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    Honnaka's 1 MIllion yen creampie survival game

    its like the reality show the bachelor with a JAV twist
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Loli 1 Yuuna Himekawa Loli 2 Yui Kawagoe ? (NOT SURE) Loli 3 Mikako Abe
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    Its Toyko Hot of Risa Murakami/Sarina Takeuchi, she goes under Risako Mamiya in her tokyo hot uncensored titles. Looks to be Tokyo Hot N0338
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    is your gf still the same from the photos u showed me long ago?

    is your gf still the same from the photos u showed me long ago?
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    Airi Natsume now is a youtuber!

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    ASW-233 is Koyuki Amano NOT Miyuki Ojima REAL-522 is a gokkun newcaster one of Miyuki Ojima's
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    JAV Gossips

    My hunch tells me Hibiyan might be retiring (even no announcement has been made), she mentioned awhile back on twitter dont take for granted the fan events for JAV stars, they might not be around in the future. she is having a bunch of 10 year anniversary celebration vids. I hope she does not...
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    afraid so fellow gokkun brother :(:tolong::tega:::aghh:
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    NO! its a compilation mish mash re-release of her old scenes from the titles of ASW-168, ASW-172, and ASW-187, look at the photos. I wished it were true she was back.
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    Latest Tokyo Hot AV List?

    uncensored JAV and talent coercion/abuse shit.
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    hey jay long time no chat. I was wondering if u could PM me.

    hey jay long time no chat. I was wondering if u could PM me.
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    Studio(s) You've Stopped Waiting for New Titles From

    have you guys heard minimum is making a comeback and will start release new titles on a regular schedule again? A credible source told me this. Mas hopeful
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    Latest Tokyo Hot AV List?

    they have not produced new content for at least a year or maybe even past 2 years, since the bullshit crackdowns. All they are doing is rehashing old scenes into new videos (certain genre type etc) or they re-release JAV that were from other places like sky angel etc. TH is of my favorite sites...
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    羽田あい Ai Haneda comeback

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    羽田あい Ai Haneda comeback

    now for more nasty gokkun n nama nakadashi titles for her :D
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    Help me read the name

    Hinana Hanon last name, 1st name
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    Where is Azuki? (あず希)

    weird. is it a country ban?
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    Where is Azuki? (あず希)

    how about making a new account then lol? are u IP banned or something?
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    Where is Azuki? (あず希)

    she is on hiatus this was her twitter that her management had rights to i think, someone else claimed it She told her fans to follow her here, because of her break, she has locked and unlocked it. U can follow without her approving right now it seems, just the...
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    JULIA: fans or foes

    The guy scoops and finger pushes the semen(fake and real) into her butthole. he also likes to pat it in there too. This is done in the other of this series
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    hey there, sent ya a PM
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    JAV Gossips

    its fucking bullshit, the only reason most if any give a fuck about them is cuz of JAV, if they did not have that "shameful" past there would be no way they could monetize themselves the way they do in current form. I never gave a fuck a bout either, their beauty is ass compared to all the...
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    Kano Ohoro swallows 125 loads

    no retired a few years ago, hopeful that she comes back, but not likely
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    Kano Ohoro swallows 125 loads

    Kana Ohori:D
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    JAV Gossips

    retarded archaic laws
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    RCT , Rocket Series 'sequels' Does anyone know of any more? no more for this one looks like
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    What Happened to...

    she formally announced on her twitter and instagram. there is release lag from when something is shot, comes out 2-6 months after shooting. who knows she may be back sooner than you think.
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    Gokkun think when they closed their retail shop, they dont want to invest the time nor money to run their website. which is a big mistake for their brand i think.
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    羽田あい Ai Haneda comeback the magic words ai_haneda0922‪AV復活します edit: lol this was posted around April fools so :mad:
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    羽田あい Ai Haneda comeback

    must of ran out of money :D hope there is some multi gokkun titles set up for her
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    i post suzu ichinose ina reply to thread post but it keeps not letting me post
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    nnpj-271 , first actress

    石川祐奈 Ishikawa, Yuuna ... Yuuna Ishikawa
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    the digital title usually comes out 1 month after physical release for asfur titles. they dont do simultaneous launch for both. ASW-228 came out on 3/16/18 on dvd, ASW-229 has dvd release date of 4/6/18, maybe you can order from amazon japan or yahoo japan or various dvd shops and get them to...
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    Shunka Ayami retired?

    like generic, bland, plain, simple. boring lol
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    Creampie Eating...

    This is one of my favorite series my good fellow akiba'er :D 中出しされたザーメンをごっくん中出しされたザーメンをごっくん
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    Shunka Ayami retired?

    it says graduating, maybe go free agent or may get studio change or mini break then return, not exactly sure. Her movies are bland/boring as fuck, she is so hot, hopefully she starts doing more variety, especially of the mass gokkun kind. I'm thinking S1 or Maxing might add her to their rosters.
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    JAV Gossips

    i think you already did. i got the private message and said thank you in it. did you not get it?:D I really wanted to see the mika osawa one.:(
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    JAV Gossips

    can u PM these to me? :Xiexie:
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    might wanna check out OPUD- series or Opera JAV comany titles
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    JAV star's streaming information

    The youtuber Raphael always wears a mask, that is his trademark/gimmick. He has cooking channel n is buds with Hikaru, they do collab vids too.
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    JAV Gossips

    how did u know about this?
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    ;) u haz good taste too :D:D:D:D:D
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    Movies like SDEN-017

    You are looking for these search terms ファン大感謝祭 (big appreciation of fans)ファン大感謝祭 ファン感謝祭 (fan appreciation)ファン感謝祭 or maybe バスツアー (bus tour) SDEN-001, SDEN-002, SDEN-004, SDEN-009 kinda match what you are looking for. you have to...
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    why gone so long? lol What caused the comeback today?

    why gone so long? lol What caused the comeback today?
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    How much do you like Yua Mikami?

    Yua Mikami needs to start doing multi load mass gokkun films, then I will start liking her.:D Although she is quite beautiful, her works are so boring.
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    Mari Hosokawa.. Anyone like her?

    I like her :cinta: by any chance u have her JS-43? never watched the full movie :(
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    Minami Natsuki retiring

    Love her, she is absolutely so beautiful, not sure if she had work done on her face (did not need it if was done), body is amazing. Any thing of her gokkun was great was hoping for more gokkun features. she had nakadashi that were pretty hot too. favorite was MVSD-278, along with XRW-187 close...
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    no worries nothing to worry about, i make tons to of mistakes too as u probably know. :D lol the DJE-057 is mainly bukkake movie correct, but has tiny bits of gokkun hence why i think they give it a gokkun tag in the search filters