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  1. dkjfgfj874

    [ENBD-5046] Marina Nagasawa 長澤茉里奈 まりChuu(4GBmp4)

    Here is the torrent for the 1080p video.
  2. dkjfgfj874

    [IMBD-455] - 等身大 - Miruku Kawamura (河村みるく)

    Thanks for all these vids, Beam. Does this one has watermarks like the other 2? I can't see it in the screenshoot.
  3. dkjfgfj874

    [TSDV-41382] Akane Kuyu 久宥茜 - あかねリボン

    AVI | 1.23 GiB | 720x480 | 75 Min
  4. dkjfgfj874

    [TSDV-41382] Akane Kuyu 久宥茜 - あかねリボン

    Can someone please seed the 4MBs left of this torrent? Video is at 99.6% complete. Perfectly watchable if someone is interested. [TSDV-41382] 久宥茜 Akane Kuyuu – あかねリボン
  5. dkjfgfj874

    done [IDed]RaMu

    Thanks for your help.
  6. dkjfgfj874

    [SHIBP-001]禁じられた純愛~十年後の君も愛してる~ 大場あいる Airu Ooba(4GBiso+711MBm4v)

    This girl is superhot. Do all the SHIBP girls also do JAV?
  7. dkjfgfj874

    [ENBD-5019] Rie Kaneko INNOCENCE 金子理江

    Awesome. Thank you very much for these vids, eshwaa. Rie is amazing, hope we see her in a vid with Rei.
  8. dkjfgfj874

    [ENBD-5019] Rie Kaneko INNOCENCE 金子理江

    Any plans of torrents for this and ENBD-5026?
  9. dkjfgfj874

    [TW-144] - lovely lovely - Marina Hayama (葉山まりな) (ISO & MP4)

    Is that a hardcore scene at 47:58 or it's just simulated?
  10. dkjfgfj874

    [RF][TSDS-42295]スレンダーラブ 田中めい Tanaka Mei

    I was wondering if someone could share this vid if you have it. That girl looks super hot. Thanks.
  11. dkjfgfj874

    [KIDM-759B]Gemma - Cutie Blonde ジェマ ブルーレイ

    How are the watermarks? I can't see them in the screenshots.
  12. dkjfgfj874

    done [IDed]北はるか Haruka Kita

    Thanks for your help, fwildly.
  13. dkjfgfj874

    done [IDed]北はるか Haruka Kita

    Please can someone help me find the source of these screenshots/name of the model? Thanks.
  14. dkjfgfj874

    [JBMD-0203] - SMILE AGAIN - Sumire Nagai (永井すみれ) - Sumire Tsubaki (椿すみれ)

    Please can someone seed the MP4 File? Thanks.
  15. dkjfgfj874

    [KIDM-714B] Asuka Oda 小田飛鳥 - Venice(ヴェネツィア) (22GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

    Please can someone seed the [1080] File? Thanks.
  16. dkjfgfj874

    FileJoker Exclusive SBVD-0283 Azuki Moeno もえのあずき – me・shi・a・ga・re

    Sadly this one has a watermark too. Great video though.
  17. dkjfgfj874

    [KIDM-683B] Riyon Mina 美奈リヨン - Perfect Woman

    Does anyone know her age (D.O.B)?
  18. Anri Sugihara (2099 pics)

  19. Shinozaki Ai - Pictures

    RAR Contains 57 sets + Uncategorised Pictures (including webms and gifs) and Social Media.
  20. dkjfgfj874

    [R]僕のレンタル彼女 清水楓(GUILD-137)

    Any chance of someone sharing this vid, please? Thanks.
  21. Sayama Ayaka 13 sets 1340 pics

    Content: Bomb ﴾2012 09﴿ Bomb ﴾2013 07﴿ BTV ﴾2012 06﴿ DGC ﴾2013 05 1089﴿ DGC ﴾2014 12 1204﴿ PB ‐ Virgin Nude ﴾130411﴿ ﴾130523﴿ WPB ﴾EX116﴿ YS Web ﴾474﴿ YS Web ﴾541﴿ YS Web ﴾638﴿ YS Web ﴾2015 05 650﴿
  22. dkjfgfj874

    [LCDV-40536]19 -JU-KU- 佐山彩香(iso&mp4)

    Please can someone seed the MKV torrent? Thanks.
  23. [MMR-AK030] 森村さき Saki Morimura – 聖女伝説

    Video has a Watermark
  24. [TSBS-81037] 今野杏南 Anna Konno – 小悪魔あんな

    Video has a Watermark
  25. dkjfgfj874

    [WNID-007] Misaki Aihara 相原美咲 - JKG89 returns

    Can someone seed this please? Thanks.
  26. Machiko Ono 24 videos pack

    Found this torrent somewhere else and didn't see it posted here, so here you have it. Sadly only 3 softcore videos that are actually my favorite. Content of the torrent: AKB‐034 carib‐072013‐387 carib‐082713‐417 CHIT‐001 HL‐018 NV‐03 RACA‐001 Tokyo Hot [n0837]...
  27. [TRST-0194] 小田飛鳥 Oda Asuka – 妄想中毒

    Video has a watermark
  28. [TRST-0175] 小田飛鳥 Oda Asuka – 背徳恋愛

    Video has a watermark
  29. dkjfgfj874

    Please can someone help me ID these two girls?

    This one And this one. Thanks for your help.