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  1. Little Chucky

    Idol Media Gallerys / Albums

    So we are not allowed to post images of idols in the media index who have their own threads if this rule is applied to all images in the media section you can delete (i guess) about half of what has been posted or am i wrong? I know the images who have already been posted will not be deleted...
  2. Little Chucky

    Idol Media Gallerys / Albums

    A few days ago i posted a image of Ai takanashi n the U15 category in the media index but it seems the image has been deleted May i ask why? It wasn't a full set but only 1 image from the set " Takanashi Ai - kneehigh4takanashia03"
  3. Little Chucky

    Hey, where do you guys store your videos ?

    3 drives mostly idol videos but 500GB jav 1 4TB usb3 drive full 1 1TB sata drive full 1 8TB sata drive 2TB filled but quickly filling the drive
  4. Little Chucky

    Rin Sasayama 笹山りん [] Rin Sasayama - p_dvd_rin-s01
  5. Little Chucky

    [KIDM-493] sexy flight/久保田あさみ

    next time check the thumbnails because you can see it clearly in the thumbnails
  6. Little Chucky

    How much space does your JP folder take up?

    2,6TB on 4TB external drive (only idol videos)
  7. Little Chucky

    [TSDS-42038] Mira Mizobe 溝邉未来 Pure Smile

    Wrong cover This is the real one
  8. Little Chucky

    Game of Thrones

    you do know you can download the episodes?
  9. Little Chucky

    KIDM-484 丸の内OL物語/真丘めぐみ

    Iff you want that video so bad why don't you upload it yourself? And stop making the same request again because (i think) the admins will not like it Es specially the ones who oversee the idol sections
  10. Little Chucky

    Zevera Promotion

    First contact the helpdesk Tell them about your problem Wait a few hours. And if, and only if you don't get a reply then go whine on an online forum Why does always everybody assume every company is evil? It actually tells me more about you and how you see the...
  11. Little Chucky

    Did anyone like Coppelion?

    It seems we all have the same opinion on the art I liked the choice of colors in this anime The anime itself was boring and i didn't watch all episodes I watched maybe 6 episodes and i already removed it from my Hard drive
  12. Little Chucky

    [ENFD-5405] Risa Yoshiki 吉木りさ - Summer wedding [59fps]

    Don't tell anyone but i also got the mp4 Complete name : \\XXXXXX\Risa Yoshiki\Risa Yoshiki - Summer Wedding\Risa_Yoshiki__Summer_Wedding__20120921.mp4 Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media Codec ID : isom File...
  13. Little Chucky

    [ENFD-5405] Risa Yoshiki 吉木りさ - Summer wedding [59fps]

    Do you want the Iso? Because after checking in my collection in the Risa Yoshiki folder it seems i got the Iso
  14. Little Chucky

    multi-host 117 hosters and ryushare is one of them
  15. Little Chucky

    Caucasian girls

    The Internet Is For Porn
  16. Little Chucky

    How to detect torrent health?

    By downloading the torrent and opening it in your favorite torrent program and let it run for a while usually after a week there are less seeders and a few weeks later the torrent has maybe 1 or maybe no seeders If you want to download a video but the torrent has no seeders just write a reply in...
  17. Little Chucky

    Special rule for this sub-forum: 7 days exclusivity for new uploads

    Its my understanding that its allowed to download a video from a torrent and immediately post it in the ddl section But if i download something from the ddl section i must wait 7 days before posting it on the torrent section. I can provide proof if you want but just check the ddl section and...
  18. Little Chucky

    [TSDV-41415]ピュア・スマイル 岡安麗奈[1GBmkv]

    If you want to thank somebody just use the like button but if you want to tell something write it in a reply The admin is stretching the term spam a bit but if you only write a reply to say thank you its considerd spam on this forum if you do it consecutively And i think what teenytinydik...
  19. Little Chucky

    [TSDS-42019] Aya Hazuki - Milky Glamour [ISO/4.22GB]

    Thanks Jackston for another delicious booty
  20. Little Chucky

    [GASO-0016] Mashiro Tachibana 橘ましろ もう限界=HD[HD MP4 1743MB]

    Screenshots from the video the video has a watermark
  21. Little Chucky

    [BUNO-002] [Yamanaka Tomoe] 山中知恵 おねだりボディ Blu-Ray 720p [MP4/1,6GB]

