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  1. vesania999

    What Happened to...

    not in a creepy/stalker way, but I wish I knew what happened and were are they now: Ayane Asakura 浅倉彩音 Sakura Michiru 桜みちる Tomosaki Aki 友崎亜希 KAORI Mikami Sayuri 美神さゆり Kitajima An 北嶋あん Yuzuki Marina 優月まりな Fujishiro Momone 藤白桃羽 Ikenaga Kyouko 池永京子 Hagi Azusa 八木あずさ yeah, a few have...
  2. vesania999

    MDYD-559 - Ayane Asakura - Married Woman Addicted to Massage

    RE-UPLOAD PLEASE! I need to watch my queen in HD <3
  3. vesania999

    YEED-15 - Incest: Creampie Confession Rimi Arimori

    re-up please! same good quality :D
  4. vesania999

    Big Booty JAV

    Yup... boobs, ass and face. tbh, she is absolutely amazing :P I love her boobs and booty. plus, her deepthroat is so hot! there are 2 upcoming movies... can't wait :P <3
  5. vesania999

    [AVI 1.98GB] KMDS-20181 僕だけの巨乳母さん 庵叶和子

    is it too late to ask for seeds? u_u
  6. vesania999

    How to download from

    Don't what happen to that site... clearly the video size is 4.91gb but the 1080p version weight is 2gb (lower quality). Does anyone know how to download the original video?
  7. vesania999

    FileJoker Exclusive PAMP-008 The AV Debut In Public Pachinko Way Home

    re-upload this dude! I need it for my "amateur moms" library :3
  8. vesania999

    Sites like JAVlibrary but for uncensored?

    is there a site (almost) exactly like javlibrary but for only uncensored stuff? (besides sougouwiki) thanks!
  9. vesania999

    Big Booty JAV

    We need that beautiful fat ass re-upload again asap!! :'S (with that or a better quality)
  10. vesania999

    Big Booty JAV

    My new queen :3 The (almost) Perfect Bimbo <3 she should do more movies like this type or as a "young bride" u_u
  11. vesania999

    Big Booty JAV

    oh I know dude hehe, what I meant is that I want new vids as long as she keep that voluptuous figure, cuz yeah, she was thick in the past, but not that THICK, u know?
  12. vesania999

    Big Booty JAV

    She looks thick as fvck!! Let's hope she do more videos <3
  13. vesania999

    is r18 .com a good site for download?

    ok, I'm from México, so, the physical DVD's are expensive hehe so I desided to buy (digital) movies. r18 has lots of good movies, some of them cheap and apparently the quality is good (I think)... but after a little research, lots and lots of people complain about that site... is it really...
  14. vesania999

    [RS/NL/HF/UC] [DSE-626] Amateur - Immoral Sex Education

    re-upload this dude! please! with this quality ;D
  15. vesania999

    さくら企画 Sakura Kikaku Public/Outdoor Exhibitionism

    IKR? the same thing happen with rapidgator... there's lots of good movies there ¬¬
  16. vesania999

    how to download videos from javhub?

    can't find "ignore breakpoints" D:
  17. vesania999

    [ZOW-17] Azusa Kitazono - Debt repayments

    it took 7 months but finally... it's done! :D thanks to all haha.
  18. vesania999

    [SPRD-124] Chieko Kozu - 先生、ウチの子が巨根なんです…。 神津千絵子

    damn!!! always late >:S re-up please dude :D
  19. vesania999

    FileJoker Exclusive SPRD-139 I Had It In The Ass Of Mother ~Tsu Chico ... Also ... I'm Sorry. Chieko Kozu

    thanks a lot dude! that ass and those legs... damn!! this goes directly to my "MILF" library no doubts.
  20. vesania999

    SMS-040 魅惑のマタニティー倶楽部 山口愛莉 中居ちひろ 金城シェリー

    I'm not into pregnant woman stuff... but damn!!! the short haired girl is fvcking hot!!!!! I love her :9 seed please!!
  21. vesania999

    FileJoker Exclusive UAAU-14 Boyne Ito Kyoka Mother Of The See-through And Wet With Washing Incest Relatives Pies

    re-upload please dude! I need this for my "thick milfs" collection :3
  22. vesania999

    VIS-027 - Real Series Esthetician

    re-up .wmv please! :D
  23. vesania999

    Any 'one and done' JAV idols you wish did more videos?

    Mei Sawai 沢井芽衣 - not a "one and done" actress but I wish she had done at least 5 more movies... cute face and big fake boobs <3 (and I like her hairy pussy :p ) and Linda Roppongi 六本木リンダ - again, I wish she had done more movies (of couse with her big fake boobs)
  24. vesania999

    Why do most Jav porn stars have zero dignity?

    oh man... Okina Anna 奥菜アンナ huge fake boobs (I LOVE THEM), cute face, sexy slim body... and all of the sudden: poop/scat. I was like WTF!!! I mean, I can tolerate pee, you know? pee is kind of hot (sometimes, and when they don't drink it) but poop?!! damn! I guess some cute girls are just...
  25. vesania999

    [ZOW-17] Azusa Kitazono - Debt repayments

    seed please! I want this so bad D:
  26. vesania999

    (ID) Help! Name of two MILFS

    1.- code SCPX-334 well, maybe not a MILF... she looks young, but in Javlibrary says something about son's friend and tag says "married woman"... plus her body is sooo sexy. 2.- code YAP-008 sexy thick MILF. thanks in advance :)
  27. vesania999

    TNSPD-93 - Incest: MILF Creampie Rimi Arimori

    thanks a lot dude!! the quality is good! I bought a new monitor and the stream videos look really bad (most of them)
  28. vesania999

    Who is she? ID MILF

    wow that was fast! it's her! I like her boobs :P thanks dude!
  29. vesania999

    Who is she? ID MILF

    Hi guys! do you know her name? the video source is gone and that's the only image I have. thanks in advance!
  30. vesania999

    TNSPD-93 - Incest: MILF Creampie Rimi Arimori

    please dude, re-up the MKV version.
  31. vesania999

    [Info] JAV actresses comeback from retirement

    I wonder how it looks Ayane Asakura :3 I also miss Kaori, Okina Anna, Kitajima An, An Mitsuki and Niiyama Ran. u_u
  32. vesania999

    JAV with Mom having sex/getting raped by son's friend or bully.

    sadly yes, we need more movies about moms having sex with bullies and son's friends. but most important, we need movies with actually actresses that looks like real moms/milfs. cuz lately, the milf movie actresses doesn't look like mature women, they look young and I hate that.
  33. vesania999

    [ask] list of bestiality JAV series/studio

    thanks dude! I just hope some of my fav idols are there. man... I know is almost impossible, but I can imagine my queen Asakura Ayane deepthroating some doggy cock :P or squirting all over him... god!! once, I thought I saw Saijo Ruri, but the other girl was flat chested....
  34. vesania999

    [ask] list of bestiality JAV series/studio

    guys, do you know which JAV idols made bestiality videos? I only know Risa Murakami.
  35. vesania999

    JAV with Mom having sex/getting raped by son's friend or bully.

    yeah I feel ya dude, back when mothers and aunts used to look like real mature mothers and aunts... today you can see that the "aunt", the "stepmom" or the "mom" look like the same age of the guys lol.