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  1. jppilot

    plot-topic-meaning translation Can someone help to understand situation? Why girls is coming to interview, it is a part-time job interview or something else? What is he saying to them when showing dick and ask to suck? R18 or...
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    Help id this code

    I tried to find it here with tag "nurse" , no results. Thanks.
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    Change username

    It is possible change to change username?
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    Help find JAV (scene descriptions)

    Help find this JAV plzzz, i only remember this starting scene from JAV. Scene: school, classroom, guy and his girlfriend, and his girlfriend force another girl in classroom suck his dick. Tnx, if someone can help me.
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    [R]チンチン洗ってください!(REXD-271, 265, 262)

    rexd-271 rexd-265 rexd-262 rexd-276
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    all Masukatto seasons

    please delete please delete
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    tekoki from , identification

    tekoki from , identification [FOUND]
  8. jppilot subtitles

    Someone have subtitles movies from here Here is same samples (videos with mark) seems interesting
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    Stories, interview, etc.

    Has anybody seen stories, interview, etc. about JAV actresses or amateur actresses in JAV industry? General about JAV industry is interesting too. Something is here