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    [R] DVL-002 Asami Kubota - Sorrowful Date 哀愁デート/久保田あさみ
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    [FTBD-043] Pleasure chart Yumi Asahina 悦楽のカルテ 朝比奈祐未
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    Discord server for IV stuff?

    Does anyone know of a good discord server for IV content? There are countless servers for jav and some specialize on u15 stuff , but i've yet to find a good idol server out there :/
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    Idols that did U12 who are still active today?

    Natsuki, Miyuu Hoshino, Nozomi Takada come to my mind when I think of former (worth watching) U12 idols who are still releasing stuff today... but please enlighten me , there may be gems I have overlooked ^^ Anjyu Kouzuki doesn't count :p
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    done anyone recognize this Cutie on this kids TV Show? Maru Kiuchi 木内舞留

    does anyone recognize this QT ? She seems to be a (mostly standing, smiling and waving) entertainer on what appears to be a famous japanese kids show
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    Which ones of the SUPER☆GiRLS スパガ have "graduated" to JAV ?

    From what I heard it's basically an idol group which keeps bringing in new fresh 13-14yo girls and dumping them when they turn 22-23 , many of them ending up in JAV or IV :blink:...but I can't find any clear list out there, also apparently they change their names when they "graduate" :terharu...
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    Vietnamese chicks and hand gestures

    This japanese M.M. Dude makes excellent nightlife reviews all across east and south east asia. ...and well it came to my attention that a lot of vietnamese chicks made this interesting hand gesture with their thumb and finger, as shown for example in this video. Do they signify that they're...
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    Sigs not appearing

    the signatures are not loading , at least for me here. dont know if others are having the same problem
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    Hooters Japan - A bridge to the AV industry ?

    So as I was planning my upcoming trip to Tokyo, I started to look into Hooters Japan ... (noticed some familiar faces from the Idol business ?) ... and realized that the Hooter girls can be booked for all kinds of events .. Do we know of of former Hooter girls who became AV actresses , or...
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    Seishi, Zamen or Seieki ?

    Hey I have a question for the fluent japanese speakers among you guys! Which of the japanese words for "Sperm" sounds the most vulgar? In english it's probably "Cum" or "Jizz" but in japanese? zaamen サーメン seishi 精子 seiki 精液 superuma スペルマ (rare)
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    Psychologically Traumatised AV actress who was tricked into having sex with a cannibal murderer

    Hey guys I just finished watching the Vice documentary about the famous cannibal murderer Issei Sagawa and around the end, the young AV girl who was paid to have sex with him after his discharge from the mental hospital caught my attention . The Psychopath didn't reveal his identity until...
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    Who's that Ebisu Muscat member in the green bikini ?

    At first i thought it was Kijima Airi, but now i'm confused
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    Very small petite body ロリ系

    Hi folks, anyone knows who she is? I tried reverse image search but couldn't find anything
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    Eri: The CUTEST, MOST GENUINE 19yo Semen Gulping Amateur I've ever seen : "I love giving blowjobs"

    Folks, I'm seriously blown away (pun intended) by what I just watched, this is way better than much of the JAV i've seen this year... Just look at how enthusiastic this cutie pie is!! I understand a little japanese and boy is that dialogue fucking hot ...
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    [ NS-21 ] Sticky Cum 21 - Niiyama Kaede (THICC)

    Not a big fan of Kyonyuu but darrn is she drop dead gorgeous when drops of cum land on her massive perky bust while she guzzle down gallons of Koiii seed NS-21 Sticky Cum 21 New Mountain Maple Niiyama Kaede (THICC) If you wanna see an extract of that title you can check out her scene in the...
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    What is the biggest budget AV Release movie ever made? What about the biggest budget in IV ?

