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    [OME-112] [2011/11/25]melon+ 美波映里香[AVI 1.63 GB]

    I'd really appreciate a reupload of this!
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    [TRID-071] Rika Kawamura 川村りか - Flirtation ~戯れ~ [1.3GB AVI]

    I'm really sorry, but it doesn't seem to be active. You mean the 869.7 Mb link, right? It's not responding to me, anyway.
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    BKDV-00099 後藤梨花 - R-21

    Does anyone have this to share?
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    [TRSF-012] [IV] 藍野レオ [Reo Aino] REBELUTION

    A reupload of this would really be appreciated
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    Bibian Collection [BBAN-xxx]

    Could BBAN-215 okease be reupped?
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    Bibian Collection [BBAN-xxx]

    Actually, this is BBAN-317.
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    [SPG-01] 岡安麗奈 Aquatime

    Can anyone reupload this one?
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    Slimedog's Lesbian JAV (no ID request allowed)

    Would there be a possibility of reupping EVIS-018?
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    Slimedog's Lesbian JAV (no ID request allowed)

    Any chance of a reup?
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    [FSn][US] [KIDM-081] Remi Fujiike 藤池れみ – 発射 OK?

    Does anyone by any chance have this to share?
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    [FCCOB-023] Reina Hyakuna 百菜れい - ray, beam! Rei Hyakuna

    well, when "百" means 'a hundred', it's read 'hyaku'
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    [SHMO-208] Natsu Sakurai 桜井奈津 - Charme

    A reupload would be much appreciated
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    FileJoker Exclusive [OME-202] Sakurako Hasegawa 長谷川桜子 - Sakurako Special

    A reupload of this would be very much appreciated
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    PMB-005 羽田奈央/Peach Bomb

    I guess nobody has this to share?
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    [MOR-018] Nanami Kuroki 黒木ななみ - VOLTAGE X

    Any chance of a reup of this one?
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    [MMR-077] Haruka Nagase 永瀬はるか – Naked Clips

    When I click on the Firejoker link, I get something called 'Fucking for Fashion', at 1.1 Mb. Could someone please post the correct link?
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    [MMR-053] Haruka Nagase - New Kiss [AVI]

    Could this be reupped?
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    [DIF-001] 華彩なな-SUPE

    Any chance of a reup?
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    [OME-192] Nagisa Odashima 小田島渚 - ハジメテノ

    I'm sorry, I missed this when it was reupped. Any chance of making it available one more time?
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    [SBVD-0316] Nagisa Odajima 小田島渚 - NAGISA

    Can anyone reupload this?
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    [OAIP-013] Itsuka Yamamoto 山本いつか - YI+ココニイル [WMV/690MB]

    I'm sorry, I missed this. Could you reupload it one more time?
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    [MSWD-10024] 嶋村 瞳 - My Girl 2 / Hitomi Shimamura - My Girl 2

    If anyone can reupload this, that would be wonderful
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    [MMR-AQ032 ] Hitomi Shimamura 嶋村瞳 / With Hitomi [966 MB]

    A reup would be greatly appreciated!
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    FileJoker Exclusive tsds-42087 みおたん/桜野みお

    Could someone please reupload this?
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    [DER-03] Hitomi Tachibana - HITOMIX My Private Teacher

    And chance of a reup of this one?
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    [FILM-0009]新堂エリサ Elisa Shindo 極彩フィルム Sweet Body

    I am sorry, I missed this. Could you reup one more time?
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    [GAHD-003] 和田絵梨奈 えりなⅡ [998MB AVI]

    Is there any possibility of a reupload of this one?