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  1. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    As Dredwood said it's Hina Kamino and if you like her, this one is a must see! T28 530 Also, if you are into lesbian movie watch this one with Hina in it NHDTB-193 Enjoy! -Besh
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    Group Incest - Any recommendations?

    Hi, These are the 3 movies I liked the most that hopefully fit what you are looking for. HUNBL-027 SNIS-717 FSDSS-405 -Besh
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    Looking for French JAVs Subtitles ?! Come here in the French church of "Monseigneur, Le Père Vers" !

    Si tu cherches un film en particulier pour le traduire en français et que tu n'est plus capable de trouver du ''seed'', j'ai un répertoire d'environ 25tb que je collectionne depuis 2012. N'hésite surtout pas à m'écrire en privé pour me demander, je vais le mettre en ligne pour que tu puisse le...
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Release is April 5th -Besh
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    3rd IR for the prolific Rara chan! ATID-506 -Besh
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    Interracial JAV Discussion

    3rd one for Rara chan! ATID-506 -Besh
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    Movies in which family members or relatives cover up the evil guy

    Young girl is sent to live with her uncle, however the uncle have a crazy and evil ederly brother. He force the young girl to have sex with the old one and of course the rest of the familly don't know about it. The movie is actually pretty good if you like cute girl with old guys. GVG-482 -Besh
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    Interracial JAV Discussion

    Agree, absolute garbage compare to the first one. -Besh
  9. Besh

    Interracial JAV Discussion

    AceRothstein coming in hot with a killer list. I want to add one with Ichika, she is not the smallest in height but she got it the hard way in this one ATID-471 And completly off topic but a must see, with one of my all time favorite, Nao. Not small at all but omg this one was good...
  10. Besh

    Interracial JAV Discussion

    Hi, Not sure if it's the biggest but this one have a solid gap between them and Rara. On top of it, the movie is very good. Enjoy! WAAA-087 -Besh
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    First Trip Alone Series

    hi, If you like this series, you will love this one. Not from First trip alone but damn near and with Rara Kudou! IBW-854 -Besh
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Hey Ramp! In that case this one is for you! DFE-054 Enjoy! -Besh
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Hey guys, I liked this one very much with Rara, quite different then previous release cause it's a lesbian title but a very good one if you're into this type of JAV. A 100% must watch if you are a Rara fan! NHDTB-599
  14. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Hey Guys, I liked it and I hope you will as well. Rara incest at it's best! -Besh
  15. Besh

    anyone know this actress?

    Look like Yuki Nono but I'm not sure.
  16. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    It's him, yes
  17. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Not bad if you like the old and young theme. I wish there is more scene but if you're a fan of Rara you wont be desapointed! HODV-21604 -Besh
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    Post your JAV subtitle files here - JAV Subtitle Repository (JSP)★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

    You are getting annoying seriously. How many time will you request that in a non request thread..? If you want it that bad, there is several members of the forum that will sub it for you if you pay them, just contact them, it's not that complicated. -Besh
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    TMA coming strong with this one. 2 of my actual favorite actress, thx for this gift TMA! Rara and Ichika!! -Besh
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    [Lesbian] Japanese girl vs Non Asian girl

    Hey guys, I recently watched these one and I liked them, hopefully you will enjoy them as well. LLAN-002 BBAN-321 BBAN-322 -Besh
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    Hey guys, Someone knows what is that new code PFES, is it a new studio? They have girls from S1, Hunter, Moodyz, attacker, etc. And it's not small names, they have Aoi Tsukasa, Yui Kawai, Natsuki Tekeuchi, Natsu Toujou, Yuu shinoda, Minami Aizawa and so on, just to name a few. -Besh
  22. Besh

    JAV actor?

    I doubt you have any chance if you are not Japanese or at least speak Japanese. VR movies are the closest you will be of being a Jav actor IMO =) -Besh
  23. Besh

    JAV LIKE SDMF-012 and SDMF-017?

    Hello, I recently watched this one and I did liked it very much. Although taste in JAV is different for everyone, I think this incest theme is one of the best so far this year. They should make a serie with that ''familly incest orgy'' theme HUNBL-027 -Besh
  24. Besh

    Schoolgirls getting abused by male teacher - movies

    SNIS: SSNI: IPX: Enjoy! -Besh
  25. Besh

    Schoolgirls getting abused by male teacher - movies

    Hello, Ideapocket: IPX from IPX-001 to IPX-620 S1: SNIS from 001 to 999 and after is SSNI from 001 up to 988 -Besh
  26. Besh

    Any body a fan of SDMF series? i got some questios. please help.

