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  1. rgnar

    Jav Stars Past and Present with OnlyFans Accounts

    dont forget about Anri Okita
  2. rgnar

    Which JAV actresses are mixed blood?

    ahh Ahh my bad, sorry for wrong information haha. I think that what makes people think shes hafu bcs she speaks english fluently. But for Julia not for a long ago, i read an article saying that her parents are (dont know either its his mom or dad or can be both) half blood. Still im very sorry...
  3. rgnar

    JAV directors twitter account or any where i can follow them?social media?

    twitter @KINGDOMjaporn1 he produces uncensored javs or twitter @av_rizu she's the director of the infamous yariman wagon series
  4. rgnar

    Signature Moves by JAV Actors

    He goes by the name of Horio/堀尾
  5. rgnar

    Best JAV cuckold/netorade series & movies...

    Madonna, Attackers, Idea Pocket, S1, Glory Quest, Tameike Goro has a lot of netorare/cuckold series. But heres my 5 personal favorite SHKD-971 MYED-541 JUX-420 RBD-772 PPPD-406
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    Signature Moves by JAV Actors

    If im not mistaken, his name is Micky Yanai..probably already retired bcs his last release was 12 years ago
  7. rgnar

    Which JAV actresses are mixed blood?

    Theres a lot of them..for example Anri Okita (retired, active on onlyfans) Maria Ozawa(retired) JULIA (still going strong) Mary Tachibana (active) Elly Akira fka Yuka Osawa (active) Shelby Wakatsuki (retired for good)
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    looking for train groping video?

    APACHE and Natural High releases has a lot of chikan theme
  9. rgnar

    Japanese Porn versus Western Porn: The Debate

    IMHO the only problem with JAvs are the language barrier and censorship. For me the storyline, actress and actors are way better than western porn. Im gonna wait until japanese finally opening the "forbidden door":basah:
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    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

  11. rgnar

    any jav actress which look like akb48 members

    100% no doubt obviously its Yua Mikami lol
  12. rgnar

    AV idols with husbands and children?

    I dont know but my guess is they know what she's doing bcs she's pretty famous and has a long career. I also think that the interview was legit. You can watch the interview here
  13. rgnar

    Signature Moves by JAV Actors

    Masahiro Tabuchi-san can ejaculate without stroking his cock.:yareyare:
  14. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    Mizuno Yuka is now Madonna exclusive. Now i can expect a good ntr drama from her :blink: source :
  15. rgnar

    Actresses that look like Zuko's Mom form Avatar?

    How about Rinne Touka? similar facial feature, long hair, quite voluptous
  16. rgnar

    AV idols with husbands and children?

    Her wife (Kayden Kross) is not retired yet but only doing porn scene only with her husband. She is now more active in writing and producing porn movies.
  17. rgnar

    Contact JAV actress?

    Great story man!!:elegan:, last time i contacted a deriheru i got hung up bcs they cant reply in english:gaswat:
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    AV idols with husbands and children?

    Chisato Shouda on vice interview said that she has husband and children
  19. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    man Chisato's body never fails to amaze me
  20. rgnar

    Is JAV the best porn in the world?

    imho, without censorship i'd gladly say yes..good story, lots of natural actress.
  21. rgnar

    who are the youngest guys in straight japanese porn?

    he's quite famous, but i dont think he's 20ish. Probably early 30s
  22. rgnar

    Please help me id this girl

    Hello all, can anybody help me? Taken from AP-665 She's the girl from the third scene. I thought she was Kaise Anzu/Hikari Anzai. But i dont think it was her. But let me know if it was really her! So please, help id this girl and thank you very much for your help :)
  23. rgnar

    AV girl you would have liked to see without implants???

    of course Reiko Kobayakawa!
  24. rgnar

    Mio Kimishima

    why stop when you still can bang :mimisan:
  25. rgnar

    JAV Actresses with Breast Implants

    how about misa arisawa? after her comeback circa 2016 her breast grown larger and more firm
  26. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    lol, i like big boobs too:) Maki Hojo and Nana Aida arent just top class but also legend;) along with Misa Yuuki and Reiko Nakamori. too bad Nana Aida,Reiko Nakamori, and Misa Yuuki already retired and i still hope for her comeback lol and does anyone here know milf who can lactate? Misa Yuki...
  27. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    dont know why, i really dont like Nozomi Sasayama lol. i like Rena Fukishi, especially on gvg-284, and Yuna Takase, although her boobs are to small :p btw, thanks for the recommendations and i just realize i already watched all av milf you recommended but personally i really like Sasaki Aki. her...
  28. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    yes, its 3boins and i just downloaded havd-923 for that scene, althought its very short for me:p but i still like it, thanks for the recommendations the saddest day of my life lol can you recommend me some new comers?
  29. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    havent watch havd-923 bcause its not her solowork movie :D according to her twitter account ( shes not retired and still tweet a lot stuff about av and tweetpic her picture with Natsuko Kayama and Yukari Orihara. i may be wrong because i cant read japanese:(
  30. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    Chisato Shoda has retired too, and JUX-799 may be her last:(
  31. rgnar

    Guys I don't mean to cause mass hysteria but Anri Okita may be retiring ;_;

    first Yuuna Shiina..and then Anri Okita oh jesus whyyyyy T_T
  32. rgnar

    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    I'm a big fan of milf and here's my favorite 1.Iori Ryouko 2.Chisato Shoda 3.Mirei Yokoyama 4.Sasaki Aki (too cute to be an av star lol) 5.Anna Noma does anyone here why shes retired? according to her blog ( shes retired from av and i dont know why...
  33. rgnar

    Do you like hairy pussy or shaved?

    i like hairy or at least they trimmed it and not shaved completely
  34. rgnar

    please help me id this girl

    thanks for your help :D, sadly the 3 girls that sougouwiki listed are not her
  35. rgnar

    Yuna Shiina retires

    bad news for us, but i cant see her twitter anymore. did she delete it?
  36. rgnar

    How large is your JAV collection?

    ive got almost 2tb and 25% of my collection are milf the rest are ol,schoolgirl,ca,etc
  37. rgnar

    please help me id this girl

    taken from AP-184 she's also the girl from the cover thanks!
  38. rgnar

    Uncensored Av Actress

    how about Miku Ohashi?