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    Can anyone ID this Shizuka Kanno Movie?

    Thanks bro. :top:
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    Can anyone ID this Shizuka Kanno Movie?

    Nice signature. Able to share which titles are the 1st 2 signatures from?
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    Hot 100*C Supper Korean Girls Must See-Part1

    Of course it's been photoshopped. All these photos that were released as a set or from photobooks/magazines, were being photoshopped a little here and there to make them look nicer. After all, these are for commercial uses and not their daily real live pictures we are talking about.
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    PlayStation 3 Thread

    I would only consider buying a PS3 when the console is able to play backups. I would also have to consider the cost of a bluray disc burner and the discs itself...
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    I hate rapidshare!

    I used to have both Rapidshare and Megaupload premium account. And I prefer MU over RS as they do not have a limit on the total bytes of downloads per day/per month. What is the use of having a fast download speed when you have used up the limit of your downloads allowed per month? For now...
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    What games are you playing?

    Currently I'm playing The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki Trilogy. Only half way through the first. The game is kinda short... I don't see the point in splitting it into three parts. Except for making people paying the price of a normal length game three times...
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    Robot teacher conducts first class in Tokyo school

    I'm hoping that I'll live to see the days where robomaid with emotions like those in anime is available...
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    Politicians Seek New Loli Ban

    U-15 then U-18 idols are going to be out of jobs real soon... Soon their adult industry will become like their western counterpart - DRY and TASTELESS.
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    Dragon Ball-Z HD Remastered Coming April

    This new series is call Dragonball Kai It starts from Goku's brother coming to earth.
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    C75 Cosplay

    These are picture sets right?
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    Off-Beat JAV Companies

    How about Dogma? Their puking and enema stuffs are good.
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    Attachment Management System

    I had been experiencing slow loading of the site in the last few months at certain hours to extend of not able to open any pages or posting any replies and adding attachments.. But other than those mentioned hours, it works fine.
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    EXTREME vomit, Projectile, play, TF, Enema, CRAZY Stuff

    This is one of titles in AVGP2009 Here is the cover and title for it. AVGP2009/Dogma - Mayura Hoshizuki, Yuuka Osawa - Vomit Enema Ecstasy X - AVGL130.
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    Best Method For Rapid Share

    It isn't that expensive to get a one month Rapidshare premium account. Just cut back your trips to the fast food chain once a month...
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    Have you ever thought of becoming a porn actor in Japanese av?

    Why don't you try calling up Studio Third World Media? They are based in the States with titles on japanese girls.
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    Best Method For Rapid Share

    If you don't want to buy a premium account from Rapidshare or Megaupload, then the only way i see is for you to get them through torrents. A lot of files in the Direct Downloads section can be found in the Torrent section too. Or you can wait for Megaupload's 'Happy Hours'. For the timing of...
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    That is because they just use Winrar to split their files. Whereas, you use Winrar to compress your file first then you use HJsplit to split it. You see the difference? They only took 1 step to split it but you took 2 steps. Just use Winrar to split it will do. There is no need to take the...
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    [MU] Yuka Osawa - Yukas Own Nakadashi Sex Room

    You need the program for joining. File Splitter and Joiner
  19. [MU] Yuka Osawa - Yukas Own Nakadashi Sex Room

    Did a search on google for Yuka Osawa while I was bored a while ago and saw this film of hers'. Seems to be quite interesting. Looks like it was filmed in her own room.:moe: Did a search here and only found a batch torrents for it in the torrent section. So here are the direct download links...
  20. [FSD-27] Freedom School Girls - Ganmen Kijou (Face Sitting)

    This is another one in the Freedom School Girls series that I found while searching for [FSD-09] Freedom School Girls - Ichigeki Hissatsu. Note: This is not my upload. I think the original uploader is wergut909304 from a russian site...
  21. [FSD-09] Freedom School Girls - Ichigeki Hissatsu (One Hit Certain Kill)

    Saw a torrent for this in the torrent section but too bad there weren't any seeders or much peers left. So I did a search on google and found the Rapidshare links for it. Note: This is not my upload and I have no idea who was the original uploader. Torrent here...
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    It's mean ?

    MU = Megaupload MR = Megarotic MF = MediaFire DF - Deposit Files ES = Easy Share There are other files hosting sites too. These are just the more common ones used here.
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    No download limit the better right?(hentai site)

    Yea, Mediafire is a good choice for people without Rapidshare/Megaupload premium account. Good work! Keep it up.
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    High Class Aroma Oil Pleasurable Massage 6

    I think this is the cover for it. But the title should be High Class Aroma Oil Pleasurable Massage 6
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    Help with joining a site?

