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  1. Trollbeater

    Japan makes first arrest for CG-generated child pornography

    Japan makes first arrest for CG-generated child pornography Japan Daily Press A 52-year old man from the city of Gifu in central Japan was arrested on Thursday for violations of child pornography laws. According to authorities, Akira Takahashi wasn’t just in possession of the illicit...
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    'Hentai' Anime Episodes Banned in Russia as Child Pornography

    'Hentai' Anime Episodes Banned in Russia as Child Pornography Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications has forbidden to distribute Japanese cartoons in the genre of "hentai". It is about 13 episodes published in the Russian social network Vkontakte. Experts estimated and...
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    Japanese police target users of Tor anonymous network

    Japanese police target users of Tor anonymous network BBC News Japanese people who "abuse" the Tor anonymous browsing network could be blocked from using it. The recommendation was made in a report drawn up for the National Police Agency (NPA) in Japan by a panel of technology experts...
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    TAILS: How to ensure your privacy

    First I would like to say that I would have preferred to put this in the Junior Idol section since it is really only particularly important to Junior Idol fans, that is, those that have a reason to keep their online activities private, but I am concerned that if I do so my post may be deleted...
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    Vulva scent and Tamatoys

    I was looking around to see what I could find and I found and unusual type of perfume or scent that smells like a women's vagina called 'Vulva' scent made by a company in Germany. m4cBtnoJQp8 Intrigued, I began to wonder what might be available in Japan. Surely, I thought there must be...
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    Mayan Apocalypse

    So the world will end on 12/21/12... How will it happen? _______________________________________________________ I am leaning toward rabies infected homicidal preteen girl outbreak, that is, a rabies based infection that, for some reason only affects girls under the age...
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    Japanese held in U.S. over child porn

    Japanese held in U.S. over child porn / Man operated several sites selling DVDs Daily Yomiuri Online The U.S. Homeland Security Department has arrested a Japanese man who allegedly managed child porn sites in the United States on suspicion of violating a federal law that prohibits...
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    System flaw weakens blocking of child porn

    System flaw weakens blocking of child porn Daily Yomiuri Online The Yomiuri Shimbun Websites selling child pornography DVDs continue to operate despite the launch in April last year of a content blocking system to fight them. The illicit sites have exploited a loophole in the system to...
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    BBcode for text wraparound

    Hello, Does anyone know the bbcode for text wraparound, so that I can float an image in a post? Thanks, TB
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    Blocked keywords

    I just tried to post a thread to the 'News' section and got message saying that my post contained some keywords that were blocked and as a result the thread required approval from a moderator before it could be posted. What 'keywords' are being blocked? I don't recall an 'Announcement' to that...
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    Sweden: Supreme Court mulls manga child porn appeal

    Sweden: Supreme Court mulls manga child porn appeal The highly publicized last appeal of Simon Lundström, a Swedish translator of Japanese manga comics convicted of child pornography crimes, was brought up in Sweden’s Supreme Court (Högsta Domstolen) on Wednesday. “To me personally this...
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    Funny and potentially offensive English T-shirts on Asians

    Don't know if this has ever been done here but in my time in Asia I have seen many, many T-shirts and other clothing with English phrases that are either 1) inclusive of horribly bad English grammar, spelling or 2) horribly inappropriate given the person wearing the shirt or the...
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    China and censorship solutions

    Hello, I was recently offered a rather lucrative position in China and I am considering accepting the offer of employment. I am, however, concerned over the level of censorship there and how that will affect my internet activity. I am aware of only one option however which is not entirely...
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    Shiga police form pact with Osaka ISP to fight child porn

    OTSU -- The Shiga Prefectural Police will join forces with an Osaka Internet provider to fight the spread of child pornography through file-sharing software, it was announced on Feb. 9. The deal signed between the Shiga police and K-Opticom Corp., a fiber optics telecoms firm, is aimed at...
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    Help! How do you ask Japanese?

    How do you ask for Junior Idol DVDs in Japanese? What is the correct Japanese term? Thanks,
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    No send message option on some user profiles

    Hello, I have noticed that on some user profiles there is no send message option and on some there is no option to leave a comment on the profile page. Is that an option that was turned off by that user or have they blocked me? How can I contact that person? Thanks, TB
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    Best book to learn Japanese

    What is the best book for learning Japanese. I am an absolute beginner but I want to learn a little to start me on my way. What do you suggest? TB
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    Media reaction to Japanese subcultures

    I am curious to know how mainstream media deals with the themes of Japanese pornography, anime, and Junior Idols. Are people in Japan aware that these industries exist? Do they understand the nature of these industries? Are people from these subcultures represented on the television and film...
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    'Living doll' phenomenon

    Hello, What do think about the 'living doll' phenomenon in Japanese culture? 'Living dolls' are life-size dolls made in the image of an actual person, usually by means of a mold. You can buy dolls of women or young girls all with anatomically correct features, or what is generally referred...
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    Japanese horror film idea

    I write screenplays as a hobby and I had a great idea for a horror film that I thought I would share. I am curious to know what you think. The film follows a series of murders involving living doll collectors, that is Japanese men who collect custom-made life-size dolls of actual girls...
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    Technical question: Remote computer usage

    Hello, I was reading some where how it is possible to network with a computer in another country, for example Japan, and entirely use all the system resources from that computer, program applications, internet connection, etc. So, in other words, you could access the internet through the...
  22. Trollbeater

    No more adults, please!

    Hello, I like Akiba very much. However I find it completely unacceptable that some posters continue to post pictures & videos of what are clearly adults. Some of these adults are engaged in elicit sexual activity. I find this very offensive. Some of the women are featured in very...
  23. Trollbeater

    Teaching in Japan

    I recently accepted a teaching position in another country and it has turned out quite badly. I am interested in perhaps taking a position in Japan. I saw some 8 month contracts before and that is something I think I would be interested in. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look...
  24. Trollbeater

    Shared gender nude hot springs

    Hello, I have heard that there are many hot springs in Japan that are nude. I have also heard that some of those are for both men and women. That is, men and women go nude in the same facility. In fact, that is the traditional way to use a hot spring. Is that true? Do families go there?
  25. Trollbeater

    Share search parameters

    Hello, Is there a way to get the latest search results, that is by date, or all videos in a particular category? That would be very helpful. Thanks,
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    Share over a VPN

    Hello, I am trying to run Share over my VPN. The global IP address is resolved to the faked IP address of my VPN but then it gets disconnected from Share due to a port error. Share works perfectly with the VPN though. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Thanks,
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    Will Japanese men admit an interest in U15 junior idols?

    Will Japanese men admit to friends, family and co-workers that they have an interest in U15 junior idols, videos, pictures, etc.?
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    This feels weird

    Hello, I have to say I feel a little weird here. I only have interest in one of the forums on the board, the U15 forum. But this is the place to be for U15 or so I am told. Anyway, I hope I am welcome. Trollbeater