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  1. KaiEr

    Thread not clearing.

    Recently there is a thread that appears bold/orange, as if there are new posts/comments, but there are none. I've logged off/on, cleared my browser cache, and it still comes up the same way. Any ideas?
  2. KaiEr

    Alerts from unwatched threads

    I'm getting alerts from a thread that I not only never watched, but have had to click "Unwatch" two times already over the past month or so. Today is going to be the 3rd time I've done this. Any ideas? The thread is from the Jr. Idol section -...
  3. KaiEr

    [GOKU-058d] Mizui Maki ~ / Very Slutty GOKUERO~極痴女~ 水井真希

    Any torrent/DDL would be greatly appreciated. Can't seem to find any working links/torrents.
  4. KaiEr


    Ok, so this isn't a torrent and I'll catch flack for it, but... Can we try to pump the breaks on the whole "I wanna F my mother" torrents? I mean Jesus F'n Christ, there's over 14 pages of that. I get it's a fetish, but can it maybe have its own subforum or something?
  5. KaiEr

    Provider/IP change?

    Did the site recently change hosting providers or IP range/address? Oftentimes the Chinese government blocks sites and/or whole IP ranges. This site is pretty tame compared to some I've seen accessible in China, so I don't know why they would block it. But for the past two weeks I've been...
  6. KaiEr

    Help ID another one from AVOP-003 - Any info.

    I see the Japanese name 加奈子, but I can't seem to find anything about her other than this video. She's a bit thick, which I like, but not fat. What is the romanization of her name? And does anyone know of anything else she's been in?
  7. KaiEr

    Thread/Post deletion

    Is there any way you could give a heads up to regular members as to the reason they have a post/thread deleted? I'm just sitting here wondering why one of my threads is gone.
  8. KaiEr

    Time to end the annoyance

    It seriously can't be just me... Can we do something to stop the degradation of this site by the incessant repetitive posting of image sets through FileJoker that die within hours? I get the direct download rule, but this has NOTHING to do with direct download - I'm speaking of the download...
  9. KaiEr

    Banner Image - a shot in the dark.

    Ok, so I'm in China and one of the banner images to some sorry attempt at a porn site had this animated banner image. Anyone have any idea who this might be, or what video it's from? I know it's a shot in the dark, but I thought I would ask. I'm a sucker for tan lines... (I attached it as...
  10. KaiEr

    New Popup Viewer feature

    No disrespect or bad intentions with this statement, just my view... I'm not really happy with the new popup viewer setup. Is there a way you could set it up to allow users to disable it in preferences? Thanks