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    Brutal Flogging Clip - info needed

    If you think that looks painful you may squirm at Elite Pain's films. Oucccchh! Thanks for this link above people
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    Olympic opening uses girl's voice, not face

    Girls face not cute for opening ceremony? Well there you have it! So obvious this polit bureau man :pissed: was very keen to have a cute face for the ceremony! Ha... Kind of strange for an old man to get involved with young girls faces .... ;-) hmmmmmm :lols:
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    Olympic Gymnasts

    Hi Has anyone got any videos of the Japanese women's gymnastics? Or any team? Link anywhere? Please let me know - many thanks!
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    poor chinese girl raped by male students and slapped by females

    Yes bullying is sadly a universal problem and it occurs in all age groups
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    Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony - An Analysis

    Love the Olympics! Has anyone got any videos of the women's gymnastics? Please let me know - thanks!
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    [RS] Io Asuka - High Class Lesbian Soap (dvdes089)

    This looks really classy and well done. Thanks!
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    [RS] Aki Nagase - Amenable Girl's Incontinence & Saliva (fset071)

    Thanks Looks like a great movie! Thanks:full:
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    [RS] Io Asuka & Mai - First Time Lesbian - Double Cast, Beautiful Idols (dvdes041)

    I adore Les films from all countries but Japan Les films are even better in my humble opinion. the women give such a real performance like they mean it. Thanks for this