    Just did a google search for the site and found the site with some user name and password for the site. I'm not sure if it works or is there any risk in using it as I didn't try it.
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    Azuki Tsuji (辻あずき) 3 Movies

    The second film is Azuki Tsuji - Resigning Love Of Girl And the last film is Azuki Tsuji - Kawaii Girl 07 These are the covers.
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    Banning LinkBucks/URLCash redirects.

    There will be a decrease in uploaders. But the decrease are only those whose sole purpose to upload is to earn money from those linkbucks/urlcash sites. Many uploaders here share their links raw way before they start using those cash sites. And I've seen some uploaders with raw links at other...
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    Azuki Tsuji (辻あずき) 3 Movies

    Here is the title and cover. Azuki Tsuji - Country High School Girl 7
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    Action Anime is Dead

    Have you tried Karas? It's an OVA with only 6 episode. But it is very good. The fighting animation totally blew me away when I first watched it.
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    Banning LinkBucks/URLCash redirects.

    I think getting a ban for not editing their past links is a bit too much as AO didn't have such a rule in the past. Some of them posted tons of links. It would take a great amount of time to just edit their links. If chompy decided to take up the suggestion of banning people. It would be...
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    Banning LinkBucks/URLCash redirects.

    There is only one thing I'm annoyed with these linkbuck, urlcash, sites. The links led me to a dead page. The files got deleted by the host like, Megaupload and Rapidshare... The idea with these sites is that you post something, my clicks help you earn some money and in return, I get what I...
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    If you actually want to make some decent money with these linkbucks, urlcash, etc site, you can't just post your links in one forum. Although I'm not sure just how much they actually make... I've seen a lot of familiar names in a lot of sites.
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    japanese restaurant service

    Look for a long grey bar with the word "Weiter" in it. Should be around the top part of the page. Click it and it will leads you to a Rapidshare page.
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    [RS] Peeping Girls Private Life - Peeping into Younger Sister (8 movies)

    Winrar should do the job just fine. For your problem, most likely it was just a matter of corrupted files. Try to look out for which were the files that give you the error and re-download that file again.
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    Poor video rendering on some videos

    Oh my go... no wait... That means I'm crying out to you all this time???:frozen:
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    Sena Ayanami

    There is a section for requesting. Please at least read through all the sections in the forum once and make your request in the right section.
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    [RS][MU] Dogma, Das! New Movies - DWD012, DDB071, DDK020, DDT193, DASD057/058/059

    This is the missing cover for Das! - Nayuka Mine - Anal Slave Enema Spray - DASD057
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    Firefox 3.0.1 cannot copy links ?

    What do you mean? It's working fine for me.
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    Poor video rendering on some videos

    It sounds like a corrupted file to me too. Does it get worse when you tried to scroll the search bar to skip into the middle of the film? If yes, that is definitely a corrupted file.
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    request anime parodys etc

    Anyway, these parody anime are too badly made. I would rather go for still images as far as parodies are concerned.
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    Man at Work 2 (English patch)

    Well, you are able to choose attack, defense or using your special attack moves. But that doesn't really make any difference in the battles. :defeat: The damages you took and caused were too random. That's why I said the outcome of the battles were too random. And more often than not, I will...
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    Would like some reccom on my special fetishes

    You can try looking for films made by SOD, Natural High or Sadistic Village. Oh, and don't worry. You are not weird. Your fetish isn't half bad as the ones being posted in the Fetish Torrent section.:lols:
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    Man at Work 2 (English patch)

    How about Rance series? But it is in Japanese though... and it's quite hard to play with the battle outcome being too random...:sick: I can lose a whole army to a single enemy general with 0 troop.:miserable:
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    Join __a __b Files

    You need to use File Splitter & Joiner to join the __a, __b, etc files. The link for that program from khikhicuoi's thread.
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    bad luck?

    There are a lot of anime out there with happy endings. Just that the ones you chose to watch happen to have sad ending that's all. If you are looking for happy anime, try Lucky Star.
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    How to open the avi file?

    You need to use File Splitter & Joiner to join the __a, __b, etc files. The link for that program from khikhicuoi's thread.
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    Man at Work 2 (English patch)

    You should look through the pages before asking for re-up. MU and RS links are working fine.
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    To cheat or not to cheat on the missus

    If you want to cheat, you had better take the responsibilities of making sure you take the necessary precautions and go for regular checkups. You not only have to answer for yourself now but your girlfriend too.
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    How is Akiba-Online hosted?

    My guess is that you were talking about something like a blog or a personal website right? I don't think any free web host will openly say they allow anyone to host nude pictures or videos on their server. Most people just do it anyway. For example, Blogspot, I don't think they allow porn...
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    The end of Internet. First music, then movies, games and finally now... porn... Let us give three cheers for the death of Internet.:lols: