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    [R] Special Offer - Eri-rin Can't Believe The Size Of This Dick! She Gets More And More Turned On Wi

    Erina Nagasawa TD022DV-1618 Source Please help with the link anyone
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    Girl on the cover (PXV-070)

    Anyone who is this girl on the cover ?
  3. Request some JAV Torrents (JUFD-660, SVDVD-570, WANZ-350...)

    1. JUFD-660 (Ultra Hard Sex Unleashed! Big Black Cock Fucking Aimi Yoshikawa) 2. SVDVD-570 (Giga Penis Vol.4 Black Power Unleashed Yuma Kouda 16cm Thick x 23cm Long) 3. WANZ-350 (Beautiful Girl Crazy For Big Cocks Yu Asakura) 4. MIDE-310 (Deep Throat Vacuum Blowjob Minami Hatsukawa) 5...
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    Japanese Adult TV Shows

    I've stumbled upon some japanese adult tv shows on you*ube and wikipedia. For example the one with Kendo Kobayashi as the host (I forget the title), or Tokui Yoshimi and Yoshiki Risa As the hosts (徳井義実のチャックおろさせて〜や), and many others. here's the links covered in the wikipedia. I believe there are...
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    Takako Kitahara (北原多香子)

    Simply the best! Too bad she's retired. I tried looking for her thread, her videos collection, and I found nothing recent. Most of her videos are old and the links are dead. I can't believe a girl like her don't have any proper thread :( So I'll just put it here so that anyone can share some...
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    Tsubasa Amami Most [...] Videos

    What do you think is the most [...] videos of her? (fill the category) for example: - The biggest "P" she'd ever get fucked with is video xxx-123 - The longest fucking scene is x minutes (1 scene but in long period) in video xxx-123 - The most surprised face she made is in video xxx-123 (she...
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    Cute Girl, Sexy Moan, Boobs, 'Suffering' from Big P

    Well the tittle says it all. It's the best genre for me personally. Cute and Pretty Girl + Sexy Moan + Boobs, All that is perfect. Imagine that girl is having scene with a guy with such a big P. The girl will surely 'suffer' from it. The guy will get her hard, she'll moan sexyly because it's...
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    Shion Utsunomiya (宇都宮しをん)

    Since she doesn't have a thread in Jav Idol thread, I guess I'll take my chance to post it here It's been a while since her last video, is she retiring or anything? I don't even remember what's her latest work is I was so impressed with her videos, she has nice packages and good performances
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    Sweet Girl in RTP-032

    Anyone can tell me who's the girls in RTP-032? I especially curious about the black hair one, the first girl from the pic below:
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    Identify this video of Shoko Takasaki (高崎聖子)

    I just google her name and found these:
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    Newcomer AV Star

    I've been watching Ami Hyakutake and Mizuhara Mako AV debut They just have 'it' that turned me on Too bad I can't find another of their videos :) Let's share here if you find another newcomer star or find video links for those girls :)
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    Fucked Hard in Agony

    I always like it when the AV actresses get fucked hard, and she start screaming/groaning sexily in agony, yes I love sexy voice :gosh: TPPN-001 is an easy example of what I meant :nosebleed: Looking for more movies suggestion like this one :want2: