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  1. Little Chucky

    What size monitor do you use?

    I'm curious wat is the size of your monitor (diagonal in inches)and wat is the resolution on that moniror? To start of my monitors 2x 24" Samsung monitors resolution 1920x1200 and a 32"Samsung tv 1920x1080 (not my only tv)
  2. Little Chucky

    How much do you seed?

    I was checking Utorrent and was wondering Everytime when i haven't been to akiba-online for a while there are torrents i download so i can download the videos i want But the the number of seeds don't match the people who have downloaded the torrent. Is it right to assume that only a small...
  3. Little Chucky

    [R]Angel Kiss ~感じるお年頃~ 三井麻由(TRID-055)

    Angel Kiss ~感じるお年頃~ 三井麻由