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  1. fac_kiu

    JAV actress that you think need to comeback from retirement and make more AV ?

    Hmm her MVSD-252 is one of the most obsessed AV I've seen. Still feel provoke till now.
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    Hi. Please check my inbox. I've inbox to you for such a very long time but you seemed ignore me :(

    Hi. Please check my inbox. I've inbox to you for such a very long time but you seemed ignore me :(
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    Are Japanese antisocial?

    lol people this people that, but I have had some good memories with Chinese because of the similarity in culture between my country and China.
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    Are Japanese antisocial?

    Which sports do you like? As I've known most of Japanese like baseball. In Japan baseball is the most favorite sport not football, even thought Japan football team is one of the strongest team in Asia. Do you know that JP society is the most racist in Asia? Oversea workers always have an...
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    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    I agree with most of yours except playing with her/him nipples. That moaning of touch her nipples makes me feel really horny lol
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    Are Japanese antisocial?

    My work-mate is Japanese for 4 years but we rarely speak to each other except job task. My experience for Japanese is most of them introvert, only talk if needed. Some of Japanese guys I've met used to drink and don't want to get married, they'd rather to work oversea than working in their...
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    JAV actresses with western first names

    Rola Takizawa - IPZ 261
  8. fac_kiu

    JAV actresses with natural breasts

    Hmm, her hip is small but a cup cake breast too big that doesn't match her body type. It is not look like natural though.
  9. fac_kiu

    JAV actresses with natural breasts

  10. fac_kiu

    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    My points of view, it is abnormal and doesn't suit for regular viewer. For some actress such as Mikari Atani, I enjoy most of her movies since her debut but when she wear fake penis and "dominate" f*ck a man asshole in some movies! That was too much for me =.= then I'm done. JAV nowadays become...
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    Which JAV sites do you use?

    javmost missav
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    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    I am not fan of "rape" video but there are some videos actress wear fake penis and f*ck a man. That was disgusting, I can't bear it.
  13. fac_kiu

    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    Eimi Fukuda for sure! She is only good at interactive in social media but her movies was too bad. Also her face and body are plastic, her skills is average and a lot of moaning. It makes me feel annoying.
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    JAV actress that you think need to comeback from retirement and make more AV ?

    Hinata Koizumi please come back! You haven't done your mission yet baby!
  15. fac_kiu

    JAV actresses with natural breasts

    Hmm she deactivated her Instagram account as well. I like girls with original face, boobs and butts. Nowadays, actress have surgery and implants a lot. It doesn't make me feel excited as 2010s.
  16. fac_kiu

    [SAP-002] Yua Aida - Has Begun the Minimal Mosaic

    re-upload please!
  17. fac_kiu

    JAV actresses with natural breasts

    Did you watch any movies of Hinata Koizumi. She is amazing as well, but unfortunately she is retired in 2020.
  18. fac_kiu

    For you , who are the most underrated jav ?

    Hinata koizumi
  19. fac_kiu

    Yua Aida あいだゆあ Collection 5 Films Part 1 (2004-05)

    Hmm it seems doesn't work at all
  20. fac_kiu

    JAV actresses with natural breasts

    The best natural boobs I've seen is Yua Aida. Her body is amazing, Yua is my fav AV of all time. There are somes natural boobies I've seen as well such as: Hiyori Yoshioka, Hinata Koizumi, Rui Hizuki, Nao Jinguuji.
  21. fac_kiu

    [KK-147] Yua Aida あいだゆあ I Will Show Everything (2009)(part3/3)

    Hi! Can you please upload the file again :)
  22. fac_kiu

    Name or Id of this girl please

    Ty. Can you name the Id movies please :D
  23. fac_kiu

    Name or Id of this girl please

    I just found this pic. Please let me know the name or ID. Thank you
  24. fac_kiu

    What Happened to...

    Does anyone know what happened to Nagomi Momono? She was active during 2009-2010 and having just 11-12 videos. She took part mostly in 02 publisher such as IdearPocket and Moodyz. I am just looking for her tweet or blog She is my jav idol of all time.
  25. fac_kiu

    Which movie you watch again and again

    DV 1535 and DV 1546
  26. fac_kiu

    your fav JAV model

    Yua Aida Risa Tachibana
  27. fac_kiu

    Risa Tachibana aka Takamatsu Eri (AKB48)

    She is ex-akb48 member I think. She has been involving in AV industry after quit singing :notagain:. I bet that earning money from acting as porn star is more easier than singer. :pandalaugh: Cheers!
  28. fac_kiu

    JAV girls with short/cropped hair?

