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  1. Shinto1337

    very cute girl with facemask

    all I have is this link I couldnt find any more info but I have seen her before i am sure T_T
  2. Shinto1337

    Fc2 titles not accessible on JavDB

    Hey everyone, I used JavDB as a database to look up stuff, especially uncesored ones because they have a good documentation. Since today I noticed that if I try to find Fc2 movies, they will appear in the result page but to click on them I have to be either VIP or use the free App. Never seen...
  3. Shinto1337

    extreme cute girl from fc2

    Hi I am looking for this girl. I found her in 2 fc2 videos. FC 2 - PPV 580984 FC 2 - PPV 583468 Are there more videos of her or anything/something at all? She has some little moles on her right side, close to the mouth :aghh: from FC 2 - PPV 580984 From FC 2 - PPV 583468
  4. Shinto1337

    ID this please, might be old

    might be an old from NHDT or LOVE
  5. Shinto1337

    done Yuzu Ogura scene [TBL-037]

    Which Yuzu Ogura movie is this scene from ? I just cant find it :S
  6. Shinto1337

    best uncensored or leaked blowjobs

    Hi, I wanted to know some good uncensored or leaked blowjob movies or scenes. Also movies with 2 women and 1 guy would be extra nice! The ones I find are not that good somehow, maybe I am unlucky. My fav by far are from Tokyo-Hot n1032 Caribbeancompr 060717 :kenyang:
  7. Shinto1337

    where do get FLT-002?

    I would like to get FLT-002 but I cant find it on r18 nor dmm where I usually purchase. Is there any requesting option or something? Or does anyone knows a different place to buy?
  8. Shinto1337

    anyone knows who is this cute girl?

    I found the post on reddit: but no other info, if theres more content or what her name is :S
  9. Shinto1337

    done who is this cutie? - solved

    The only info I have is this: 酒店狂操白虎妹子, 极品骚货必须狠操,性感的无毛逼展示给你看,射满一穴 which, by googling leads me some gifs and a dead download link
  10. Shinto1337

    buying from

    Hi, has anyone bought any content from mgstage? They dont have any english language option like r18 but there are some siro and 200GANA videos i cant find anywhere and want to buy from there. Do I have to plow through with translations or is there an alternative or another way? What to do? :S
  11. Shinto1337

    actress in SIRO-2342

    Hi, I would like to know who the actress in SIRO 2342 is or if she appeared anywhere else, i searched sougouwiki and other sites but could not find any info. TT_TT
  12. Shinto1337

    who is this Girl in this ad? gif+jpg

    I think its the same girl but not 100% sure. Any info is appreciated
  13. Shinto1337

    Experience with Girl's Blue movies/photos?

    Hi I found a video after long search and got here now i dont know how to purchase it, since its all in japanese and i cant translate it, I could however brute force it and at some point buy it but I dont even know if its a video or just...
  14. Shinto1337

    More of APAE-009 ?

    I recently discovered this video and bought it. The actress has a stunning body!!! I could not find more of her nor her name on sougouwiki or anywhere else. does anyone know where i could continue my search or has any clue if she has done more?
  15. Shinto1337

    Who is this cute girl?

    might not be jav but i really don't know, could not find anything
  16. Shinto1337

    Please - Who is this super cute girl!?

    The only pictures I could find are these. As far as I know there is a gif somewhere outhere but I cant find it. I hope anyone has more luck or knows something
  17. Shinto1337

    Infos on FC2PPV actresses

    Hi i use to find infos on the actresses but i can rarely find any informations linked to FC2PPV videos. Is there any site that provides these? Like a list or something thanks
  18. Shinto1337

    who is the girl in the first scene ZNN-006

    Its from ZNN-006 but i cant find any cast members :S maybe you know something thanks!
  19. Shinto1337

    Short hair, big boobs - LF Name/ID

    Hi, I am looking for this actress name or video ID The quality is not so good therefore its kinda blurry, sorry She seems to have a mole on her neck The video should be from around Oktober 2017 or earlier
  20. Shinto1337

    Any funny Jav?

    Hey i recently watched the video with ai uehara where she was stuck in a wall. The situation and the whole video was made quite funny and I wanted to know if there others like this. Some funny jav, maybe some funny story or something.
  21. Shinto1337

    Any High-Res Cover

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a website were I can find high resolution Picture of the Covers Usually the cover quality is meh - even at R18.
  22. Shinto1337

    Movies with similar scenes?

    Hi, I would like to know if you have seen positions like these in jav. I don't really know how to describe it which makes searching for it pretty hard. If you have something like that, I would be thankfull if you would give me the id. Before anyone asks, my screenshots are from SHKD-849 and...
  23. Shinto1337

    Cover girl of HARU-059

    Hi I am looking for the name of the girl on the cover on the ride side, with the short hair. The video ID is HARU-059 but I could not find the cast names anywhere :(
  24. Shinto1337

    Actress in DIC-052

    Hey guys, i saw the dic-052 on javlibrary but there was no name adjusted to it. Therefore i am asking the elite! Cheers!
  25. Shinto1337

    Top left Cover girl in OFJE-094

    Hello, I would like to know who the girl on the top left is (on the right side of the Cover) with the short hair. I went through the names but it was too hard to find a match.
  26. Shinto1337

    Cover girl of LOVE-408

    Hello again :D I would like to know the girl on the cover of LOVE-408 Cant seem to find any info on her. The full title seems to be LOVE-408 Polar ☆ Obscene Girls School 1 [Sagamihara]
  27. Shinto1337

    Cover girl of MDTM-291

    Hello friends! I would like to know who the girl is, on the cover of MDTM-291. Thanks alot for helping! <3
  28. Shinto1337

    Cover girl from KWBD-163

    Hello akiba friends! I would like to know who the cover girl with short hair on KWBD-163 is could it be Suzukawa Ayane ? thank you for helping
  29. Shinto1337

    which actress is in GMD-08 ?

    Hello Akiba people :D i found GMD-08 but i can not find out which actress is playing there. All the infos i get is that she is an amateur. But obviusly here are way smarter people than me, that might know more. Someone said it could be: Kumi ANNA - 安奈久美 but i can not confirm that. Furthermore...
  30. Shinto1337

    Please help me find the ID this woman (gif)
  31. Shinto1337

    Please ID this cute girl - (cosplay) its a short video, i dont have more infos - sorry :S
  32. Shinto1337

    Big Titted Jav with mask

    I have the video link but i am not sure if i am allowed to post it, so I wont until i get permission to :( I dont have any more infos. The tag says its from BigTitJPN and the video title was just " Sexy hairy Japanese babe with big tits". I am gratefull for any help!
  33. Shinto1337

    Please ID this cute Jav -

    I dont have any infos about her, sorry TT___TT
  34. Shinto1337

    Please ID this cosplaying cute girl with a chain

    I dont have any aditional info unforntually :S
  35. Shinto1337

    which actress/movie is this

    I think the actress is half asian, i am not sure tho. but the men there are asians and its probably made there aswell. also in the bottom right corner there is something written i japanese i guess. I hope you can read it, might help aswell. I am trying to find her for a years, would be...
  36. Shinto1337

    which ai haneda scene/movie is this from?

    I would like to know which scene or movie this is from, was searching for a long time and could not find it TT_TT thanks
  37. Shinto1337

    id this woman from gif

    Hey, i found this gif but i dont know who she is. Would be great if anyone knows. Thanks in advance!
  38. Shinto1337

    Any infos on this Cute girl are appreciated

    Help me id her please. I have no informations other than this random picture :S
  39. Shinto1337

    id this cure girl

    I mean cute girl* xD I only have this picture tho :(