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    Is Nozomi Hazuki and Nozomi Hatsuki same person?

    It's the same actress if you google those English names. English translation of the Japanese names are not official. Honestly, don't know how non-asians can't visually identify asians, but it's clearly the same actress.
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    Discussion about DMM website

    I've found these 2 websites a while ago whenever something might happen to DMM (Always look for backups). Not the best thing but they do the job by providing large covers:
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    Jav torrent site?

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    Multiple ID, any sugestion to prevent it?

    I don't want to sound paranoid but I just noticed an influx of new members coming in at about the same time in the torrent section and they're using the same posting templates. Can someone verify they're not the same group of bots that just got banned not long ago?
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    double dicks in 1 hole...

    You mean double-vaginal or double-anal? I'm into double-penetration but not when both dicks touch each other.
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    Here's another explanation for uncensored movies

    Alright, for those who are lost and think uncensored movies mean the actress doing it is nearing the end of her career, well, it's not. Uncensored only means that that movie has been chosen to be sold outside Japan. Examples are Azusa Nagasawa who did uncensored and she's not going away any time...
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    I envy with this man

    In the search box, just type mywife* (including the asterisk) and you'll find all the MyWife movies. Man, you're either dumb or racist. You've been a member here for 3 years and you don't know how to use the search feature so I'll say both.
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    I envy with this man
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    How to find and to report a double post ref. to rule 10...

    What do you guys do with those who still won't follow the rules after they're coming back from a suspension? Do you guys wait after 2 or 3 suspensions and then ban them? I just reported multiple threads from 2 dudes today and I remember them being suspended for double posting and they're STILL...
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    Ameri Ichinose

    You've been a member for 2 years and you don't know what's h.m.p?
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    Happy Birthday

    5 years of porn is A LOT! :P
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    Japanese AV actors thread?

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    Plz help

    DVD code means the movie code or the identification number that identifies the movie. DVD code doesn't mean the coding or the specification of the movie file.
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    I reported a dude where many of his threads were deleted but...

    Alright, since nobody can see the removed threads, I'm gonna start taking screenshots.
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    I reported a dude where many of his threads were deleted but...

    I just reported more of his threads. They got deleted and he's still not suspended. He has at least 5 threads deleted within 2 weeks on 3 different days. Can someone investigate if there's a Mod going easy on this guy?
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    JAV recommendations for a fetish~

    Not my thing at all but I've seen some threads with those movies, within this month or so. In the West we call it "pegging".
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    I reported a dude where many of his threads were deleted but...

    offkab: I reported 3 of his threads today and those 3 threads all got removed and he's still not yet suspended. I also reported more of his threads not long a go and those also got removed. A member since 2008 and he still doesn't know what content is banned from being posted (Right...). Looks...
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    I reported a dude where many of his threads were deleted but...

    he's not been suspended yet?! Any reason as of why? He's got waay more than 3 threads removed within 30 days.
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    What category is my fetish and which videos do you recommend ?

    Those webseries (Tokyo Hot, 1 pondo, Caribbean, etc) are pretty popular for having lots of gangbang creampies and massive facials/bukkake scenes. In the end they get compilated into retail packagings: Sky Angel (Uncensored) Red Hot Fetish Collection (Uncensored) Red Hot Jam (Uncensored)...
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    jav version of iafd

    Don't forget this:
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    Let's have subsections under Uncensored JAV Downloads

    You'd still need to use the search feature or even go page by page as people will just keep posting using the reply button. Otherwise, the OP will have to keep up by editing his first post (big pain in the ass). So the search feature is a lot easier than your idea. Blame the posters who do not...
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    For those who live in Japan - Groupsex

    Man, this thread just made my day. :pandalaugh:
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    Possible malicious tool

    You mean this? I have Microsoft Security Essentials (Microsoft's own free anti-virus) and still didn't get anything yet but thanks for the heads up.
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    DMM.R18 region blocked now?!

    WTF?! I can't even browse for infos anymore. I was looking for some info by searching with a movie code, got some text result, translated and it says that the content is not viewable in my region. What kind of bullshit is this?
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    New Way to spam the board detected

    I noticed this same shit on the torrent's side. Problem is Caribbean, 1pondo, etc release small movies through their websites and then later compile them into retail titles like Sky Angel, Red Hot Fetish Collection, etc. People keep posting the small release files with different thread titles...
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    Cocomi Naruse's Scar.