    Why? If you don't like her just don't watch the video Me personally still like her but the videos are getting a bit boring
  22. Little Chucky

    Special rule for this sub-forum: 7 days exclusivity for new uploads

    why can i download a video from the torrent section and immediately post it on the direct download section? I've seen videos been posted in the torrent section and a few hours later someone who has downloaded the video from the torrent is already posting it in the direct download section Why is...
  23. Little Chucky

    [WBDV-0107] 杉原杏璃 杏Resort [MP4 1701MB]

    Screen shots from the video Beautiful lady Thanks manmanx
  24. Little Chucky

    [CLAR-1004] 敗北主義 雨宮留菜

    if the screenshots are from the video yes (youiv) Update:I downloaded the video so here are the screenshots so you can decide if its worth downloading
  25. Little Chucky

    Need Reseller Paypal

    (before you take the steps below first check the site of the company who provides the debitcard and no that's not visa) You buy a visa prepaid debitcard (where i live you can buy them at sigar/magazinelottery stores) When you're home register the card online and fill in the information you...
  26. Little Chucky

    Need Reseller Paypal

    in my country a prepaid debitcard will only cost me about 10 euro a year i use the debitcard for things when i don't want to fill in my real credit card number Google play store Data hosting sites like you mentioned online gaming/gambling software and so on because of this debitcard they...
  27. Little Chucky

    The most erotic woman body part

    first: I second that second: who is she?
  28. Little Chucky

    Need Reseller Paypal

    If i understand correctly you want a re-seller who sells access to rapidgator or and you want to pay with Paypal? correct? Go to Google and fill in "prepaid debitcard" because i don't think you'll find a reseller who will let you pay with money from Paypal Why Because at Paypal you...
  29. Little Chucky

    [JSSJ-112] 神前つかさ - 僕の推しメン (1080p-DL)

    First download the google translate app on your phone install en set the app to "japanese to your language" and let the app scan the black japanese letters at 1:36:50 Its how i got to know here name The girls name is: Riisa Kashiwagi searched in google wat the dvdcode is from her jssj-dvd...
  30. Little Chucky

    [TSDV-41566] Mai Sasaki 佐々木麻衣 もぎたてラ・フランス[HD MP4 2567MB]

    Its because youiv is a paysite The guy takes videos which he downloads for free and then adds a watermark so people go to his site
  31. Little Chucky

    Top 10 gravure idol butts

    Looking at the images she reminded me of a video in my collection Searching in my collection and came across a video_ts folder (TSDV_41642). and then it made me thinking "who makes sure i get to see those dvds?" :blink: Searching here on akiba-online only confirmed what i already knew Keep up...
  32. Little Chucky

    Problem after buying a subyshare account

    When you can access your account ask them if they are willing to extend your account with the days you couldn't access it edit:typo
  33. Little Chucky

    Problem after buying a subyshare account

    Just make a screenshot of your payment and sent it to subyshare as requested. But make sure you blur out any personal information you don,t want to share with them
  34. Little Chucky

    Contact Sheets for Photos Sets

    That would be great, but to make it mandatory????
  35. Little Chucky

    AO Censoring my Avatar?

    This forum is not a democracy The moderators together make the rules and be thankful they keep this site up To be a member of this site you need to stick to the rules as stated and they are as it seems non negotiable otherwise they wouldn't be rules but guidelines. As for western girls and the...
  36. Little Chucky

    [ENFD-4181] Hitomi Yasueda - [ISO/4.GB]

    (fooling around in, photoshop not installed at the moment) Thanks jackston for this lovely lady
  37. Little Chucky

    Please don't be angry about what CoolKevin did. I don't think he removed the reply's because of...

    Please don't be angry about what CoolKevin did. I don't think he removed the reply's because of what we wrote but because someone ( don't know his name) made it into a (ranting) political discussion. and apparantly CoolKevin doesn't want that in akiba-online and to clean the whole topic he...
  38. Little Chucky

    Help finding torrents

    Open the site in chrome and click the right mouse button Then click translate to (your language) Had the site translated in less then a second Less time it took me to write this reply Its so simple :sad: It seems to me the videos aren't for free but must be payed
  39. Little Chucky

    Sorry that i didn't respond sooner I assumed you knew i'm from a european country as such i...

    Sorry that i didn't respond sooner I assumed you knew i'm from a european country as such i don't know much about american sports and so i was confused when you asked me about the playoffs.