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  1. fac_kiu

    Name or Id of this girl please

    I just found this pic. Please let me know the name or ID. Thank you
  2. fac_kiu

    Does Yua Aida involve in AV industry?

    Hi guys, As we all know, Yua Aida has retired since 2007. But she still my best AV idol ever. I just wonder what does she do after retirement ? I don't know Japanese and I have searched from internet but there are no result at all :thief: Does anyone have any ideas about her now? And btw...
  3. fac_kiu

    [IDed]桃野なごみ Nagomi Momono

    Hi guys. I got the video from torrent, I also captured her face and posting it on the picture below but I haven't had her name on the title. And I wanna know her name in order to search some movies else. Plz let me know if u know it. :study: Thank for reading this thread Regards,