    If we factor in the Actress' reputation , the number of participants, the crew , location costs, complexity of the script, particularities of the setting etc. What would be your list of the most expensive JAV titles / IV titles ever made? I know most of you are gonna mention 500人SEX ...
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    Japanese Movies/Series/Documentaries about the AV industry

    So I just finished watching Nude (2010) about the true story of Mihiro in the AV industry , and I found it to be a brilliant film. What other movies / series/ documentaries would you recommend about the topic ?
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    TV Commercials airing in Japan at the moment

    So ever since I found out about the Japanwave phenomenon I've been obsessed with Japanese TV commercials from the 80s and 90s but recently i've been wanting to watch more and more current TV commercials, and I realised how addictive and somehow nostalgic they feel. Here's a good channel...
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    Tsubomi Uncensored Titles

    I stumbled upon these uncensored videos of Tsubomi and I was wondering if you guys knew their release name :) But more generally...
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    Why is most Uncensored JAV vanilla ? Is uncensored fetish economically non viable outside japan?

    Even though i'm perfectly happy with regular censored JAV i've been stacking up on Uncensored gems but i'm mostly finding boring vanilla stuff like Heyzo etc... but why is that? Is uncensored fetish too much for the studios on the legal aspect? too much for the girls? economically...
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    (real) Public Gokkun

    Hello folks , I was wondering if these famous titles had the only confirmed public gokkun scenes we know of or if there are more. It'd be great if we could list them all :) MVMD-041 MVSD-298 RMFD-010 SDDO-014 SDDL-049 Reiko Hazuki - Unknown Title , found on Tube Cup Yukari...
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    Kaguyehime かぐやひめ - Other names?

    I'm talking about this übercute actress from the early 2000s I'm pretty sure i've seen her elsewhere under another name but I can't seem to find any data under her Kaguya hime alias :/
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    JAV Titles about Poverty and involving money

    Hey folks ! Do you know of JAV titles dealing with poverty / where money and the lack of it is being discussed? / where sex acts are performed for cash ? So far the best one i know of is YRH-123
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    BTCH-003 (Jin Yuki pre-AV Title)

    One of the roundest butts Japan has to offer ! ( check out DKB-041 if you don't believe me ^^) BTCH-003
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    OHP-048 Yuuki Aito / Hiyori Nanoka 愛斗ゆうき / なのかひより Heard everything she did before turning AV was pretty good !
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    Best way to browse Idol/Jr titles ? Javlibrary equivalent for Gravure?

    Hello fellow Akiba citizens, i've noticed that the reason why my JAV stash is increasing in size and quality way faster than my IV collections is mainly the lack of available databases and listing websites about idols. So far the only half good site i found is but it only...
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    Incredible Alchemy between Yuma Asami and White Gaijin

    Now that my Yuma Asami collection is finally complete and that i've watched pretty much every scene of every title , I can safely say that Scene 2 of DV-1166 is Yuma Asami's most genuine display of emotions of everything i've seen of her... Start watching around the 43min mark and see it...
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    Idols talking about Semen on TV Show

    This seems like a fun TV Show , all i understand is Seishi/Samen anyone knows who these chicks are and what they're talking about? :) ESPECIALLY the one at 47:08 :malu:
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    Probably JAV idol spreading legs on a TV show ?

    Thought it was Mao Hamasaki at first but i was wrong
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    2017 BBC Documentary on Junior Idols and Lolicon. British host held by japanese authorities

    Any kind Akiba member in the UK willing to rip this documentary from the BBC site ? It just got released but already making a lot of noise in Japan and in Britain ...
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    Movies/Series where Current/Former JAV actresses play significant role

    So I just watched the Live Action Shimokita Glory Days (adaptation of some Romance/Harem Manga) featuring 3 former Jav Actresses as lead characters ( Yuma Asami and Sora Aoi being two of my favorite actresses ever) .... and I got hooked ! The refreshing candor and innocence of the show...
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    Title ID : Yuma Asami in Dick/Cum rating contest with elimination based on taste

