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  1. vesania999

    How to download from

    Don't what happen to that site... clearly the video size is 4.91gb but the 1080p version weight is 2gb (lower quality). Does anyone know how to download the original video?
  2. vesania999

    Sites like JAVlibrary but for uncensored?

    is there a site (almost) exactly like javlibrary but for only uncensored stuff? (besides sougouwiki) thanks!
  3. vesania999

    is r18 .com a good site for download?

    ok, I'm from México, so, the physical DVD's are expensive hehe so I desided to buy (digital) movies. r18 has lots of good movies, some of them cheap and apparently the quality is good (I think)... but after a little research, lots and lots of people complain about that site... is it really...
  4. vesania999

    (ID) Help! Name of two MILFS

    1.- code SCPX-334 well, maybe not a MILF... she looks young, but in Javlibrary says something about son's friend and tag says "married woman"... plus her body is sooo sexy. 2.- code YAP-008 sexy thick MILF. thanks in advance :)
  5. vesania999

    Who is she? ID MILF

    Hi guys! do you know her name? the video source is gone and that's the only image I have. thanks in advance!
  6. vesania999

    OMG! She is BEAUTIFUL! but... u_u

    Wassup guys! I'm making this post just for the sake of discussion. Have you ever watch some sexy actress and you are like "fuck yeah! she is HOT AS FUCK! I would marry her right now!" but then you watch her movies and turns out she is really bad actress, and you are like WHAT THE FUCK.. ¿...
  7. vesania999

    Who is she? Please ID this MILF...

    Do you know her name? I saw her in a couple of nampa/amateur videos but I think there are more of her. I know she's not beautiful but she's kinda cute... and those big tits... OMG!! <3 AEDVD-1668R 地方から出てきた素人妻の淫乱ぶりに中出ししてしまった
  8. vesania999

    ID please... who is this MILF?

    what's her name? or any JAV movies? thanks!
  9. vesania999

    Help me! What is her name?

    She appears in this movie: OOJ-01 Excuse Me For Disturbing His Wife.Gentle Wife, Are You Sure You Want To Borrow A Little Toilet?You Also Borrowed Oma Incidentally (Japanese) OOJ-01 奥様お邪魔します。優しい奥様、ちょっとトイレお借りして宜しいですか?ついでにオマ○コもお借りします
  10. vesania999

    What categories you wish that have more movies?

    sorry for my bad english xD have you ever think... "man! that movie was sooo kinky, if only there were more like that..." ¿? I do! I really want more (NEW) shota movies >:3 you know? good stuff like "my friend's mom" "my mom and my friends" "the bully and my mom" "demon boys"... I mean...
  11. vesania999

    JAV Censorship ¬¬

    Hi! first of all, this is not a random rant against censored JAV movies, in fact, I really like them. but recently I've been notice something... the censorship in new JAV movies is one of the worst! well, maybe not that bad as the old JAV movies where in a blowjob scene they literally censored...
  12. vesania999

    I can't believe SHE DO THAT!!! (ಥ_ʖಥ)

    Hi guys! hope you are well... Have you ever discover a new JAV actress and you are like "OMG! she is HOT AS HELL!" or "I wish she was my wife"... ¿? and you start to search more abour her... download her best movies, photo sets... faping like there's no tomorrow... and then... (⊙_☉) WTF...
  13. vesania999

    [R] APAA-006 AVアイドル・ハメ撮りプロジェクト 若宮莉那との2人だけの時間

    Rina Wakamiya / 若宮莉那 please!
  14. vesania999

    This really bothers me >:S

    Hey guys! I see a lot of movies from Dandy, Natural High, Switch, etc... you know, the "multiple girls" movies... and I see some "famous" girls like Asakura Ayane or Yuki Sakurai (well, no that famous but well known actresses) in those movies but they are not credited! so, since they are...
  15. vesania999

    JAV Actresses with... Ass/Butt implants?!!! o_O

    hey wassup guys! hope you're doing great! so... let's cut to the chase... You know what I never NEVER see in JAV movies? women with ass/butt implants (fake ass, fake booty, fake bubble butt) you know what I mean? xD seriously! I've been watching JAV movies since 2010 and I never see a...
  16. vesania999

    HELP! Identify this beautiful girl

    She looks SO SEXY!!! she appears at the beginning of MOND-147 do you know her name? any movies? thanks!!
  17. vesania999

    Your favorite Male actor is... ¿?

    Hey guys! hope you all doing OK... Well, this is a little weird topic for me, but anyway... the other day I was watching the movie " MOT-203" with my loved and now missing Kitajima An... (GOD! I LOVE HER AND HER HUUUGE BOOBS!!!) and the problem I start to having with this movie is thanks to the...
  18. vesania999

    How to watch trailers/previews from

    hi guys! do you know how to watch the free video previews from I want to watch this preview but I can view the page only in proxy and can't watch videos. I use this adress and...
  19. vesania999

    Biggest Breast Implants EVER SEEN! (JAV)

    Hi guys! I know that I'm not very active in this amazing forum but I will try to be more active :P I want to make this post because I want to share my kinky interest with you hehe First of all... I LOVE BIG BOOBS! yes! I'm a boob guy... I mean, I also like big butts, wide hips, etc... but...
  20. vesania999

    Filejoker help! please!

    I always download files from 100 mb to 1.80 gb size... and sometimes I get this message "Free Members can download files no bigger than 1024 MB." but in the description they say "Max File Size for Download 2048 MB" for free and registered members... any solution to this problem? besides to...
  21. vesania999

    Hey You! yeah you! can you help me please?

    do you know her name or the name of the movie? here is a pic and the video thanks!!!
  22. vesania999

    JAV movies about "having sex while her husband is sleeping"

    hello guys! please recommend some movies about women having sex while her husband is sleeping or "night crawling" movies with or without her husband... thanks!
  23. vesania999

    Quick question... what is NAMPA?

    there are a lot of categories in Javlibrary... do you know what is nampa? thanks!
  24. vesania999

    HELP! problem with AVMO.PW / AVSO.PW

    Hi guys! help me with this problem. I'm searching new movie titles in AVMO.PW, but only shows 100 pages, when I open the page 101 says "404 not found" same problem with AVSO.PW how can I watch more than 100 pages? thanks!
  25. vesania999

    ID Please! Her name or the movie... (Busty Milf)

    Hi guys! help me with this hot busty teacher, please! (she's gorgeous! and her boobs are amazing!) here's the video (if that help you) THANKS!
  26. vesania999

    Question! JAV movies with HUGE BOOBS!?...

    Hi! I have a question for all the experts (or everyone) who watch JAV movies... First of all, I LOOOOOVE BIG BOOBS! natural and implants <3 , I don't care :) but in this case, I want your help about fake/implants boobs. I've been watching tons of JAV movies and 95% of the busty girls are NOT...
  27. vesania999