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    Chubby girls

    Chubby girls, just slightly chubby with a pretty face have always been my favourite. Aisu Kokoa used to be the subject of my dreams for many years, but now she has a rival, Makoto Tsugumi. She's a debutante with just two movies under her belt at the moment, MIFD-147 and CAWD-189, both of which...
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    Why do Japanese women squeak so much during sex ?

    ... or is it just in the AV industry that they do it ? I was just watching BBAN-034 and getting right into it when they raised their game and the moans of pleasure started sounding like a field of guinea pigs being chased by a fox. It put me right off my stroke. Even if it is just in the AV...
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    How can I stop email notifications ?

    On some threads that I watch I receive email notifications when someone replies. I would prefer to continue to watch the threads and receive alerts when I log on, but would like to stop the emails as it can be rather embarrasing when my wife, or worse my children, see an email entitled...
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    When is an AV debut really a debut ?

    When watching some so called AV debuts I have to wonder if it's really a debut at all. I give as an example [KAWD-597]. The girl is young and very beautiful and apparently a tad innocent as this is her AV debut, but by the last scene she's getting tag teamed by two lustful guys and seemingly...
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    Has KANAKO SAKURAGAWA ever done any uncensored movies ?

    Has KANAKO SAKURAGAWA ever done any uncensored movies please ?
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    Please help to find an old idol video

    Dear esteemed members, I would like to request your help to find an old idol video that I used to have, but have lost. Unfortunately I do not have any picture of the cover, nor the young lady's name, but I hope I can describe a few scenes from the video that stuck in my mind and may just jog...