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    Extra scene at the end of recent video MCSR-288

    Last week the SD rip of mcsr-288 starring Aimi Yoshikawa was posted and an extra scene after the dvd was uploaded in the same file I have no other info unfortunately as there wasn't any text on the screen or the video code before...
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    Dormant Akiba Members

    @ Casshern2 I'm really not going to bother with you. NO-ONE is REQUIRED to contribute if they want to download JAV. This is something you fail to understand at its root, and you'll continue failing to do so since you like to strawman with your cute defintions. If you decide...
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    Dormant Akiba Members

    So what you're saying is, you only do things for recognition and acknowledgement. How narcissistic of you.
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    Purging my collection

    I've dreaded this day. I mean, I knew it would come some day but when it does come, it hits you. More than you can ever imagine. And so, I say goodbye to my 4TB collection of JAV and hentai. 4TB of torrenting, stupid catchpas and babysitting those downloads in Jdownloader. That neatly indexed...
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    Most Loli-faced JAV idols

    Arisa Suzuki Rui Saotome Tsubomi
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    who feel more pleasured during sex?

    Who is the blue cow to simmer a woman's nose? didn't work.
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    JAV actresses who speak english fluently?

    If they speak it fluently, they wouldn't need to do porn.
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    "Japanese Porn Cultural Exchange"

    Furthermore, I don't think Americans will enjoy unshaven vaginas and Japanese girls making that screaming/whining noise. Some do of course (everyone here) but most don't. If you're looking into some Japanese pornstars doing movies in America, you can start with Yuki Mori and Asa Akira.
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    "Japanese Porn Cultural Exchange"

    Pretty sure porn is illegal in both China and India.
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    How to contact JAV actresses personaly?

    There's no point unless you know Japanese anyways. Even if you get their twitter or somehow got a hold of their contact deatils, I doubt they'll care enough to find a manager/translator to communicate with you.
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    Tease/Grind/Slide ends with creampie

    Holy shit, yeah. I thought of that scene as soon as I read the title.
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    JAV with Impregnation/Insemination Theme

    The VENU production code with the "wife getting raped theme". Last scene's always nakadashi. Also most SHKD stuff.
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    Favorite "Older Modell"

    What type of "older" are we talking here? Are we talking "old but actually quite young" like Maki Hojo, Yumi Kazama and Natsumi Horiguchi? Or actually old like Reiko Sawamura and Reiko Kagami who are 40+?
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    Rio Hamasaki Now

    Retired and happily married. Or happily retired and married. I don't know which one.
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    Mysteries of IENE-149

    I can answer your question with one line: it's all fake -- they're all paid AV actresses.
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    Japanese AV idols with fake tits?

    AHAHAHAHAH, HAHAHAHHHAHAHA, *Takes a deep breath* ....BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! My god look at those things.
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    Megaupload officially making a comeback

    does he not realize that he is up against the most powerful entity on Earth?
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    Are there any happy sex JAVs?

    Yuma Asami
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    Famous jav that became more extreme?

    Sigh. This so much. She's hot as hell yet she screwed a dog. Next she'll be eating poop.
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    Who Want to be AV Star in HK?

    Pretty certain real porn might be illegal in HK since the 97 handover CATIII is still OK though. 33d invaders....unngg..
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    Movie ID Moka Might be cosplay jav, more work needed on your part
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    ID this girl from ZENRA 108 person Challenger

    綾波 涼 Ayanami Ryo 三沢 美奈  Misawa Mina
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    please tell me who is tis girl

    I get an instant boner whenever I see Rio.
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    ID or name of this office lady used on her interview, please

    2nd candidate for the teaching position. What you should do now: Try to see if you can find the 1st scene of this movie so you can grab the name of the title. or go to nakadashibaby's webpage and see if you can find her.
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    Why are so many JAV stars christian?

    HAH, it's like a bizzaro-world!
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    30,651 committed suicide in 2011, NPA reports

    Try walking a mile in their shoes. Go on, just try it. You've never been there, you cant give baseless criticism like that. What you did is like, telling a crystal meth addict to just quit. Wanting to kill yourself is probably the lowest point of their lives, a last resort. You know...
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    Dat 99.9 % torrents lol wut

    I'll one-up you. SHKD-478, 99.9%, spoofed seeders, video won't play despite one 371kb chunk. Now that's some bullshit, and I'm pretty sure the dickweed did it on purpose.
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    Is there a name for this genre?