    Hey guys :belajar:I've been digging on jav library for days but I just can't seem to find the title this is from. All I know is that it's Yuma Asami rating the taste of dicks but nowhere does it say where it's from:aghh...
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    JAV Actresses teaching English like in CHD-019

    Hey all , I just stumbled upon a gem where Yuma Asami teaches bad english words before and while getting fucked. here are some screencaps The only problem is that the file is broken and in very low quality with no audio ... :/ so if anyone would be kind enough to up that'd be...
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    The biggest bukkake mystery girl of all times

    I'm obviously talking about the "Reika" from SDDM-143 , the girl who started the trend of bukkake anchorwomen but whose name appears nowhere ... Do we have at least some intel on her ?
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    Public Gokkun Street Cum Kissing- Help ID this JAV actress

    Found this creative public gokkun scene where two girls get cum in their mouths at two different locations and then go out in the street to meet halfway then kiss with the semen still in their mouths. anyone knows where this is from? I...
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    Requesting JUMP-1101 Blowjob Cumshot Human Infant Girls

    JUMP-1101 Blowjob Cumshot Human Infant Girls Trailer on FC2 is gold
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    How to Open "Loli Movie" .zip games ? full of html, swf, mp4 ... stuff [ Newbie Question ]

    Hello good people of Akiba .. I'm used to uncompress my .rar files get a folder, and click "Run" ... but when I downloaded Loli Movie 9 here: or here...
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    3D CG Porn is getting awesome Stumbled on that video yesterday ... I just couldn't stop thinking about it and wondering how far we'll have gone in a few years from now, how realistic it will look .. I mean , I don't...
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    How about an Akiba-Online DC++ Hub ? The Pinnacle of File Sharing !

    I wonder if such a Hub already exists, but if it doesn't why not create one? :)) The DC++ Hub: A User Guide and FAQ Part One: The Hub Set-up Guide AN INTRODUCTION The Hub is a file-sharing portal utilizing the Direct Connect Protocol. Like other Peer-to-Peer file sharing options...
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    Looking for the Latest Tentacle Porn Hentai Animes (2009-2013)

    Hi there ! :hi: :poor:I've been kinda running out of good material these days so I'm turning to you guys who know so much about hentai anime to help me find some of the latest (and good) hentai anime featuring tentacle action !! :please: If possible released between 2009 and 2013 ! I...
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    Any example of barely legal babyfaced cuties shooting a gokkun ?

    Sup folks ! I've been looking for quite some time now a gokkun video (or at least one with plenty of messy blowjobs) featuring former u-15 idols who just turned legal :puzzled: It must quite rare I know... but there's quite a lot files in your database i guess ! :p
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    Lolitas , Lolitas everywhere!

    Sup' people! I'm thinking of making a short web documentary about famous lolitas , real ones , imaginary ones, from books , movies , music industry etc... Do you guys wanna help me out sharing some ideas and video clips?:please: ?? years old UR22nikbhas 15 years old sHhUxvltlt0 _3xzm7-mZz0...
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    What is the biggest budget hentai/ecchi anime series/movie ever made?

    Hello there ! Do you guys have like a list of the most expensive hentai anime or movie , with maybe super 3d graphics, detailed animation, ultra realistic shit... ? :nosepick: (with a lot of semen if possible :inlove:
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    Do you guys know any good ecchi anime/manga that focuses on semen? :P

    I mean a bit like Astarotte no Omocha, with a cute girl's quest for semen, or in Monster Musume with the monster girls harvesting men's semen... :gayprance:I know that may sound weird, but i'm desperately looking for some :nosebleed: Thanks a lot! :cheer:
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    Hello there! Thank you for improving the lives of otakus throughout the world ! :D

    Hi everyone!:hi: Member at last! :D I'm a huge fan of akiba online, and I knew that I couldn't stay a mere visitor any longer! I'm mostly interested in ecchi, mecha and harem anime but i also read lots of shouta doujins and watch even more Live Action Movies/ Series (Shimokita Glory...