    Does it looks like a C-Section?
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    not sure why i get this all time 503 Service Unavailable (1371607114)

    It's getting worse... again... I think you guys might end up using captcha.
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    New Way to spam the board detected

    Problem is people will just google and find screenshots made by someone else.
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    Seriously?! 10 months jail time?!

    A judge has handed down jail sentences and fines to censors and pornographers after finding that the mosaics they applied to adult videos were “so thin the colour and shape of their genitals could be recognised” and that as a result they were guilty of “spreading wickedness throughout society.”...
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    Multiple ID, any sugestion to prevent it?

    Man, I just noticed that and I hope kimxiquanzone got banned big time for threatening other members.
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    "502 Bad Gateway"

    Any explanation for this? I'm getting this at random times (Even at around 3PM EST, which definitely doesn't means evening time in Japan.) :puzzled:
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    Multiple ID, any sugestion to prevent it?

    I second that. Lots of people keep posting without using the some of the most basic rules. Force them to edit correctly so they'd have to take their time to post.
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    Sick of chronic rule breakers

    Ok, THAT I wasn't sure for torrents. Can the Mods add a "Delete thread" just in case we want to delete our own thread if we made a mistake? Happened to me once I created an exactly same thread with a timestamp a minute after of someone else's and I wanted to delete it so Mods wouldn't need to.
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    Why there's not Enough Fileserve AND Why not many Downloadable Lesbian movies?

    ^This. Straight and heterosexuality is the majority, common sense.
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    Naive innocent obedient secretary

    Dude... /facepalm
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    Naive innocent obedient secretary

    SAQ series for starter: just type SAQ* in the search and you'll find them.
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    Sick of chronic rule breakers

    Seriously, what's with all these people not following the rules by putting the file type and size to the leftmost spot of the title instead of the movie code? It's soo fucking simple to follow the rules and I just can't understand those who don't follow. I mean, seriously, too lazy to use a...
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    Naive innocent obedient secretary

    Dude, there's a lot... Not gonna start listing them... common sense.
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    How many names does she have?

    Actresses do not use many names at the same time: they change their names either because their contract with a specific studio ended or for the simple reason of just wanting a new name.
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    Pussy blocked but ass hole in clear view You clearly didn't read further and rather have people look for you/do all the search for you... They have their own associations for regulating the censorship: some will censor a lot while others will just lightly censor. As...
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    who is Mion Tachibana?

    Same actress: Susuka Ishikawa was her old porn name, Mion Tachibana is her new porn name. Says so at
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    DAE thinks the JAV industry purposely uses unappealing guys?

    I'd say they don't even get paid at all, and they get to fuck a super hot chick (or just cum on her in a bukkake scene) for free! Win/Win! :pandalaugh:
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    A new way to insert attachments into your posts

    Yet, lots of members are still using external image hosts.
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    Do you still download JAV ISOs?

    I do, and for exactly the same reasons as you mentioned: convenient in some way and for some other movies I download them in smaller formats. Same goes for my friends who can't download a lot as our ISPs in Canada have implemented that crappy internet bandwidth data cap limit (lucky me, I have...
  45. L image hosting

    I think we should ban all image hosts all together. It's common sense that all image hosts will at least redirect or have a popup once. I have AdBlock Plus on Firefox and there are scripts that AdBlock can't override. Heck, I don't even use one single image host in my threads.
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    Where is the new vomit.piss and scat japanese videos-Can not see them in here? Type "vomit", "scat", "puke", etc (obviously without the quotes) in the "Search by tag".
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    i'm so sad risa tsukino retired without doing uncensored :(

    It's not a trend: it's the law.
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    not sure why i get this all time 503 Service Unavailable (1371607114)

    Well, that's a problem since it's popular that people never wants the "Remember Me" in anything. That's why there are lots of option to "Clear cookies" or Clear History when closing the browser" in most browsers nowadays because people do not want their credentials saved in their personal...
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    If your girlfriend...

    Not true at all. Ironically, those who don't want their girlfriend to go into porn are fucking conservative and yet they're into unconservative secret hobbies. I honestly wouldn't mind on some level. Same goes for letting my girlfriend sometime explore sex with another guy as long as she doesn't...