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    [KAZ-052] - Deep Fellatio No Hands . Misaki Sakura

    can we have a reup please? :)
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    Anyone know what the deal with Ren Hanaki 華希れん is?

    so 1993 instead of 1987 ?
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    Nozomi Takada 高田のぞみ

    Hopefully the first one of a long series!
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    Idols that did U12 who are still active today?

    Well technically Anjyu Kozuki and Tomoe Yamanaka as well
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    [CHD-019] Yuma Asami - Premium Honey

    thank you, is the audio still messed up or is this one decent?
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    [IDOL-011] Tomomi Asaki 朝木智美 - Debut

    can someone confirm the 1990/6/26 DOB ? which would make her barely 16 at the time
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    if you're reffering to my sig that's ayaka okita

    if you're reffering to my sig that's ayaka okita
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    awesome work @MakiFan ! We need similar career load-counts for other JAV actresses ! :D
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    Who is the greatest JAV actress ever?

    I see , could you send me the names of the admins per PM? thanks man
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    Who is the greatest JAV actress ever?

    ooh you're a lifesaver then! nope I'm not , can you send me an invite link here on akiba or on discord (if you're on the gokkun or ANN servers) ? thanks bud
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    Who is the greatest JAV actress ever?

    sorry for the unrelated post but this was @tmas3 's last post on Akiba, he turned off private messaging here, he dissapeared from Discord and I'm trying to contact him , does ANYONE know a way to reach him? It's important
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    [] 2021-09-16 Sarina Kashiwagi 柏木さりな Regular Gallery 4.1 [47P24.1 Mb]

    all grown up now! how old is she now btw? edit: ah nvm found her Birthday so still only 16 :malu2:
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    Karen Hayama 葉山夏恋 - now known as - Nanase Shion 七瀬しおん

    This is why I have trust issues
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    Idol videos that went unexpectedly kinky?

    some really unexpectedly lewd angles and lollipop licking in PRE-002 Honoka Andou 14yo
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    Psychologically Traumatised AV actress who was tricked into having sex with a cannibal murderer

    Holy shit! didn't know about that one! What's the DVD title?
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    Yukari Nakai?? Does anyone know if these are her?

    would also be interested in knowing where these pics are from and what she's up to now :)
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    how can i delete my account?

    if you were to post sea pee the matter would be solved quickly xD (jk ofc)
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    Hey man, you seem to be very knowledgeable about U15 , and Idols in general. :) Especially...

    Hey man, you seem to be very knowledgeable about U15 , and Idols in general. :) Especially after checking out your post history , I realized this is exactly the kind of content we post on our server, you'd definitely be worthy of an invite to our Idol Discord Server , especially since we're...
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    Gokkun Discord Server for anyone interested :)
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    Junior idols who actually moved onto hardcore

    was she a true junior?
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    [R]有岡ゆい 復活祭 & 謝肉祭 (CMP-001 & 9)

    I second those requests :)
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    [CMP-009] [IV] 有岡ゆい [Yui Arioka] 謝肉祭

    can we have a reup on that masterpiece? :)
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    Classic Gokkun Scenes w/ English Subtitles

    Whatever you do, keep us posted! Can't wait to add more of your edits to my favorites collection :P
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    Junior idols who actually moved onto hardcore

    I don't think Karen Uehara was really a JUNIOR idol , U18 at best
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    Best way to browse Idol/Jr titles ? Javlibrary equivalent for Gravure?

    The archived 15-daifuku website, seems to be pretty great for browsing even though many of the pages and the search function were not archived
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    Best way to browse Idol/Jr titles ? Javlibrary equivalent for Gravure?

    That database is EXACTLY what we're looking for over at the Asian Non Nude Discord Server , me and my team of trusted and dedicated contributors would GLADLY help you build up that database faster as the main issue we encounter on the discord is listing the correct age of the idols we share...
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    Chakuero Thread - Discussion, Reviews and Recommendations

    Hopefully after the olympics, when the stench of western puritanism gets a little less intense in the streets of tokyo.. but I don't have much hope :/
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    For all those interested in Gokkun , @kingsuperjesus has decided to offer our community the possibility to join THE original, very exclusive , Gokkun Server ! This is a one time offer that our old friend Superjesus made us. If you or other Gokkun-lovers you deem trustworthy wish to join the...
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    What features/services would you like to have on

    Please bring back Junior Idol Dvd purchases :)
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    Yuumi ゆうみ

    hot hot hot What's her birthday? I heard some of her work is u18 :P
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    [SBMO-01041] 内田ひろみ [Hiromi Uchida] アイパン

    yeah okay, there's no way she was 14 in this.... or this is the most daring junior since Yui Arioka xD
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    [SBMO-01041] 内田ひろみ [Hiromi Uchida] アイパン

    If you guys like solving mysteries, I'm trying to figure out how old this girl was when she shot this.... According to JAVlibrary (which is a reliable source) this dvd was released 2011-07-22 ....and according to minnano-av (which usually is also a...
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    [HIEN-021] Yanagi Mika Fujii 藤柳みか - 現役JC15の限界!少女のうた

    So that's the title that got the producer jailed? ...nice :cerutu:
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    [AJIP-01049] MikuYano (矢野みく) - 16歳 私はTバックペット

    would be grateful especially after reading that interview
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    Miyu Hoshino 星野美憂

    wait did she retire?
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    Nozomi Takada 高田のぞみ

    holy shit , it's true! hopefully she goes full gokkun :p
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    Nozomi Takada 高田のぞみ

    Aah it's so satisfying to see that pussy clearly in full view, after having wondered how those little lips looked like since the innocent days of CLR-4050 :hihi: She's grown up so well:metabelo:
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    [R] DVL-002 Asami Kubota - Sorrowful Date 哀愁デート/久保田あさみ
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    Classic Gokkun Scenes w/ English Subtitles

    oh yeah as replacement for pornhub you mean... mmm, tokyo-motion, porntrex, xfantasy maybe
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    Classic Gokkun Scenes w/ English Subtitles

    @Gokkun Punch have you considered some of the earlier titles from the SDDM series? There are some gems in there :) Or have you stopped doing edits/subs altogether?
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    Like to lick the vagina?

    100% Agree Also saves you the risk of nasty oral stds
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    Not that unrealistic, just visit the SOD "Theme Park" ¨
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    Yeah it's a shame, probably due to covid. Even Waka Misono complains of the lack of cum swallowing jobs at the moment : "I'd like to swallow more sperm, but I'm saddened that there currently aren't many jobs for Gokkun."
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    [FTBD-043] Pleasure chart Yumi Asahina 悦楽のカルテ 朝比奈祐未
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    FileJoker Exclusive [MMR-AE010] Yumi Asahina 朝比奈祐未 - ヒナノココロ

    I'm finding it hard to find background on her. Do we know what was her very first title? when did she start?
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    Ayaka Okita 沖田彩花

    HOLY SHIT , this was previously unseen right? EVERY TIME I get a notification for new activity in this thread my heart skips a beat hoping she might have made a come back