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  1. Samou-san

    Where's MUTEKI?

    What happened to them? Last release was in November and so far nothing came out. Does anybody know what happened to them?
  2. Samou-san

    JAVs where there is an authentic creampie (no-condom, visible cumshot)?

    So, as the title says, I've been searching for JAVs where there is an authentic creampie. Recently I came across this title: [HND-098] And I Have Debuted The Real Issues In The Clerk Girl You Find In The City! On the movie, there is a scene where the main actor shoots a load outside the...
  3. Samou-san

    Can anybody ID her, please?

    Source is from a webm on 4chan: In case it gets lost, some screenshots:
  4. Samou-san

    JAVs where "sex" is faced as a "normal public activity".

    So, guys, I'm searching for movies where sex is 'a regular practice on the world'. I do like JAVs in this genre, but there's not an specific tag for it on any library website apart from "planning" or "roleplay". Note that I don't really like the 'stop time' series, since I'd like it to be more...
  5. Samou-san

    How to organize your JAV collection?

    So, I have more than 1TB of JAVs stored on a hard-drive and I'd like to start organizing it (as in, using any software or similar so I can find it quickly by actress or genre or whatever). How do you guys organize yours? Please, give me some suggestions! :)
  6. Samou-san

    Identify this JAV Actress or JAV name for me, please! I'd appreciate it!

    Hello, If possible, I'd like you to tell me the name of the JAV actress that shows up in this video or the JAV name. I'd really appreciate it, guys. Thank you very much, I've been searching it for ages. Link: Images: