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    All movies by Yuka Osawa / Elly Akira

    Why is she so popular, what makes her so good? Joelle
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    Law Penalizing Downloaders, Criminalizing Ripping Passes in Japan

    Would like to know Vit's thoughts on all of this - as I knew nothing about the-act-of-ripping actually BYPASSING patent/copyright protection - Also curious on what CSS is, means, etc. - that's also a brand new term...
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    吉木りさ [Risa Yoshiki] RISA MANIA

    You're awesome, thanks Akiva. Joelle
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    Unrealistic expectations

    It's pretty much a-fact-of-life that in some way, shape or form we're broken people. At least this was/is the case for me. I should speak only for me. Battered and neglected people, people from unfortunate or misfortunate backgrounds. We get shot off into another direction, very early on...
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    Why do some half animal half human characters have human and animal ears?

    The short answer to this is that scorres can change it, poof! - and in a Tokyo moment. Joelle
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    Spyware Fun, Please Help Or My Week In Hell

    This past week I disregarded a warning at a website that my security provider said was questionable, at best. I disregard a lot of those warnings because they commonly come up for me at Megaupload and Media Fire (this incident happened at MediaFire) I hope I have the name right it's obviously...
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    Sept. 2010 Security Alert: Adobe Flash / Acrobat / Reader vulnerabilities

    Very Helpful, Very Scary Extremely interesting piece, Rollyco, I'm no longer using Adobe as a result. I won't even open a PDF document right now. Joelle
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    What do you use to edit video?

    @ All Responders. I'm blown away by all the help and responses by so many really goodgifted, and talented dudes/dudesses that share liberally and generously what they know. I'm always amazed by the goodness and class here, thank all of you as I'm hoping to learn this. Joelle
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    Another thread that had external image link to a virus

    Sorry you had to go through that, Rubiks, been there, sucks beyond believ/ Thank you 4 heads up in spite ov it, classy. Joelle
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    AKB48 中西里菜 Rina Nakanishi (やまぐちりこ Riko Yamaguchi) does goes XXX!

    side by side It would be interesting to see her juniior idol vid then a JAV vid side by side or in the same post. But I'm sure someone's already thought ov that. Joelle
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    Things that 'you like.'

    The spectacular people and posters here that put things up and share 4 no other pleasure and reason than to give and be unselvish. Joelle
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    No more children, please!

    I always find posts such as the above to be bred of guilt, paranoia, and entirely self serving and motive/agenda driven: "I'm good but you're bad." Joelle
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    Thank you, however I can never get anything out of HOTfile. I wait the alloted time, the sixty seconds, then click on the d/l, then all I can get is the kb file, 14.5 kbs. Makes no sense to me and don't know what I'm doing wrong. Joelle
  14. J OFF!!!

    I've been burned online, as well, though two were legit companies, such as DELL. If you give a DELL salesperson a "hold" order, and he or she sends it anyway, there's nothing you can do because DELL doesn't record sales pitches and likes salespeople that sell. When, to your surprise, it...
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    YAOI + SHOTA animation series

    Thank you for another great post, RR. Joelle
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    Perfect Blue, an oldie from 1998

    Great thread, thanks Ceewan and thanks also to everyone who followed up and again to Ceewan for the great movie review. Joelle
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    "I Can't Help You. Sorry!" feature discussion

    This makes perfect sense to me and I totally understand. Having posted (example) technical questions in other forums - such as video conversion or particularly tricky virus or spyware questions - only to be ignored and by 67 members. I like the fact that you offered a solution or an idea...
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    Recommended Download Accelerator

    I think if you search or you get their top ten downloads which includes download managers that are highly recommended or well written up. Joelle
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    Things that piss you off.

    Newcomers that talk shit to Snakeboy or to so many of our other top posters and contributors. Joelle
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    Please Forgive Me – Young Wife Part-Time Immoral Job - RBD168 (AVI/1.18gb)

    By "immoral part time job" I take it she isn't a shoe salesperson. Joelle
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    Granddaughter_Vol5 - the best of incest movie....

    It's hard for Canadians i.e. English speaking people to understand what's being said in a Japanese incest movie, we don't really even know who's who it's just guesswork. But they're good for what they are if they're believably acted. If you believe there's reluctance and temptation and...
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    Apologies for the downtime

    Thank you, Chompy and to all Mods. Joelle
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    The Best of Incest/Classic XXX

    Puzzle Not sure why I can't get any of these - the uploading services cut me off the moment I try to d/l even one segment. Might be because of d/l accelerator - this has been an issue before. Joelle
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    Pretty HK actress Wong Hau-Yan raped in movie Besieged City

    Interesting, maybe I can find the rest of this. Thank you. Joelle
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    (RS/MU/Mediafire) Silip: Daughters Of Eve

    Thank you not only for this great post but for putting this at three different places, very considerate and kind. Joelle
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    Your most memorable movie.

    The most memorable for me was also my very first porn film - an incest story where the 40ish Mother and teen-Daughter both gave and give very convincing portrayals as man-eaters. I was astonished that porn could be as convincing as that movie - My bf showed it to me - at first I thought...
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    [ES] Nao Ayukawa - Sorrow Of Multi - Unit Apartment Wife

    Akiba is a great site - great admin team - great posting people - probably the best site on the net - certainly humongously popular. An added thing about Akiba - is that you can get tons of laughs just by scanning the names of the some of the titles - such as this: "Sorrow Of Multi-Unit...
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    MU: Short Movie Incest Japan Mom

    Believably acted Incest Films Is there any such thing as a believably-acted incest film? In English and/or with English sub-titles? Just curious - they're fun to watch but I've never seen one I've actually believed or done anything but laughed at. Would be interested to see either a...
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    Preview Maria Ozawa FINALLY UNCENSORED / BRAND NEW / 1st time ever / 5 HQ videos /

    She's great, thanks so much but I never did and don't understand the censoring - and why they even bother to do that. Is it something to do with the ratings - makes no sense to partially obstruct - has always confused. Joelle
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    Chizuru Iwasaki 岩崎千鶴 mature mother incest 近親相姦 Madonna

    Thanks I'm curious to see this woman in front of the camera based on your recommendation. I think incest movies are very sexy - but if you don't understand Asian languages you're not at all sure who the players are - what they're saying - and it takes away from the steam generated in Incest...
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    What's ur greatest fear?

    Tow truck drivers. Joelle