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  1. TGWM

    Has Anybody Used

    I've been downloading the rar files from this site through filejoker for some time now but recently the passwords to unrar them have not been what justjavhd have stated. The passwords have normally been either "Conquistador_18P2P" or "". Neither of them have worked with the more...
  2. TGWM


    She's finally back after 3 years out of the business. Nov 13
  3. TGWM

    RION's social media disabled???

    Her Twitter and Instagram posts have all been removed. Anybody know what happened?
  4. TGWM

    What the hell is going on with Nozomi Aso?

    I'm not entirely sure if this is true but she apparently got arrested again for cocaine possession. Can somebody verify this? If this is true what does that mean for her AV career? I know she tried to pull herself together and make a return but she may have just gone off the rails again. I hope...
  5. TGWM

    Aimi Yoshikawa Half Japanese

    I'm sure most of you are aware of who Aimi Yoshikawa is and notice she has a very distinct look. To me, she doesn't look 100% Japanese. If you compared her to other half japanese girls, you can see that she has a similar exotic look to her. My question is what's the other half? See for...
  6. TGWM

    Game: Marry, Fuck, Kill

    So this little game was inspired by a skit i just recently re-watched from Mad TV (i always found it funnier than SNL but that's a topic for another type of forum). Anyways, I want to see in a pool of AV actresses who would you all choose to marry, fuck, and kill? Usually there's just a choice...
  7. TGWM

    Ria Sakuragi 桜木莉愛 making a comeback?

    She's a relatively older AV actress initially going by Rin Kajika かじか凛 from around 2012-2014. She resurfaced again in February 2016 with 2 releases after taking a few years off but under another alias of Ruka Nishigaki 西垣るか. Feb 2016 March 2016 She might be doing the same as before dropping...
  8. TGWM

    Filejoker holiday special

    The package is roughly $30 for 90 days but it also says +50% extra days so does that mean you get 135 days? I emailed them but I never got a response. Anyone out there knows what's going on?
  9. TGWM

    Got into scat because of girls

    The thought of scat was always and to a degree a deterrent. Over time I eventually I learned to enjoy if and only if the girls in the movie are ones I'm familiar with a big fans of. Akari Asagiri Aya Kizaki Chihiro Akino Sofia Takigawa Am I the only one like this? Who else...
  10. TGWM

    AV girl you would have liked to see without implants???

    As we all know many of the girls starring in our favorite movies habe implants. Some are look really natural and difficult to identify while others are pretty obvious. I'm not necessarily saying these girls look awful but these are the girls i would have liked to see without them. Kurea Hasumi...
  11. TGWM

    Retired girls you pray to make a comeback

    AV always has new girls being pumped in but sometimes the retired girls just can't be replaced no matter how pretty the girls are now today. Here's some of my favorite girls i wish to see again. Minori Hatsune Azumi Chino Kokomi Sakura Akari Asahina Sayuki Kanno Haruki Sato Yuka Minase China...