    Nagomo momono :notagain:
  29. fac_kiu

    Maria Ozawa, beauty is going down

    She has been involved in AV industry for more than 8 years since her debut. Of course there is no doubt that her beauty is going down. I really appreciate her beauty as well as her expert skills but I would never rate her as high as Yua Aida or Sola Aoi becoz Maria is sexily beautiful but she...
  30. fac_kiu

    Jav idol blogs

    Does anyone know the official blog of Yua Aida and Nagomi Momono. I have found some but it seems to be fake one. Just need an officially genuine to follow Best regards
  31. fac_kiu

    Id of this girl please

    Are you kidding me? How the how we could identify exactly the girls without seeing her face. We would never have a chance to touch her body to realize who is this? :notagain: Some tips for you, using google image search, lol.
  32. fac_kiu

    Someone please help me identify this girl from Hunt-608 (scene 1)

    If u have had a photo, using google image search, it could be quite useful to identify the right actress. Cheers!
  33. fac_kiu

    Need help with this milf ^_^

    No photo display. Sorry I can't help you, check it again buddy :hi:
  34. fac_kiu

    JAV Actresses with Breast Implants

    Yua Aida is still the best breast ever in JAV industry. Anyone argree ?
  35. fac_kiu

    Riko and Uncensored

    Oh I quite like this girl. She usually took part in hard AV (with complex toys as well as machines). One thing make she doesnt have a highly rate are : fake breast. :exhausted:
  36. fac_kiu

    Who has the best body in Japan now?

    Is that a plastic surgery boobs ?
  37. fac_kiu

    Does Yua Aida involve in AV industry?

    Hi guys, As we all know, Yua Aida has retired since 2007. But she still my best AV idol ever. I just wonder what does she do after retirement ? I don't know Japanese and I have searched from internet but there are no result at all :thief: Does anyone have any ideas about her now? And btw...
  38. fac_kiu

    Any REAL celebrities turned to JAV in Japan?

    What a good question. I normally heard some AV actress turned to get involved in others celebrities activities (alike Maria Ozawa, she promoted for some events as well as being a real actress in some thriller movies). Now I am going to get some movies of Maki Noda, she looks so hot in the...
  39. fac_kiu

    prettiest uncensored idol?

    If there are a competition between AV idol, I could say Kotone Amamiya would win for sure. I do really love her uncensored AV, she has an amazing skills as well as beautiful naturally boobs. AV idols nowadays having surgery plastic too much, I mean they fix their boobs to be bigger or fix...
  40. fac_kiu

    [IDed]浜崎りお Rio Hamasaki

    Exactly is : Rio Hamazaki :notagain:
  41. fac_kiu

    hiiii do you know who this girl is?

    Any specific bro? You should be able to capture clearly her face, its better to find
  42. fac_kiu

    [IDed]桃野なごみ Nagomi Momono

    Exactly!!!! Thank dawg! U are my heroooo !!!!:grassdance:
  43. fac_kiu

    [IDed]桃野なごみ Nagomi Momono

    Hi guys. I got the video from torrent, I also captured her face and posting it on the picture below but I haven't had her name on the title. And I wanna know her name in order to search some movies else. Plz let me know if u know it. :study: Thank for reading this thread Regards,
  44. fac_kiu

    [IDed]早川瀬里奈 Serina Hayakawa

    Serina Hayakawa She used to take a main actress on The legend of sex and chopstick. U guys should take a time to watch it, so good :please:
  45. fac_kiu

    [Momotaro] Strongest Digital Mosaic Eraser Weapon ( Asami ) – MOED07

    hey! do u have any movies of this girl? Im looking for some of those :please:
  46. fac_kiu

    Ameri Ichinose

    Yeah u right, her face now is definitely different, She used to have a small naturally boobs, and she had a son I think :)
  47. fac_kiu

    Saori Hara Mega Collection ( All her movies )

    Dont u update any new movies of her? She released a lot of new movies and I want to collect it asap. :nosebleed: Thanks
  48. fac_kiu

    Yuri Kousaka & Miku Ohashi - Kawaii Special Very Cute (avgl012)

    @IdolFun : I'm so sorry but the files don't exist at this moment . Could u check it pls :scared:
  49. fac_kiu

    Yuri Kousaka & Miku Ohashi - Kawaii Special Very Cute (avgl012)

    could u change it to hotfile ?