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  1. LimeLemon

    where to get HD rip of MIRD-156

    I can't find this. I'm even okay with buying(digitally) it but it doesn't exist anymore. Any links would be fine, paid or otherwise. Even paid filesharing links I'm okay with.
  2. LimeLemon

    Where to find non-omnibus Henry Tsukamoto movies

    For example. The movie FAX-530. I realize the tag on Javlibrary says multiple stories, but they get too abruptly ended. Most of his movies seem to be like this. If the scenes do have full movies how does one track them down? Going back to my example of FAX-530, at the end of the first story...
  3. LimeLemon

    Mother-Daughter/Oyakodon interactive JAV

    I can't seem to find oyakodon movies that have the mother and daughter being interactive with each other in even the slightest way. No kissing, eating each other out, etc.. If you know some rec away. Thanks!
  4. LimeLemon

    Which Onsens are used as filming locations in JAVs

    In JAV production which Onsens do the crews book/rent out to film the movies. If you happen to know any by name or because you went to one in the past and happened to see it as a film location in a JAV please share the name. I did also find this article, which states people were using this...
  5. LimeLemon

    Dream Gakuen series

    I was browsing through the 4chan archives, and happened to find this post. It peaked my curiosity. I tried looking for any of them but could only find the cut versions. If you guys know where to find them then hit me up. Also interesting how these kind of extreme videos are not made by major...
  6. LimeLemon

    Movies with extremely fat guys

    Just saw this movie and I loved the contrast between an attractive woman and a very fat guy. AVOP-424 Kimo Man Oota Revenge Video Ver.Profile Hari Hiroshi Fukiishi NITR-086 Video Not Netorare To Add Video Kimodebu Man NITR-107 Was Netora To Post Videos Kimodebu Man Video 2 Are there...
  7. LimeLemon

    what happened to my avatar? And the avatar of many other people

    I just logged in sometime and saw my avatar was missing.
  8. LimeLemon

    JAV with Mom having sex/getting raped by son's friend or bully.

    Hello :) Looking for JAVs where the Mother is having sex with the Son's friend or Bully/victim(in the case that the son is the bully) Something similar to the Live Action Hana-Hook Series or The Mother Violated in Front of Him series. (does not have to be exactly like these two series but you...