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  1. StageNinja47

    Any JAV idol you were really into, then lost interest in and are now really back into?

    So I was wondering I you guys have any example of JAV idols that you were really into at one point. Only to lost interest for what ever reason, but as of late you gotten really back into that actress movies. I am asking because I was really into Kirara Asuka when she first debut and for about...
  2. StageNinja47

    Does anyone remember this robot series/theme?

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone remember or was a fan of this jav series/theme where the JAV idols pretended to be robot. I remember seeing a couple of them, but the two that always come to mind and were my favorite started Saki Tsuji, Hikari Hino and Rio Hamasaki. The general theme...
  3. StageNinja47

    Maria Ozawa Official Accounts

    Hey Maria Ozawa Fans, I found this Youtube video that Maria Ozawa upload where she talks about her official twitter and facebook accounts/pages. I also found a link to her official instagram account through her twitter account. If your a fan of Miss Ozawa make sure to follow her of social media...
  4. StageNinja47

    JAV idols non-av movies

    Hey guys i was wondering if you have any suggestions of where to download any jav idols non-av movies. i'n particular i'm looking for one of maria ozawa movies call Tokyo Species but any movies with eng sub would be helpful.
  5. StageNinja47

    JAV idol movie collections?

    Hey guys i was just wondering how come jav studios/industry don't put out complete collections of JAV idols works. i seen that some studios say the put out complete collections of an idols work but they only included a scene or two from multiple videos. one example is the latest collection i...
  6. StageNinja47

    Sora Aoi

    Hey guys i was just wondering it been well several years since Sora Aoi put out her last jav title, i was just wondering did she ever officially retire or put out a statement that she was done with the JAV industry? i think is been at least 2 years since her last jav title but i'm not sure.
  7. StageNinja47

    What 2014 JAV Idol debut are you looking forward too?

    I was just wondering what 2014 JAV Idol debut you guys are looking forward too? One girl that caught my eye was Tsujimoto apricot from TeamZero. While she not my typical type there is something about her that has me looking forward to her first JAV movie. She has an average face and slim...
  8. StageNinja47

    Under Appreciated JAV idols?

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering are their any JAV idols that you like or seen that you feel are under appreciated by the industry or fans. By under appreciated i mean that your think that they should be more popular than they are or get the recognition that you think they deserve. One idols...
  9. StageNinja47

    New JAV Idol Hottest/Best Body Tournament. Interested?

    I was interest in starting a new JAV Idol Hottest/Best Body Tournament. i was wounder who was interested in participating/seeing a new tournament happen? Please leave a common/reply. I was thinking the tournament could take one of three forms. 1) Only currently active JAV Idols. 2)...
  10. StageNinja47

    JAV Fans Thanksgiving and Appreciation videos

    Hey everyone I just wanted to ask if anyone knows any good fan thanksgiving/appreciation JAV videos? I'm looking for videos similar to the pics below. not busty idols exclusivity but prefer.
  11. StageNinja47

    Who are your Top 5 JAV Idols?

    I just wanted to ask who are your Top 5 JAV Idols? In order or as close to order that you can come too. Please include: 1 ) Short reason (if possible) 2 ) Picture 3 ) any honorable mentions if you like ( no more than 5 )
  12. StageNinja47

    Please Help ID This Yuma Asami Movie?

    I was surfing the web when i ran into this Yuma Asami GIF. I was hoping someone knows what film/video this GIF was taken from. This is a link to another version of the GIF if found on sakakucomplex. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. StageNinja47

    Yuma Asami Movie Scene help?

    I was just surfing the web when i ran into this GIF of Yuma Asami. I was woudering if anyone what video this gif is taken from. Any help would be be helpful :beg2:. sorry about the first gif not working. both gif seem to be from the same movie and scene. The link below takes you to the working...
  14. StageNinja47

    What does the "E" in E-BODY label stand for?

    I was just wondering if anybody knows that the "E" in E-BODY label stand for. i always assume that it stood for either Erotic or Excellent BODY. Primarily because all of their actress have amazing bodies :sillyp1:. any inside wound be greatly appreciated. Case and Point i decided...
  15. StageNinja47

    Which JAV studio/label was number 1 in 2013?

    I finish posting a new thread asking if your guys have any favorite JAV Studios/Label. It got me wondering what Studio/Label do you think was number 1 in 2013? Take into consideration: 1) quality of videos. 2) Popular videos they produce. 3) debut of popular idols. 4) Popular idols they...
  16. StageNinja47

    Whats your favorite JAV studio?

    I was just wounding with so many beautiful and popular JAV idols out there, putting out thousands of videos every year and getting all the recognition RIGHTFULLY SO i may add. Do you guys have any favorite Studio(s)/Label(s)? And Why? Did they debut your favorite idol or idols? Does the...
  17. StageNinja47

    Favorite JAV Idol Debut of 2013?

    So i was wounding who was your favorite JAV Idol debut of 2013? Included Name and dvd cover or code if possible. My Favorite JAV idol debut was Aimi Yoshikawa. She so cute with the amazing huge breast that i can't get enough of. The first video of her that i notice was STAR-431. After that i...