to google their name in Japanese +" wallpaper" also in Japanese, but had no luck. So if you know a site where I can get some wallpapers of my favourite JAV...
  14. kharo88

    Please ID this Shibuya Gal

    I definitely feel I should know this girl and the film, but I don't... hopefully that's about to change! :D I'll post a screenshot here but maybe it would be best to check the video out itself.
  15. kharo88

    We Need More Men Like This

  16. kharo88

    Would anyone here like a Battlerite Alpha key?

    The game's official site. It will automatically grant you access to all the Betas, too. If you'd like to have it all you have to do is say that you want it and post your favourite Cyndi Wang photo. :hihi: First come first served. I'll give you the key via PM on here.
  17. kharo88

    Would you have been interested in a UEFA Euro 2016 thread?

    For some reason I only just thought of creating a thread for it now, but it's too late now, isn't it? Yeah, I'm a moron. So just to see if there had been a demand for it, would you kindly vote? Thanks! PS: I'll personally strangle anyone who dares call it soccer! :bogem:
  18. kharo88

    Are you a visual type... or not?

    This is one of those times when I don't know how to put my thoughts into words, so I'll just give you an example of what I mean, and hopefully everyone will get it! I made some gifs to illustrate my point. Here's the first one: As you can see, this is just a handjob, but I still like it very...
  19. kharo88

    I can't open some JPG files.

    So I can open the vast majority of JPG files, but some just refuse to open, no matter what program I use. I use the basic Windows one by default (I've got Windows 10) and when I try to open one of those JPG files I get this error message: The photos are displayed on the sites that I...
  20. kharo88

    [Old News] A 28-year-old Korean guy married his pillow back in 2010

    Yes, you read that right. But it's not just any pillow - it's a dakimakura. If you don't know what that is; first off, welcome to the club, and secondly (and more importantly) it's a large pillow with a character on it, usually from anime. In this particular case, it's an image of Fate...
  21. kharo88

    It looks like if you register on R18. com now, you get a film for free?

    It looks like it, because I haven't actually tested this yet, but yes, the title says it all. I can't help but wonder... can you choose the film that you want or the film that you get has already been determined by them? The latter would make sense to me, otherwise, people could just register...
  22. kharo88

    Is there a way to download videos in HD from youku without registering?

    Okay, I realise that this question might be very out of place on this forum, but I've got to know... I don't want to register on youku, because then I would have to give them my phone number, and sure, you can use your QQ account and what not, but in order to get a QQ account, you need to give...
  23. kharo88

    Pornstar Yui Hatano on Taiwanese travel cards

    So this is old news, but I have just recently discovered the news section here, on the forums. Regardless, I thought I'd still make a post about this. So, Yui Hatano was featured on swipe cards used in public transport, and the company who made them got criticised for it. I'll just shamelessly...
  24. kharo88

    Who is the girl on the front cover of SGMS-128?

    JavLibrary lists the names of many of the actresses in the film, but none of those seem to be her. Any idea who she is? Thanks in advance!
  25. kharo88

    Who is this actress?

    She plays a female teacher in the scene and judging by the pixellation it is an older title. Here are some screenshots: Click here for the short video clip. Thanks in advance!
  26. kharo88

    Does anyone know who this cutie is?

    Here's the short clip from which the screenshot is taken: Thanks in advance!
  27. kharo88

    Creative/unusual JAV concepts/ideas that you liked

    I enjoy reading Jugulear's Dumb Moments in JAV thread, so I figured why not open one that's the exact opposite of it? As the title says, if you've seen something out of the ordinary that you liked, please, post it here! I know that there was another thread similar to this one, but that's not...
  28. kharo88

    MIDE-312 starring Akiyama Shouko

    I don't know how many people here will actually care, but I'm excited to see the return of this amazing series with one of my (current) favourite actresses! In fact, I'm so happy that I went to the trouble of making a gif that could properly express my feelings, and since I'm the exact opposite...
  29. kharo88

    ID this girl please!

    I don't know if you guys have seen this thread, but there's a post in the JAV Discussion section of the forums: I did as the user suggested and looked up some videos on youtube, and in one of the videos a woman caught my eye. She's...
  30. kharo88

    Just a question

    So I've noticed that on the back cover of ABP-234 ( there's a photo that shows the actress (Memori Shizuku) wearing stockings and having her foot on a guy's crotch. I wanted to check that scene out yet it's not in the video! She doesn't even wear...
  31. kharo88

    How many names does this girl work under?

    First off, sorry if this isn't the right section for this thread but I don't know where else to post this. So I've found a girl who uses at least three names in the JAV industry! These are: Urara Kanon: Fujishiro Anna...
  32. kharo88

    Please identify these actresses/titles As for the next one, I'm looking for the name of the title or the name of the girl on the right since I know that the girl on the left is Sakura Rio. I checked out a lot of her titles but I simply couldn't find the one that this...