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    Who is she? FETI-87

    Does anyone know who is the first girl in the video?
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    Who is she? FETI-87

    Does anyone know who is the first girl in the video?
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    Who is this busty cutie?

    Anyone knows her name?
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    NNPJ-174 sexy lady

    Who is the lady at 2 hr 12 minutes?
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    Massive boobed slim girls in real life

    I am wondering if anyone has met or (even better) been with girls with amazing bodies with huge natural boobs and slim bods? (Like Nachi Kurosawa or Rei Minami) If yes, what was the experience like? I have never even run into any strangers with melons like that. The best I've done is date a...
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    Best active natural boobs

    Ayako Fujimori and Nachi Kurosawa had amazing huge boobs against relatively slim frames. I miss them so much! Are there anyone active now who have similar bodies? Kaho Shibuya looks great in clothing but to me her boobs when naked dont look or move good.
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    are vids from the mature/humiliation genre considered to be second rate?

    I've heard that if a new JAV actress doesn't sell well in the beginning, she will get moved to labels considered to be second rate. She will start doing videos like married women, rape, incest, that kind of thing? True? An actress I like, Saeko Matsushita, started out with a flight...
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    anyone recognize this MILF?
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    Bust babe in HUNTA164

    Anyone know this lady's name?
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    nice natural boob uncensored, ID pls

    Anyone know who this is?
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    Dear Please Forgive Me

    I absolutely love the Dear Please Forgive Me series from Attackers Studio. I think this is better than there "In Front of Husband" series. My favorites are RBD342 with Megumi Haruka RBD173 with Meisa Hanai RBD445 with Nana Aida The idea of a housewife finding pleasure after being...
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    Several hot ladies on train RCT391

    Anyone know the names of these ladies?
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    Input about the message response from girl

    Hi guys, so wanna get your opinion on something. My friends tell me one thing but I think they're trying to be nice to me so I want an objective opinion from people I don't know. So I met this girl recently and have been messaging back and forth with her on FB private messaging. After about a...
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    Things to boost libido

    Lately with work piling up and me not getting enough sleep my libido's gone downhill. My dick is just not sensitive as it used to be. I've even gone limp a few times in the last month when trying to do it with the girlfriend. (She ain't happy now and I don't blame her.) You guys have any tips...
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    PPPD200 busty

    Does anyone know who this is:
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    麻生早苗 Sanae Asou is back! (but...)

    For those of you who are old enough to have been around JAV in the 90's, Sanae Asou is back after almost 15 years in retirement. But unfortunately it looks like she had work done on her formerly...
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    Love the fake rape genre

    With the typical interview and then just random scenes format, I tend to get bored after a while even when the idol is super hot. I really like the genre with the forced sex though, especially when the actress plays a married woman. The one where the man first have a woman against her will...
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    Looking for recommendations in the mature genre

    Hi y'all, I am looking for actresses in their 30's (or late 20's) that have the mature theme. I like ones with nice body shapes and natural boobies. I recommend Reiko Nakamori, Reiko Yamaguchi, Yurie Kazama, Yuri Shirasaka, Ayako Fujimori, and Ayano Nakamura. Arisa Kuroki is pretty...
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    Japanese breast implants

    Those things are tricky. They can look real but once you watch them in motion, there's something not quite right about them even if they do jiggle. Real ones: Yuma Asami, Reiko Yamaguchi, Reiko Nakamori, Maki Tomoda, Saki Okuda, etc. I am still undecided whether Megumi Haruka has implants...
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    Male JAV actor

    Ok first of all, this is not some kind of weird gay request. I am a fan of a particular actor because he really gets into it and humps the hotties like he means it. (Some of the other actors just go through the motions) He's the guy in glasses here. I see him a lot actually but I dunno his...
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    problems with downloaded jav avi lately

    Several of the recent JAVs I've downloaded have had problems playing. (They freeze) I try to use VirtuaDub to see if I could edit out the bad parts, but VD says that the files are not in detectable formats. This has happened with direct download and bit torrent downloads. Has anyone else...
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    Need help to ID big tit beauty

    I think she went by the name of "Misato" in this video. Does anyone know her full name? Thanks