    Search prod code [DASD] You can thank me later
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    FileSonic, Oron Users Hit With Piracy Lawsuit

    Oh good, I have another reason to hate gays now. And this time, it's validated.
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    FileSonic, Oron Users Hit With Piracy Lawsuit

    This is some seriously fucked up shit. I was halfway through an oron download. I hope the internet gets together and catalogs the entire Flava Works library on other filesharing hosts or something.
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    JAV Girls with Natural Greenish Eyes or Very Light Brown Eyes like MIO YUMOTO

    I think your talents are wasted if you're just sitting in front of a computer screen all day, looking at the pupils of JAV actresses. You could be like....I don't know, helping find Waldo or something.
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    Will someone please give Noa a sandwich

    Noa's 45kg at 167cm if anyone wanted to know. She's got some special energy in her scenes but goddamn can't help but feel concerned
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    JAV Girls with Natural Greenish Eyes or Very Light Brown Eyes like MIO YUMOTO

    Hold on, you could tell all this in a low quality video?
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    Weirdest/Most Bizarre JAV You've Enjoyed

    I've seen some really disturbing shit online which I didn't enjoy and hope to forget forever, but that won't be happening anytime soon. I didn't enjoy that stuff though, so..
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    Another way of downloading JAV

    The gig is up -- enjoy jail, you guys.
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    truth behind das 500 series

    DASD is enjoyable, but I have to think that 100 dudes doing a chick (who does porn like every week/month), someone's bound to get some serious STIs.
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    Will someone please give Noa a sandwich

    But of course.
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    Will someone please give Noa a sandwich

    OK, I'm sorry, it has to be said. She's skinny as HELL, and this ain't healthy. I mean, she's been in so many movies, does Japan have an anorexia fetish or something, or are all the fans, directors, co-stars all in on the joke? Noa, please give me your address so I can mail you some...
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    JAV Girls with Natural Greenish Eyes or Very Light Brown Eyes like MIO YUMOTO

    I'm sorry, but they're colored-contacts. Asian girl in high school used to lie and say she had naturally bluish eyes despite the fact that she was Asian, and we found out she was lying when one of them fell out and she had to take them off for the rest of the day
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    U.S. Pursuing a Middleman in Web Piracy

    Federal agencies targeting people who can;t legally defend themselves is nothing new. It's a scare tactic to imply that anyone can get sued. Japan sued a 41yo mother for uploading an episode of One Piece. That's like pistol-whipping a blind kid
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    Any suggestions for Western porn for someone who likes JAV?

    Western porn is hilarious. The girls can't act and all the teachers/students/secretaries in porn all have tattoos and fake boobies. I mean, it is what it is, right.
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    What studios put out the best "wife has sex with the neighbor" JAV?

    Try movies with prod code "NADE"
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    Premium Users Only files

    You know what? There's something to be said about downloading pirated JAVs. But buying a premium acct just to download pirated that's some messed up, blurred-lined moral battle right there.
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    JAV actresses with big noses

    There's one actress that goes by Ookina Hana...
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    Another way of downloading JAV

    Sites are Chinese
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    Anybody got "FAKED" by JAV movie covers?

    All the goddamn time Which is why I only roll with stars I already know about
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    Famous JAV Actresses who NEVER did Creampie or Nakadashi scenes?

    ' For the record, SOE never does nakadashi The description is wrong
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    Famous JAV Actresses who NEVER did Creampie or Nakadashi scenes?

    Not doing creampie while being a JAV actress is just hypocritcal And yes, I mad. If they don't creampie, then 99% of the time they won't swallow either, and this makes all their videos the same old shit every time.
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    Fewer and fewer MILF/INCEST JAV coming up

    Yeah, it's on the decline. You know what's hot right now? Secret agent/policewomen/catsuit sex. I mean, Alice Hoshi and Milk Matsuzaka, Lady Panther series etc. did it AGEEES ago :evil:
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    Who do you think is the most beautiful JAV idol?

    Mai Hanano/Kuroki You did say beautiful.