    900GB! I discovered JAV in early 2014 and start keeping the one I liked since then, I am now at 21 TB so yes, buy hardrive and buy big one! -Besh
  27. Besh

    Why jav male actors are very few and too old?

    Hello, They will lose a good amount of fan base if they were casting only young and fit guys in their movies. There is an insane amount of JAV fans that love to see these young and beautiful japanese girls getting use and abuse by old and ugly male actors. I think it's what make JAV so good...
  28. Besh

    Any body a fan of SDMF series? i got some questios. please help.

    Hello, If I may suggest, FA PRO platinum was producing a series (RHTS), some years ago, with very good movies that you might like since they are close of the SDMF one. Of course SOD is a way bigger studio and the production quality is way above FA PRO, but the plot behind the movies is really...
  29. Besh

    2020 Fried Chikan JAV Awards

    I was exactly thinking the same.. June Lovejoy....
  30. Besh

    Archiving JAV in the cloud

    Hello, I'm using a WD 28TB my book duo desktop raid external hard drive, Yes I agree the investment at first will cost you some $$, however I do think on the long run you will save money compare to using S3 Deep Glacier. The good side is you can remove easily the HDD inside and upgrade them...
  31. Besh

    All movies of an actress

    Hey, Go to the stars directory, find your actress and you will have her entire work -Besh
  32. Besh

    akiba resident JAV subtitlers & subtitle talk★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

    Previous thread has been locked after some sort of fight between forum members. So, in order to ''support'' a member in particulary, most if it's not all subbers has stopped posting their subs or transportation from other forum. -Besh
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    What studio has the most movies featuring old men?

    Hi, Look this thread, this will give you a good idea. However you can find them (old guy) with several studio. Best way is to find the name of the actor and search the movies he was featured in. Some movies like the series S1 did called Kimomen might be hard to find now as they are couples...
  34. Besh

    Any 'one and done' JAV idols you wish did more videos?

    Tsubaki Yuna She did 3 movies but nothing since last February. This one was very good if you like that type of taboo movie. -Besh
  35. Besh

    JAV Gossips

    Eimi Fukada first.. I will never understand why peoples like her so much. -Besh
  36. Besh

    Where do JAV actors get the funds for room?

    It's the studio that pay that, not the actors..
  37. Besh

    JAV girl won't get pregnant?

  38. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Hey, You also have I.B. Works (IBW) that have severals movies like that. They have over 40 pages of movies on JAV Library, so have fun and hope you have an unlimited data internet plan lol Some example: Besh
  39. Besh

    The Swimming Pool for JAV is no longer available

    They can come to my swimming pool anytime! Let them know that it's free -Besh
  40. Besh

    Contact JAV actress?

    SNS: Social Networking Service
  41. Besh

    Trouble canceling streaming membership

    Prepaid card are the only card you should use for these type of website/transaction. Cancel your credit card and get a new one, they will not cancel your subscribtion. -Besh
  42. Besh

    Interracial JAV Discussion

    Hi, I would like to add 3 more! 1. Yua Mikami 2. Aika Yumeno 3. Yuki Nono -Besh
  43. Besh

    JAV Sales Report - June 2020 (covers DMM and R18)

    Excellent website with accurate info, I really like it, keep up the good work guys. -Besh
  44. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    hahahaha that was really funny -Besh
  45. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Hi guys, I liked this one, maybe a 7/10 but still good if you like incest plot IBW-783
  46. Besh

    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Hey Guys, Maybe not Loli enough for some of you but I do think it will be a good one and it's with two of my favorite at this time ! IBW-786 -Besh
  47. Besh

    Lesbian JAV Reviews~

    I did like this one very much. If you like mature VS young and absoloute obedience you will like this movie. Also I'm a fan of Himeno Kotome therefore I'm biased lol BBAN-278 -Besh
  48. Besh

    Who has the best body in Japan now?

    Yua Mikami was my first choice but I haven't pick her since she got a ''transformation' prior to joined SKE 48.. but she is pure gold IMO. -Besh
  49. Besh

    Who has the best body in Japan now?

    My vote goes to Yuki Nono and her face is just perfect! -Besh
  50. Besh

    Interracial JAV Discussion